Christmas Joy

No matter what, we have reason for GREAT JOY this Christmas.  Why do we love God and  His Holy Catholic Church so much?  It is because we believe that Jesus is God and came and dwelt among us.  Today, just as much, as Christmas 2012 years ago.  HE is truly present in the Holy Eucharist as much so as when He was present in the stable.  So we do believe and that is why we defend Jesus and His Holy Church and the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.  We tend to get discouraged with the condition of the Church and the world.  But again we need to do a reality check and see we CARE because we BELIEVE.   But again who do we believe in?  In our God who is active and present in our lives.  He is even more so working for us who deeply love Him.

May each of us cleanse our souls so as to prepare a holy dwelling place for Jesus to be welcomed into.  Jesus has very few pure, love filled and holy souls where He can come and be loved.  My our souls be one of those places this Holy Christmas.

St Thomas Apostle and Doubts

Celebrated the Holy Latin Mass here at the Abbey of Christ the King.  What a beautiful feast day of St. Thomas.  He is great for us who do not have perfect faith.  St Thomas lived with Jesus, but still doubted the resurrection.  So let us ask St. Thomas to help us believe.  But at the same time Jesus helped him believe by appearing to him.  So it is not bad that we too need some miracles or signs that build up our faith.  Lord I believe, but increase my faith.  As we approach Christmas, we need to ask Mary too to help us believe.  Mary had to accept her great mission as Mother of God with FAITH.  

EWTN Shrine to the Blessed Sacrament

Arrived here after driving 11hrs from Clear Creek Abbey in Tulsa Oklahoma.  We were just in time for dinner (food is very important) with the Knights of the Holy Eucharist.  Also the Franciscan Friars of the Eternal Network were there too.  They greeted us with so much love and warmth.  I feel strongly that we need to show more love and kindness.

Yesterday went to visit Christ the King Abbey.  Br. Sebastian gave me some good advice on how to work in the traditional Catholic world.  Again I was reminded of the need to go deep into the Heart of Jesus.  Above all, we need to be people of prayer.  God is real, God is Love, God is helping us right now.  How do we go deep into the Heart of Jesus?  Through prayer.  A deep friendship with quiet time spent before the Blessed Sacrament.  Br. Sebastian also reminded us that it is not the number of prayers or which prayer, but the level of faith and love we pray the prayers with.  We can not say all the prayers that have been printed in books or on Holy Cards.  No we pray the ones that pertain to how God is working in our lives in our individual charism.  Pray and have Faith.

Christ is King.  Our government will never work until we totally submit to Jesus social kingdom.  Laws have been divinely revealed to us through out history in the Old and New Testament in the Bible.  So Laws come from above for our good.  Human laws can be good or bad.  People, both by voting or judges, can pass laws that are against the laws of God.  It is not working.  Crimes are getting worse and worse, and we pass more and more laws.  Prisons are getting fuller and fuller.  Under Christendom, there never was so many people in prisons.  That is the proof that Catholicism over temporal government is superior to our present government system.

Thank You God and Parents for Our Lives

Traveling along in Kansas I saw this sign.  I am so thankful to my parents for giving me life.  If we are not conceived, we never have the chance to go to Heaven.  We need to meditate on how totally beyond imagination is Heaven.  All a gift of love from our Heavenly Father through Jesus Christ.  That is one reason birth control is intrinsically evil because it does not allow God to bring the greatest gift we could ever have of many children who have the possibility of going to the Beatific Vision.  I met a family in Kansas with 17 children.  The mother didn’t look a day older than 30.  God bless all you good families who have a lot of children.  Life is not easy for you but it is worth it in the long run because you will, most likely, not spend your old age in a convalescent hospital in total loneliness.  

God and Technology

Traveling around to do God’s work of spreading love for the Sacred, the Traditional, technology has been very important.  Yesterday we could never have found Clear Creek Monastery if it had not been for the GPS.  But it takes a lot of lugging around of a computer, camera, cell phone, cables to charge them, and to connect them.  Thank you to all the people that helped me with the computer and cell phone and other necessary things.  One thing you learn is to keep them charged at all times.  We even have a small Verizon Samsung.  See this blog had to be updated because the internet failed.  Nothing is perfect.  I also purchased a portable printer, but do not have the cable I need to connect to the computer.  Leave that and all things in the hand of God, Mary and the Holy Angels.

These last days of Advent are important to prepare for the Birth of Our Savior Jesus Christ.  No rushing, shopping and stressing.  Just interior reflection and prayer like Mary did.  Simple but hard in this upside down world.