Christ is the Child King

In Chicago had a great visit with Fr Philips from St. John Cantius.  He felt it was very providential that I would visit them.  It had to do with the Abbey of Christ the King.  All the priest and brothers were very kind.  One of them reminded me to go work in Canada because there is very little Latin Mass there.

Then we went to visit the Shrine of the Child Christ the King that is run by the Institute of Christ the King.  They are redoing another abandoned burned out church.  They are doing a great job but still have a very long way to go.  They go by the spirituality of St Francis de Sales.  “Boil truth in charity until it becomes sweet.”  The Child Christ the King is approachable and warm.

We are now back in Detroit where we will do house to house visits tomorrow.  Then have lunch with Dennis Nowlin’s brother and wife.  Meet with another priest.  Sunday I go to Windsor Canada for a Missa Cantata.  May we have faith and be willing to share that faith and suffer for that faith.

Latin Mass in Chicago and Columbus

Yesterday went to Columbus Ohio to be with Fr. Lutz who promotes the Holy Latin Mass. He also has a soup kitchen and food pantry that feeds hundreds of people each day.  He has many seminarians from his parish in the seminary right now.

Today I am in Chicago where I had a long meeting with the Auxiliary bishop Joseph Perry.  He says the Latin Mass.  He was so kind and encouraging to me a lot.  He told me that the Latin Mass was what made so many of the saints in the church saints.  He  can not understand how it can be so hated when these saints loved it so much.

He is on the USCCB committee for defense of the family.  He is doing this with Archbishop Cordelione from San Francisco.  This meeting was so up lifting.  He is going to say the Latin Mass for Juventutem at the Washington DC March for Life.  I have been invited to go and I think I will.  Am staying the the Canons of St John Cantius.  They also are very kind and interested in what I am doing.

Heard some bad news today.  A confirmation girl at St. Patricks in Ripon California had the host shoved into her mouth by the priest when she knelt to receive Jesus in Holy Communion, that it hurt her.  That is spiritual abuse and physical abuse.  Maybe she needs to sue the diocese for $1 just to stop such a terrible thing.  When she told her confirmation teacher, the teacher told that she had shown Jesus how much she loved him by suffering for Jesus just like the saints did.  No wonder the youth leave the church.

Blind Faith

One of my friends reminded me that I preached “Blind Faith“.  What does that mean?  It means that no matter how dark the surroundings may be, or how impossible everything may seem to be, or what terrible sickness one may have, you keep blind faith that God will triumph.  Precisely because we have faith, we pray.  We also pray because we have faith.  But when everything looks bad, our faith seems to disappear.  Then we need to ask ourselves; why are we followers of Jesus Christ,  why do we avoid sin,  why do we serve the church.  And the answer is clear, because we believe in the invisible, the supernatural, and in the reality of God almighty.  I believe and pray because God is with us.  Then God will act and take great care of us.  Then I act and do something difficult for God. God what is you will.  Give me faith to complete Your Holy Will.

As I travel around, not knowing who will help me do the mission God and Mary have ask me to do to spread love for the Latin Mass, it takes great faith.  Abraham stepped out in faith.  Because Abraham took those first steps in blind faith, we know about Jesus Christ and are saved by Him.

Last evening, again, God showed His care for what I am trying to do by putting me in contact with the head of Juventutem Michigan and two other men who have been really working hard for a long time for the Holy Latin Mass here in Detroit and in Windsor Canada.  They were so encouraging and kind.  May God give us more faith.

Holy Communion Kneeling and on the Tongue disciplined.

A mother of two twin young ladies called to tell me she had been scandalized by the action of her bishop at St. Patricks in Ripon California this weekend at Holy mass.  He got upset with them and told them that they were not allowed to receive Holy Communion kneeling down.  The mother of the young ladies defended them.  The bishop told her that he was the representative of Jesus and had to be obeyed because in his diocese he is the boss on liturgical matters.  The mother said no, the Pope is God’s  representative and that she had seen the Pope give Holy Communion to those kneeling on TV.  He was very very upset.  Please pray for all bishops, priests and extraordinary ministers of the Holy Eucharist who discipline those who love Jesus so much that they want to treat Him like He is God and receive Him kneeling.  After all we Catholic really do believe that Jesus is God and that He is present, body, blood, soul and divinity in Holy Communion.  For this we respect God.

The Church

Yesterday for Holy Family Sunday was able to celebrate the Holy Mass at St Patricks and pray for St Patricks, Ripon and Escalon California.

After the Holy Mass all the parishioners gathered for a simple pot luck.  Everyone was so loving and kind.  Met Dave who is the head of Una Voce Toronto.  Also met an old nun who spends all her time helping the poor.  I think she has two homeless shelters.  

Many young men and women were there too. And of course, on Holy Family Sunday, a wonderful family that converted to the Catholic Church.  

There oldest daughter (in the picture) is the professional organist for the Missa Cantata.  The mom is pregnant.  Pray for all large families.  It is not easy to have a large family today.  Patti Valdez has this on her emails.

A woman’s heart must be so hidden in Christ that a man must seek Him first to find her.

Then there was a man who also converted to the Catholic Faith and is literally BATMAN. He was so intelligent and helps the poor.  He and others have a mechanic shop that fix the poor peoples cars for free.  He makes a living getting rid of bats.  He sells the bat poop for fertilizer.