Immaculate Conception Feast Day

Eve and Adam messed it all up by rebelling against God’s loving divine order.  Original Sin is the virus that is everywhere in our world and in our nature.  But God came up with plan B and it all started when Mary was conceived, in her very beginning of her existence.  God created her for Himself and for our salvation.  The re-conquest of the destroyed natural order began.  The devil was out smarted as he had out smarted Eve and Adam.  We now have the graces to resist concupiscence and choose a holy way of life.  This is all part of human and divine history.  Today we celebrate God’s victory through Mary over the devil.  A new dawn broke around 15 BC.   We have the joy of being other grace bearers today with Jesus and Mary for a fallen world to arise to God again.

St. Ambose Feastday Friday Dec, 7

Up at 5 am today to travel in the snow to Grangeville for the Holy Latin Mass.  Thought about not going, but God got us there 15 minutes before the Holy Mass.  So it was worth the risk to drive in the snow and 20 people assisted.  It is still snowing right now.  Jesus called to say he will leave saturday and drive all night to get to Boise Idaho where I will meet him Sunday morning.  Then off to Wyoming College.  They are expecting me to celebrate the Holy Latin Mass for the College Monday and Tuesday at 12 pm.  So with the driving conditions as they are, I need all your prayers that Jesus makes it and that I make it in time to say the Holy Mass in Wyoming.  Pray Pray Pray.  Advent Advent Advent.