Christ is KING

What a beautiful feastday of Joy and Humility.  I was blessed by the holy Magi to celebrate the Holy Latin Mass at the Abbey of Christ the King.  It was full and the people were so loving.  Ran into someone who knew me when I was at St. Judes in Ceres.  It was great to be at Christ the King Abbey when we celebrate the kings coming to adore THE KING.

Preached on the humility of these rich and important Magi.  We know they had to be rich and important or king Herod would not have taken serious their visit.  The were so important, that all of Jerusalem was upset by them asking where the KING was to be born.  But these rich important Magi humbled themselves and prostrated in adoration in front of the New Born King Jesus.  We are so full of pride that we do not want to kneel down.  Are we richer, more important than these Magi?  Why does adoring Jesus get people so mad?

Jesus’ divinity was hidden in His humanity just as He is hidden in the Holy Communion.  Why can’t we humble ourselves like the Magi and prostrate before Him in the Blessed Sacrament.  Why do priest and bishops punish people for kneeling to receive the King of Kings when the magi prostrated themselves.  It will not be funny when they die and go before the Awesome presence of God.  We need to humble ourselves like the Magi while we live, it will be too late to humble ourselves after death.

Another great lesson from today’s feast is that God works in our human events.  God led the Magi to find Jesus.  God warned them not to return to king Herod.  God is leading us too in this new year to His Home in Heaven.

As I travel around, it gives me more appreciation of what the Magi had to sacrifice to find Jesus.  It takes sacrifice to travel to find Jesus everyday in our lives.  But what Joy when we do find Him.

Friends of mine gathered a lot of toys for this day of the Kings and sent them to an orphanage in Mexico.  I got them all together and off went the gifts to the poor.  They found Jesus in the poor children. Thank You for doing that.


Wonderful day here with at Mother Angelica’s shrine of The Blessed Sacrament.  The Knights of the Holy Eucharist give such kind hospitality to priest and seminarians.  Meeting many priest and seminarians who really love the church and people.  Doing my best to share with them all my love for the Traditional Latin Mass.  Most of them already are celebrating the Latin Mass.

Yesterday on the plane met a catholic medical student who if finishing this year.  Gave him a book on the comparison of the New Mass with the Latin Mass.  He read it the whole trip.  One person at a time and let God do the rest.  

Do you really believe you are a son or daughter of God?

Who is God?  A very important question.  At the airport in San Francisco a car parked in front of us with  a bumper sticker that said;  “I am a Goddess”.  I wanted to ask her to do some miracle for me to prove it.  God created us, loves us, created family love, created the Catholic Church, and created all of the splendor of the universe.  God created the world of grace given through the sacraments.  So thank you God.  But we tend to only look at ourselves and think like that lady, that we gods.

Worshiping at the Holy Latin Mass makes sure we realize God is God and we are not.  At this Holy Mass all is centered on adoration of God.  This solemnity protects our belief in God.  Why else would we go to such measures to celebrate this sacred liturgy. It is said in the sacred language of latin only used for God, the priesst holds his index fingers together after the consecration so not a particle of the consecrated host will fall, the silence and so much kneeling.  Yes when you participate and adore God in the Sacred Latin Mass, you know He is God and you are His son and daughter.  What a great gift to become a child of God through baptism.   When you put God in His proper place, and adore Him, He lifts you up to that divine dignity that He is offering to us freely.

If at church we have the community as the focal point; they can love us, they can encourage us, and all that is good, but in the end they are still only human.  When we have great cathedrals, grand altars, booming organs, golden vessels, and bells, we are literally pulled up to God.  We are reminded of our great value.  The more we respect God the more we will respect ourselves and those around us.

As we celebrate Epiphany on January 6th, let us adore as the Magi did.  They went home full of joy because they no longer thought about their small kingdoms and lives, but Jesus’ kingdom of humility, love and self giving.  As we in our own ways prostrate before the tiny King, may we feel part of His Loving Kingdom and family.  We are His sons and daughters.

Like Wild Fire of the Holy Ghost or Holy Spirit

I haven’t quite changed to the traditional Holy Ghost since I like the latin Spiritus.  In working on the religious order to spread the Holy Latin Mass and other Catholic Rites through prayer, instruction, pictures and travel, I have found so many people interested.  What I have found too are people who absolutely HATE the Holy Latin Mass.  Pope Benedict asked the question; “How can something held Sacred and part of the Catholic Faith for hundreds of years be held in contempt??????????????????  I do not get it.  But the great news is that the Traditional Catholicism is a wild fire that is being spread by the wind of the Holy Spirit.  In spite of the persecution, the powers of hell working against it, it is touching the hearts of the youth all over the world where they are exposed to it.  It tends to be the older people who have such hate for the Holy Latin Mass.  Yes; everyone says they can’t understand Latin.  Yes; they say they are not actively involved.  Yes; they say they can’t see father.  But can’t we just give one hour of adoration to God who is the generous Giver of all things.

We live in the world that new is always better.  Are we evolving to be better Catholics?  Where is the scientific evidence?????  What is going on where they are selling off more and more churches?????  Where are the vocations.  Most priest are OLD.  Most nuns are OLD.  Most people at mass are OLD.  If it were not for the immigration of Mexicans, the Catholic Churches would be very very EMPTY, the catechism classes EMPTY, the schools EMPTY.  Let us humbly admit we need to evaluate seriously what has gone WRONG.


Holy Name of Jesus and Holy Communion

As a priest celebrating many Novus Ordo Masses, I have seen many people receiving Holy Communion with great faith and devotion.  But I have seen many others who seem to have no idea WHO they are receiving.  Standing in line and handing out God in Holy Communion is just like any other HAND out.  Then is nothing to distinguish Who you are receiving.  Just a short time ago after a wedding someone bought me a HOST they had found on the ground.  Apparently that person had no idea WHO they were receiving.  Recently my friends told me that if they wear a vail or kneel to receive God in Holy Communion, their priest just gives it to them without saying Body of Christ.  People who show RESPECT for Jesus in the Holy Communion are so often DISRESPECTED.  Thank God Pope Benedict demands that each person receiving Holy Communion from him has to kneel and receive God on the tongue.

What does this have to do with the Holy Name of Jesus.  As were read in the readings at Holy Mass today from Acts, Peter says the crippled man was healed by proclaiming the name of JESUS.  So if there is so much sacredness and power just in His Name, imagine the sacredness and power in His presence in Holy Communion.

You who kneel for receiving Jesus Christ in Holy Communion and are screamed at (as I have often personally witnessed) rejoice and be glad for your reward will be great in Heaven.  All knees will bend in heaven, on earth and in hell at the Name of Jesus.  When non catholic visitors come to a Holy Mass and observe people kneeling reverently to receive God, they take note and will not be so quick to go up and receive God.  Then it will be less likely that we will be finding so many Holy Host on the floor in churches.  This is why it is so wonderful that now, and for hundreds of years before, in the Holy Latin Mass all reverently receive God kneeling and on the tongue.             WISE MEN STILL ADORE JESUS IN THE BLESSED SACRAMENT