We all have some sort of a family.  We thank God if we have a good family.  Not every family is perfect like the Holy Family.  Never the less we can strive to become closer and more loving.

Even if we have no family here on earth, we definitely have a huge family in Heaven.  This family is invisible but active.  It is, like we are celebrating in the Latin Mass Calendar, Holy Family Sunday.  This family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph is our family if we have faith.  Many people feel lonely.  Because of our rebellion against God and His Holy Church.   We use birth control to have fewer kids and the family decreases rather than increases.  To fill this emptiness, our new family tends to be FACEBOOK relationships or my companion of my TV and computer in my room.  Instead of connecting physically we get connected electronically by micro waves and internet.  

There truly is a Family wanting to connect with us in Heaven if only we would connect by prayer.  The telephone, the TV, the internet is easier to connect to but is not real.

The family is the foundation of a good society and country.  That is why the devil has done so much to destroy the family.  Sex before marriage, birth control, divorce, unwanted pregnancies, feminism, machismo, alcohol, drugs, pornography, greed, dishonesty, lies, have been the tools that the devil has used to destroy our families.  How sad to see such small families.   God wants very large families with grandpa and grandma and uncles and aunts, cousins and many brothers and sisters living close together in love and holiness.  If there is sin, the family divides.  If there is bossiness and selfishness, family members leave and look in out in the world for “family”.

On the greyhound bus the two hindu doctors I met both agreed that we need to be connected by family.  They only had one brother or sister and confessed they really missed not having a brother or a sister.  They told me they wanted to have a small family so that they could give them a good education and material goods.  After telling them that is what makes children so spoiled and that what kids want is love from mom, dad and lots of family, they totally agreed.  I went to their real life experiences to the fact that we are not happy with things.  All we need is God and family to be happy.  They agreed.

Now let us work on being humble like Jesus, Mary and Joseph in the Holy Family.  Each one of us can make a difference.  St Joseph was the head of this family.  Imagine a man over Jesus and Mary.  Yet that was God’s order.  St. Joseph was humble and good, he did not abuse his authority God gave him because he loved Mary and Jesus.  The husband is the head, the wife the heart.  We need each other.  We need to appreciate each other.  Praying together keeps the family together because it put God first in our families, then everything else falls into place.

Laudamus Te

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Here in Kenkora Ontario they gave me a copy of this missal which you can subscribe to and get the daily readings of the Holy Latin Mass.  It is like the Magnificat, but printed for the Holy Latin Mass.  Besides they have excellent articles on traditional theology.  One article in this issue is on Kneeling at Mass and the three Kings.  Another is on how to pray.  I am reading bits and pieces of the Autobiography of St. Anthony Mary Claret.  In it he says he knelt for the Angelus and prayed the 3 mysteries of the rosary everyday.  He says that after the Holy Mass, the rosary is the most helpful in obtaining God’s help.

Kinkora Ontario Canada and the Holy Latin Mass

I was pastor for 10 years at St. Patricks in Ripon, Escalon California.  I just left to start an order that will spread the Holy Latin Mass and all the Holy Latin Rites all over the world.  So I feel at home here at St. Patricks.  The pastor Fr. Paul Nicholson picked me up in London Ontario where I arrived by Greyhound Bus.  He has been so hospitable.

I said the Holy Latin Mass this morning.  I remind my self that this is the only important thing I will do today.  I get up at 6:30 am, (remember that is 3:30am California time).  Then I do my holy hour; including Pope Leo XIII exorcism prayer in latin for our world and our church.  Our greatest enemy is the devil, and as St. Paul says; “he is roaming about like a lion looking for someone to devourer”.   Watch Out!

On the Greyhound last night, I sat up front.  There were two men from India who had never met each other.  They were both doctors.  Because I wore the cassock, they recognized me as a catholic priest and began asking me all about my catholic faith.  We spent the whole 3 hours discussing Jesus and His Holy Catholic Church.  It was again such a miracle that we were all together and talking about the catholic faith.  Since my brother Benedict and his wife are physicians, my dad is a nuclear engineer and I am a priest, we talked medicine, science and religion.   I was able to begin with Adam and Eve all the way to the miracles of Jesus that proved of His Divinity.  I will later on write in depth about the Catholic Hindu discussion we had.  Just to summarize, I gave them practical reasons for our Catholic beliefs that they repeatedly affirms with medical studies they had scientifically studied.  But the end of the trip, they took my phone # and asked me to pray for them.  I prayed out loud that they would come to know Jesus Christ and be come catholics and be able to get into the residency programs they were both having interviews for.  I also told them not to do abortions.  But they told me they had to.  But I hope and pray after the long discussion they will heal life not kill life.

Ohio and Michigan from Catholic to Muslim

On the way from Cincinnati to Detroit along the highway there were two mosques.

So many people are angry that the pope has let us say the Holy Latin Mass and persecute those who love what almost all of the saints prayed at, yet in just several hundred miles I saw two mosques.  All this part of the USA used to be very catholic.  Again with great sadness I have seen all around Cincinnati and on the trip up to Detroit catholic schools, seminaries, churches used by other groups.  There was a beautiful convent along the highway and it was now a government work corp.  I saw a beautiful girls school that is a residence.  Close catholic places and open mosques.  What is wrong.  Believe me I took this picture.   Too bad I did not take pictures of the many, many catholic buildings being used by other non catholic groups.  We need to go back to what made this part of the USA catholic.  That is traditional catholic teaching and the Sacred Holy Mass in Latin.  Muslims are not progressive.  They are very firm in their teachings.  That is why Europe and USA are becoming muslim.  This part of the USA became very progressive in the last 50 years.  Look at the fruits.  Death.


President’s Inauguration and the Two Bibles

Rev. Louie Giglio will no longer pray at the Presidents inauguration because of his biblical preaching in the 90’s about homosexuality.  This is what he said;

“If you look at the counsel of the word of God, Old Testament, New Testament, you come quickly to the conclusion that homosexuality is not an alternate lifestyle… homosexuality is not just a sexual preference, homosexuality is not gay, but homosexuality is sin. It is sin in the eyes of God, and it is sin according to the word of God. You come to only one conclusion: homosexuality is less than God’s best for his creation.”

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Yet the President will be sworn in on two Bibles, that of Martin Luther King and that of Abraham Lincoln.  What is wrong with this picture.