Healing the Wounds of Battered Traditionalist

It is a miracle that I did not have a nervous breakdown from the constant persecution for standing up for Catholic Teaching of 2000 years and standing up for keeping the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass reverent.  Then leaving my parish after being pastor for 10 years.  So needless to say it causes great pain and wounds.  Discussing these wounds, one professor said he was spit at in the sacristy and told to get with the new church.  Another professors wife said; yes wounds.

So, as I travel, I am healing from what many of us have suffered defending the sacredness of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.  I am writing this because we need to admit it is very painful at times being mistreated by the power base that the Novus Ordo people have in the church.   So when the Holy Spirit opens your eyes to how the Church has been going wrong liturgically, you have no other choice but to pray and explain what you now know to be “Sacred Truth”.  Here is when the pain and abuse comes.

What I am proposing, is that we “name the pain”.  Then we recall, that it is for love of Jesus and His Church, that we are being abused.  “Summorum Pontificum” was given to us by God, with rights for those who love the “Sacred”. But the reality is that the powerful Novus Ordo liberals are not giving any rights.  So we accept the reality as it is.  But we than continue to go on, never forgetting that it is God who wants adoration and sacredness.  HE is on our side.  We can never forget this, meditating on this day and night, we have God on our side.  So then we can take the abuses with less damage to our souls and hearts.  We know that we need to suffer for the reform of the Church.  It has always taken much suffering from those who resisted evil in the Church and in government.

Let us encourage each other, pray for each other and remember it is God who is directing us, leading us on.  It is the devil who is working through people to discourage us and make us quit.   These are God’s battles.  We just are servants of the King of Kings.

Wyoming College, Lander Wyoming

Jesus Sandoval met up with me in Boise Idaho to help me with my next step in the Missionary endeavor to spread the Holy Latin Mass in Wyoming.   His mercedes is very good driving in the snow and icy conditions.  Yesterday we drove 10 hrs.


We are staying at the Yates.  They very kindly opened there house to us.

It is not easy to know which way to go.

Up the road from Molly’s place there is this road.  I see it as any way we are living that is not Catholic.  How wonderful that we know the way to go and not going to end up in a dead end.

Immaculate Conception Feast Day

Eve and Adam messed it all up by rebelling against God’s loving divine order.  Original Sin is the virus that is everywhere in our world and in our nature.  But God came up with plan B and it all started when Mary was conceived, in her very beginning of her existence.  God created her for Himself and for our salvation.  The re-conquest of the destroyed natural order began.  The devil was out smarted as he had out smarted Eve and Adam.  We now have the graces to resist concupiscence and choose a holy way of life.  This is all part of human and divine history.  Today we celebrate God’s victory through Mary over the devil.  A new dawn broke around 15 BC.   We have the joy of being other grace bearers today with Jesus and Mary for a fallen world to arise to God again.