St. Ambose Feastday Friday Dec, 7

Up at 5 am today to travel in the snow to Grangeville for the Holy Latin Mass.  Thought about not going, but God got us there 15 minutes before the Holy Mass.  So it was worth the risk to drive in the snow and 20 people assisted.  It is still snowing right now.  Jesus called to say he will leave saturday and drive all night to get to Boise Idaho where I will meet him Sunday morning.  Then off to Wyoming College.  They are expecting me to celebrate the Holy Latin Mass for the College Monday and Tuesday at 12 pm.  So with the driving conditions as they are, I need all your prayers that Jesus makes it and that I make it in time to say the Holy Mass in Wyoming.  Pray Pray Pray.  Advent Advent Advent.


Prayers for Don and Dori

Yesterday, spent most of the day at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Lewiston with Don and Dori and Kate (Molly’s daughter).  The baby Hanna had died in her womb and we waited for her to be delivered.  (Baby Hanna was due in two weeks).  But it got to late and we had to leave them and go back to Cottonwood.  It was snowing very hard and we made it back late.  Now I am concerned about traveling in the winter on my mission because it is hard to see and very dangerous.  We helped Don and Dori to adapt to the reality of God’s will in Hanna’s (way to) premature death.  Pray that God brings good out of this tragedy.

St. Sabbas Abbot Feastday

Last night went to a private Catholic School’s basketball game (Summit School, Cottonwood Id.) to watch some of the families kids play.  I met Nick and his wife Molly.  Nick knew everything about the situation of the Church, Government and Masonic influence through out history.   It is always a great joy to talk with a well educated person on these of most importance realities.   We discussed the changes in the Church and the answer to these problems.  Again it needs to be stated that the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in Latin is so powerful against the devil.  If everyone would come together in one language, the Church would once again become united again against the evil.  The devils objective is to divide and destroy.  The masons and progressives are the instruments of this division.

Today I met another family who came for the 7 AM Holy Latin Mass.  It is difficult to get up a 5 AM and drive 35 minutes to say the Holy Latin Mass.  I have two brothers, Andrew and Matthew, who faithfully setting up and serving.   Again this morning there were young families with children (some kids make a lot of noise) and other adults.  Right afterwards, the Novus Ordo people start arriving for morning prayer.  A few very old people.  What does that say.  As, at my prior parish of St. Patricks, Ripon Ca, when I celebrated the Novus Ordo daily mass, there would be a dozen old ladies and a rare young person.  Once I started celebrating the Holy Latin Mass, we had 30 to 50 people daily and they were young adults and families along with a few old people.  What does that say about the future?  My bishop and priest said that is was terrible that I was subjecting people to having the only option of the Holy Mass in Latin.  I had to expand the parking lot to accommodate all the people to 20 more parking spaces.