Thank You God and Parents for Our Lives

Traveling along in Kansas I saw this sign.  I am so thankful to my parents for giving me life.  If we are not conceived, we never have the chance to go to Heaven.  We need to meditate on how totally beyond imagination is Heaven.  All a gift of love from our Heavenly Father through Jesus Christ.  That is one reason birth control is intrinsically evil because it does not allow God to bring the greatest gift we could ever have of many children who have the possibility of going to the Beatific Vision.  I met a family in Kansas with 17 children.  The mother didn’t look a day older than 30.  God bless all you good families who have a lot of children.  Life is not easy for you but it is worth it in the long run because you will, most likely, not spend your old age in a convalescent hospital in total loneliness.  

God and Technology

Traveling around to do God’s work of spreading love for the Sacred, the Traditional, technology has been very important.  Yesterday we could never have found Clear Creek Monastery if it had not been for the GPS.  But it takes a lot of lugging around of a computer, camera, cell phone, cables to charge them, and to connect them.  Thank you to all the people that helped me with the computer and cell phone and other necessary things.  One thing you learn is to keep them charged at all times.  We even have a small Verizon Samsung.  See this blog had to be updated because the internet failed.  Nothing is perfect.  I also purchased a portable printer, but do not have the cable I need to connect to the computer.  Leave that and all things in the hand of God, Mary and the Holy Angels.

These last days of Advent are important to prepare for the Birth of Our Savior Jesus Christ.  No rushing, shopping and stressing.  Just interior reflection and prayer like Mary did.  Simple but hard in this upside down world.

Clear Creek Monastery

Arrived yesterday at Clear Creek Monastery.  Again met some wonderful young seminarians who wear the cassock.  Very cold in the upper church were we had three hours of adoration of the Most Blessed Sacrament.  Everywhere we go we see so many young vocations where there is love for the Church’s Traditions like the Holy Latin Mass.  When will we get God’s message that He blesses orders and diocese that respect Catholic Tradition.

There are many many young men in this monastery.  I wish I could take pictures of them, but it is not polite and when in chior they are too far away.  Let us continue to pray for them.  I have an appointment with the Abbot after dinner.   At lunch they read about my favorite thing, Christendom.


Hope for the World

Celebrated Holy Mass at 5:30 this morning to be able to attend Rorate Mass at 6:30 with the Seminarians.  Rorate Mass is in the dark and only candle light.  They chanted the Holy Mass and you can imagine the heavenliness of this experience.  Every seminarian and priest here are so polite and smiling.  That takes discipline to be cheerful and loving at all times.  You know what I mean.  Let us try to be more loving and cheerful even though life is very difficult at times.

Had a great talk with Fr. Shannon Collins on the phone this morning.  He is so encouraging.  I really enjoyed the article Fr. Sean wrote on the Virgin of Guadalupe.  He sure did bring a great deal of important points all together.  The nuns at Carmel of Jesus, Mary and Joseph came out of the Cristeros.  They come from Guadalajara and have a huge painting of Our Lady of Guadalupe in their parlor.  They are connected with the Carmel of Cristo Rey in San Francisco and of course the new foundation in Moraga California.

Let us continue to remind ourselves that Prayer works.  God is listening.  God is Powerful.

Diocese of Lincoln

When I talked to Mother Agnes at Jesus, Mary and Joseph’s Carmel, she told me about the Vicar General of this diocese of Lincoln.  So I called and went to talk with him.  He was very kind, respectful and understanding.  They have a new bishop everyone loves, Bishop Conley.  But he told me no, because many people come asking them to support a new order and that 97 % or more fail.  I said I understand that what I am trying to do is impossible, but nothing is impossible for God.  Anyway we had a great talk and I told him to watch out about the modesty crisis.  He also informed me about the school massacre and said that it was horrible, but also abortion is horrible too and few even care about that.

These horrors beg the question????, why is there so much violence and problems in the world.  Precisely because we Catholics are not being the Holy Soul of the world.  We are not speaking up about God’s Laws and what pleases God.  We continue to try to please ourselves and others.  It is not working.  So we pray and try to do God’s will everyday of our lives.  Please God, bring good, starting with us, out of these evil events.  Help us wake up to reality and be holy.  May our actions never add to the evil of today’s society.  Amen.