A Dominican’s Comments On The Error “It Is A Sin To Condemn Sin”

Fr. Matthew Kauth’s sister found this writing by this Dominican nun concerning it being a sin to condemn sin (spiritual work of mercy).

There is an alarming confusion cropping up in public discourse which has given me pause for reflection. It strikes me as the worst kind of confusion, and the most difficult to remedy, because it concerns the intention of hearts, confusing the noblest with the worst. You seek your neighbor’s spiritual well-being and you are accused of denying his very dignity.

1462952_248808221941565_35869607_nIt can certainly be seen elsewhere, but the national conversation about same-sex marriage provides a clear example. With good intentions, many Christians have sought to serve the good of their neighbor by objecting to the state solemnization of physically and spiritually harmful sex-acts. Increasingly, this fraternal solicitude is taken to be a damnable affront to gay dignity. It is a sin, explains Nathaniel Frank at Slate: “the sin of current opponents of gay marriage is an unwillingness to open their minds to change. There comes a time when there’s only one morally correct answer, and the space for having the wrong answer has dried up. I’d argue that time has come.” The Christian thinks he is engaged in a spiritual work of mercy, but Frank warns that he is in fact a wolf in sheep’s clothing.
This is all a bit frightening. The greatest love for our neighbor concerns itself with his spiritual good, and it is just this sort of love that is being confused for sin and even hatred. The confusion is not total, but any confusion of love for hate is disturbing. The lover’s smile taken for scorn, the friend’s gift received as poison, and the mother’s embrace greeted with terror all question the very possibility of lovers, friends, and mothers. There is real tragedy here: Your heart is opened and in that moment of vulnerability you become a monstrosity in the eyes of the one you love.
So, why is this love for our neighbor’s spiritual good taken for hate? And how can it be seen as love again?
First, our love looks like hate because our concern for souls chafes against the claim that human dignity is founded upon man’s power of self-determination. Our love calls into question the quasi-religious reverence paid to this supposed power. If our love is to be seen as love, the impotence of the power of self-determination must be exposed and the true foundation of human dignity must be laid bare. Our recourse is to point to the grave and from there to the only one who has conquered it. As far as I can tell, every project of self-determination has ended in death. Our love is great because our love takes death seriously and it points to the source of our dignity in the Son who prayed to the Father, “not my will, but thine, be done” (Lk 22:42).
Second, our love looks like hate because the life we propose often looks like death. By withholding endorsement for gay marriage, we implicitly suggest the alternative of lifelong chastity. For the man or woman with same-sex attraction, this certainly entails self-denial and the cross. Such a suggestion calls for honest self-examination: Have we embraced the cross ourselves and found freedom and joy in the embrace? When we propose the cross, do we speak of the love of God who gives us the strength to bear burdens for his sake? If our love is to be seen as love, we must be honest about the asceticism of the cross and point to the love that rewards self-denial with freedom and peace.
Third, our love looks like hate because we seem to advocate restraint in the enjoyment of all that the world has to offer. To some extent this is true: The ways of the world must be forsaken if we are to enjoy the peace and joy of intimacy with God. But why would our neighbor forsake certain apparent pleasures and delights of the world if this is the only world we’ve got? The world often appears unforesakeable because there is nothing better on offer. For our love to be seen as love, we must point in hope to the world that is to come and help our neighbor discern the spiritual delights that are on offer to us even now.
Will framing our opposition to same sex marriage in such a theological and eschatological way really allow us to be better heard in the public square? Probably not. But it strikes me that a philosophically-sound natural-law approach has not fared much better. Besides, it’s a bit too cheap: Why offer natural law without the promise of the grace which makes it observable? We need to tell the whole story, complete with its fantastic eschatological ending because Nathaniel Frank is right: “There comes a time when there’s only one morally correct answer, and the space for having the wrong answer has dried up.”
The Dominican is Br. Dominic Mary Verner

More On The “Pope Francis Effect” at Charlotte Catholic High School

Here is more information on the meeting last night with parents protesting Sr. Jane’s presentation on the Theology of the Body by Pope John Paul II.  Click Here.

Their Chaplin is Fr. Matthew Kauth.  His mother emailed me this morning and thanked me for my prayers.  And I thank all of you who prayed too.  She added that it was a terrible meeting where evil really showed itself.  But her son, Fr. Kauth, stayed calm and did not compromise Catholic teaching.  Read his statement here.

040214-sister-jane2We are really in deep serious problems about sexual activity of our young Catholic men and women.  To say the least, many many good young men are viewing pornography and are self abusing.  I hear about it all the time.  This is destroying their souls, their lives and how they view women.  They waste hours and hours that should be used for prayer, study, work, sports and reading.  Even young women are beginning to go down this evil path too.

You parents, who love your children, need to take this extremely seriously and regularly review all electronic devises.  This has to begin at ten years old.  That means, cell phones, iPads, laptops and computers.  There are programs that you can install that notify your cell phone as soon as you child is accessing something evil.

damned soulsThe devil, the communist and the masons have sworn to use anything to bring down the morals of our good Catholics.  As they corrupt our youth, they are destroying marriage.  What kind of a husband will a boy turn out to be, who is looking at evil sexual pictures.

communism_doesn't_workAs our youth become sexually depraved and spiritually sick, their future marriages end in divorce, resulting in very emotionally hurt children.  As the family disintegrates, so does society disintegrate.   And that is where we are right now.  Crime, Crime, Crime.

Here are 7 things that can help a young man out of pornography and self abuse:

1) A deep prayer life.  It is a very good thing for their dads to go the Blessed Sacrament and pray with them.  Even if it is only for 15 minutes, that is better than no prayer.

1011592_216935718462149_2086796318_n2) Keep going to confession.  But the priest should not give them absolution until they have gotten rid of all electronic devises that lead them to sin or have put blocks on all devises they may have to have for school.  After they have done this (gotten rid of them or put blocks on the), they then go back to receive absolution.  “And avoid the near occasion of sin.” Act of Contrition.

3) Explain to them the spiritual and psychological damage they will do to themselves by looking at dirty pictures.

4) Fathers who have seen pornography should confess to their sons that they have seen “dirty pictures” and how it hurt them.  These dads can tell them that they do not want them to have the same bad experience.  You can use the word “dirty picture” to keep the children from knowing what you mean (without taking their innocence away) and at the same time warn them against the danger of seeing sexual things without going into detail.

5) Watch out who their friends are.  Usually it is a friend or family member who introduces them to pornography.

6) Keeping them busy.  Put them to work or doing homework.  “Idle hands are the devil’s workshop.”

7) Teach them that the sinful acts begin with a thought, a temptation.  At this point is where prayer and a firm “NO” is said to the desire for sexual pleasure from the mind and body.  See the neck as the conscience between what the mind tempts the body to do.  The neck says “NO” to allowing the body to follow through with the temptations of the mind and the devil.

There is a web site called “Porn No More”.  I have never gone to check it out, but some of you can if you think it will help.  One of my friends highly recommends it.

1452297_254768528012201_687571658_nVirginity, sexual innocence, is one of the most precious gifts we are given by God.  Tell your children this over and over.  Explain to them that the only place for sexual activity is when two virgins are sacramentally married at a Catholic church and discover holy sex in their marriage.  (Sex is holy and only for cooperating with God to procreate a child).  There is no greater gift than to have many many children.

As society has divorced the God given biological reproductive element (having children) from sexual activity, most people believe it is solely for pleasure.   Therefore society now advocates any kind of sexual pleasure; self pleasure, pornography, adultery, fornication, girly strip shows, prostitutes and homosexual sex.

And if we get in the way of someone getting the sexual pleasure they desire, we become the evil ones.   We will be hated, slandered and eventually, more than likely, put in prison for not blessing it.

Masoner_a_IlluminatiThe devil, the masons, the communist and all evil people have the media, music, movies, and schools (even some so called “Catholic” schools) on their side.

But we have the all powerful “Ace in the hole”, God, on our side.  We slowly go along, doing what is truly Catholic, and God will have the last say.  He always has and always will.  It is just a matter of us doing our part and waiting for His time to come.  We are so blessed to be traditional Catholics.

“He that heareth you, heareth Me; and he that despiseth you, despiseth Me; and he that despiseth Me, despiseth Him that sent Me.” Jesus  (Luke 10: 16)

Pope Francis’ Comments on Abortion, Homosexuality and Contraception Brings Protest by Parents and Students at Charlotte (N.C.) Catholic High School

Angry persecution by other “Catholics” has now begun for those of us who are willing to speak Catholic truth about sexual morals. And sad to say, it is fueled by the comments of Pope Francis: “Who am I to Judge” or we can not insist only on issues related to abortion, gay marriage and the use of contraceptives methods.”

I have heard that in many Catholic Schools, RCIA programs and Pre Marriage Weekends, “Catholic”, people attending these will angrily protest against what the Catholic Church has taught for 2000 years concerning abortion and sexual morality.  And they cite Pope Francis’ words.

040214-sister-jane2On March 21 Sr. Jane Dominic Laurel gave a talk to the students at Charlotte Catholic High School; “Masculinity and Femininity: Difference and Gift”.  It was based on Pope John Paul II’s Theology of the Body.  She was invited by the parochial vicar, Fr. Matthew Kauth.  Read the article here.

The students complained to their parents and through the social media began to protest and collect signatures on a petition against the talk given by Sr. Laurel.  Here is the list of reasons they are protesting against her talk.  They have collected 3492 signatures so far.  Here is link to the petition.

1.We believe that children can thrive in spite of one or both of their parents short comings and/or absence because we know that role models do not exist solely within one’s nuclear family.
2. We believe that same sex couples have the ability to raise happy, well-adjusted and successful children.
3. We reject the notion that the actions of one abusive Australian couple should be used to support the idea that same sex couples are unfit parents. Not only is this story weightless, anecdotal evidence intended to incite discrimination, but it further abuses that child.
4. We reject the suggestion that homosexuality occurs mainly as a result of a parent’s shortcomings, masturbation or pornography.
5. We recognize the difference between correlation and causation. As a result we realize that men don’t become gay by masturbating in the presence of one another but rather may engage in these activities because they are gay.
6. We take issue with the phrase “homosexual lifestyle” and the suggestion that it is a distortion for the media to portray homosexual couples “like heterosexual couples.”
7. We believe that homosexual couples are capable of monogamy.
8. As rational people, we know that most homosexual people lead healthy, normal and productive lives like their heterosexual counterparts.
9. We resent the fact that a school wide assembly became a stage to blast the issue of homosexuality after Pope Francis said in an interview this past fall that “we can not insist only on issues related to abortion, gay marriage and the use of contraceptives methods.” We are angry that someone decided they knew better than our Holy Father and invited a speaker who addressed the issue of homosexuality to our school to speak twice in the course of one school year.
10. We the students of Charlotte Catholic High School are confused why time was spent condemning the practice of homosexuality when we could have been spent condemning: world hunger, gun violence, the death penalty, unjust care of the elderly, human trafficking, genocide, discrimination etc.; OR been promoting: love, prayer, the Beatitudes, practical ways to serve Christ, patience, just war theory etc.

Our Catholic Church is being divided into two groups: social justice issues and moral issues.  That is why I believe in both issues.  But I have also shown that social justice problems come from immoral lives of church leaders, government leaders, corporation, families and individuals.

Paul_Conversion of_MICHELANGELO BuonarrotiA counter petition has also been put on the internet.  They have only collected 1619 signatures.  Here are the list of reasons they support Sr. Laurel.  Here is link to petition.

I. We believe that every human regardless of gender, race, or sexual orientation, should be treated with love and respect.

II. We do not approve of homosexual marriage or activities, because we understand that it is against the Holy Bible. 

III. We accept homosexual men and women into our community with open arms.

IV. We understand that all of creation sins and that sin is not limited to the homosexual community.   

V. We love all of God’s beautiful creation and do not intend to harm anyone.

VI. We state that we have the intelligence to comprehend that Sister Jane Dominic did not condemn homosexuals.

VII. We understand that Sister Jane Dominic did not say that masturbating will make you homesexual or that the absence of a parent will either. Yet, that she said that by partaking in masturbation will lessen your masculinity and that through the absence of a parent in the home will also make a greater risk for homosexuality. 

VIII. We believe that it is important to discuss these topics so that the young people of today may better understand righteousness and God’s divine will.  

IX. We believe that it is premier to spread the truth and unite the Catholic Church so that our posterity may have a truer and more deeper understanding of God’s perfect plan for our lives.

X. We believe that the Charlotte Catholic High School administration knows what is best for us and that they hold the right to call us to assembly for what they believe we should hear and/or know. 

XI. We understand that it is our duty as Catholics to do our best to keep sin from entering the world. 

        Finally, we state that Jesus has already overcome sin and that no matter the outcome of this topic the Catholic Church has already administered to this and the right answer may be found through her or God. 

By signing this petition you can help spread the truth and help stand up for righteousness’ sake

Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness’sake: for theirs is the kingdom of Heaven.”  Matthew 5:10

If you doubt the Holy Bible and its teaching on homosexual activity please read further.

You shall not lie with a male as with a woman; its an abomination.”  Leviticus 18:22

Fr. Matthew and diocesan representatives will be meeting with these parents for clarification and to listen to parents concerns today, April 2 at 7 pm EST.  Please pray for him and for all who will attend this meeting.  JMJ help us.

Aspectos de las ejecucionesIn the beginning it was the Romans and Jews who persecuted the Catholics.  Who would have thought that in the end it would be other so called “Catholics” doing it now.  Let us also pray for our own conversion and of those who persecute us.

We are so fortunate to be traditional Catholics and to know that sin is the cause of all suffering here in the life, as well as in hell for all eternity.

Since Sex Is No Longer To Have Children, We Have Pets Instead

As I was driving to the Abortion mill today, I noticed the sticker on the car ahead of me.  Instead of reading, “Honor Student Mom”, it said “Pet Mom”.

photoAt the bank next door they have this picture saying what this middle aged man finds important to save for: his dog.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA friend of mine told me he went to a husky pulled sled show.  He was disgusted at the way many of the dogs were dressed in human clothes.  Go to a pet store and see what is on sale for dogs and cats.

I am going to do a blog on Natural Family Planning, birth control and the Catholic loss of love for children (the greatest gift God can ever give us).

Noah's Ark_Entering the Ark_MEMBERGER, Kaspar the ElderPets are wonderful and are a great gift from God.  Dogs can be great companions and watch dogs.  But, when the pet becomes your child, something has been totally forgotten; human companionship and love.

Miracles From Traditional Catholic Faith In Prayer to Jesus, Mary and Joseph, JMJ

Today we were again praying at the abortion mill when a couple came up, knelt down and joined us in the prayer.  It was a miracle that I will explain.

photoBefore Catholic teachers would teach the children in grade school, and all the way up to University, to put at the top of their paper “JMJ” (Jesus, Mary and Joseph) or “AMDG” (in Latin = Ad Maiorem Dei Gloriam,  To the greater glory of God).

This was a constant reminder of the power of the mere mentioning of the Holy Names of Jesus, Mary and Joseph.  27 years ago I started a home for the homeless named “Jesus, Mary and Joseph Home” that is still housing women and children in Santa Cruz California. They are powerful friends to have to help the poor and to be interceding for us in heaven.

I bring this up, because, like myself, many of you are constantly going through problems. With your church, with your bishop, with your parish, with your marriage, with your family, with your children, with your work, with addictions, with your emotions, with your finances or with your health.  We all have plenty of problems everyday to deal with.  I know that almost all of you reading this have a lot of faith in God and the power of prayer.  But at times we can get very discouraged.  Our problems seem to overwhelm us.

Holy Family_1753_Wadsworth AtheneumSo, recently, I have been learning a new way of turning over my problems to God and I am getting relief and help.  This is what I am doing.

1) I go to the Blessed Sacrament (that is if you can go).

2) I offer, from my heart, the pain or fears or worries I feel right then and put them into the Heart of Jesus.

3) Then I put them into the heart of Mary.

4) Then I put them into the heart of St. Joseph.

And it is working.  I quickly feel the pain, fear, and worry diminish.  I have peace again.

So, I will continue the story about what happened at the abortion mill today.  After we finished praying the Holy Rosary in Latin, I introduced myself to the couple.  They  had been driving by to their parish when they saw us praying and returned, on the very busy street, to come and pray with us.  I explained why we were praying there at the “Family Planning Assoc.” because they kill the unborn babies there.

As I was saying goodbye to them, the mother asked me to please pray for a man who is in critical condition from an accident caused by her son.  I asked her if he had been racing when this accident occurred.  She said yes.

So here is the rest of the story.  Last Tuesday, one of the sons (17 yr. old) of our families here at St. Catherine, was racing this couples son (16 yr. old), and went through a stop sign.  He smashed into a pickup that then hit a older man on the sidewalk.  He died.  But the Emergency Medical Team brought him back to life and he had brain surgery and is still in critical condition.  If the man dies, these two young men could be charged with manslaughter.

mass-purgatory-496504066_88d304cb82Last Thursday evening I offered the Latin Mass (the parents go to the Latin Mass) for their son who was in jail and his distraught parents.  All their friends came and prayed with them.  At 5 am the next morning, he was released from jail without a bail.  Later I heard that there was another young man (the son of the family we met at the abortion mill) who was also involved in the accident and was racing too.

Since then, I have felt called by God to be praying for the man in critical condition.  He is Mexican and probably a Catholic too.  I think of what his family must be going through.  I think about the pain he must be in in the hospital from the impact and surgery.  So I offered my Latin Mass yesterday morning for his intentions and that of his family.

But, I also have been placing this whole situation, with prayer, into the Hearts of Jesus, Mary and Joseph.  And now I have the proof that they are listening.  How can you figure that the parents of the other young man would take the effort to turn around on a very very busy street and return to kneel on the sidewalk with some strangers praying at what just seems like a busy street corner.  God is working.

As we walked from our cars to the abortion mill this morning, another mother told me about a serious problem she is having with her son.  Earlier this morning another mother (who was also praying there at the mill) had told me about the serious problem with her daughter.  Last evening an other one of the mothers there, had told me about a serious problem she is having with her son.  So before praying the Holy Rosary, I said let us pray for all those seeking abortion, but also for all those who are having problems with their children.  All but two of the women there at the mill, go to the Latin Mass.

1456703_253570098132044_1756305275_nI had instructed each one of these mothers to do what I am doing: offering in prayer my worries, pains and sorrows to the Hearts of Jesus, Mary and Joseph.  Then have faith.  May each one of you reading this find consolation, help and miracles in the Hearts of Jesus, Mary and Joseph.  Now, it is your turn to practice this prayer and letting go and then teach others and encourage others to have faith in Jesus, Mary and Joseph.   It is so wonderful to be a traditional Catholic.

Children Behaving Well In Latin Mass

Here is a comment I received about children behaving in the Holy Latin Mass.  Thank you parents for patiently teaching your children to respect God, the Sacrifice of the Holy Mass and ultimately their very selves.

1001388_248923911929996_1174293849_nI’m sorry for my faulty English. It’s not my mother tongue. But I have to tell you that you’re right both in form and matter.

In form, because your simple posts, writen down in such a humble tone, carry their message, time after time, straight between the eyes. In matter, because they’re true.

Here’s my personal experiencie with the TLM.

I have a son of 12. When he was 9, although he was a well-behaved boy, he used to laught at the very face of his catechists. On top of that, it was impossible to restrain him at Mass. I didn’t understand why.

My wife, convert from left-wing agnosticism, was unable to bear Mass. She could not stand the stark contrast between what the Church teaches us about the Holy Mass and the liturgical actions that our parish priest performed: no altar rail but Sanctissimum side chapel, female acolytes, daliy presence of female ministers of Eucharist, no physical place to get on the knees to receive the Body of Christ, etc.

Then I heard of a TLM within our reach. We started to attend to it. It was another liturgical world that asked us to change everything in our faith, from konwledge to attitude. Our perplexity lasted almost a year and a half.

However, since the very first TLM, my son no longer laught at anybody’s face, much less his catechists’. And behaved himself at Mass. Then my wife stopped complaining about Mass liturgy. And, to my surprise, she started to wear her long forgotten skirts. Moreover, she didn’t get angry at all when I suggested her to use mantilla. However, she still needs a little more time to get into that.

My two little girls, now 7 and 8, took the TLM as a natural matter of fact. It’s far more easy to explain them the Catholic Faith than it was to my son, when we still attended the NOM.

Since we started to attend the TLM, I got used to pray daily the Holy Rosary in Latin. To learn it, I searched the Internet for the audio files of the latin prayers. Then I assembled them and burnt a CD for the car. I started to play it in our way home from school. To my surprise, everybody learnt effortlessly both the Oratio Dominica and the Salutatio Evangelica. It’s such a joy to hear them from childrens’ mouths…

I use to drive to and from the office with the Latin Rosary on because calms me down and fixes my attention to the driving task. To me, it has proven to be an invaluable safety tool.

I owe all that to a corageus priest that decided that the TLM was the best way to go to Our Lord. I can attest that he was as right then as you are right now.

May God bless you, father.”


Traditional Catholics are Saving Eternal Souls By Their Words and Example

Most of us are very concerned about our temporal bodies.  We have yearly medical checkups to be sure that we are doing everything possible to live a long healthy life.  We exercise, we eat healthy food, we take vitamins, we bathe our bodies, we use creams to keep our skin soft and we even go to the dermatologist to get wrinkles removed.  We do literally everything possible, no matter what the cost, to live as long as we can.  But no matter what, one day this body will die, decompose, rot, and turn back into earth and bones some day.

64248_248412811981106_1763913629_nYes, our bodies will be resurrected and be re-united with our bodies at the Second Coming of Jesus.  But they are only the temple of the soul, and therefore are inferior.

On the other hand, our souls live forever.  The soul has the faculties of intellect and will.  When we were baptized, confirmed (and ordained for us bishops and priests), God imprinted a special character on our souls that will last forever.  In heaven or hell that mark will be their.

Do we go to the doctor of our souls every year for a check up?  Why not?  Is not our soul the source of our being, our life.  That is why going on a retreat or to a mission every year is very important.  To take time to be “naked” before God, and honestly make a evaluation of our souls spiritual health.  That is why we should have a holy spiritual director.

Now, for us who are trying our best to be holy and deeply concerned about our souls purity, we are also concerned with the purity of the souls around us.  We want to help others gain eternal life in heaven.  And often we get discouraged seeing the sinful lives (souls) of our loved ones and all those around us in the world.

But I want to encourage each one of you, (and I want to especially encourage you bishops and priests who are worn out doing everything you possibly can to give a good example by the way you live and Catholic truth you preach).  As much as you get persecuted, as much as you are exhausted from all your tireless efforts, (and for you bishops and priests in the confessional, at the pulpit and in counsels), it is working.  People are responding by converting and living holier lives.

Coronation of the Blessed Virgin Mary_stained glass2Some of the students here at the St. Catherine of Siena Catholic do not like what I have to say about the Latin Mass, dressing modestly, morals and having to go to Holy Mass every Sunday.  If I focus on them, I will get discouraged.

But the fact is that many of the little and big children here at the school are listening and telling their parents.  They are changing and the parents are noticing.  They are also evangelizing their families and friends.

photoWe were so blessed to have 6th, 7th and 8th grade students at the catechism classes given here for our Lenten mission.  We have no idea who was effected.  That is not our concern.  We made it available and now we leave it to the individual student to respond to God or not.  But, I do have faith that God did touch some of them.  And maybe it did not make sense to them now, but later on, they may remember what they learned at the Lenten Catechesis 2014.

The two 7 year Latin Mass altar boys, that I put on the blog awhile ago, are having an effect on their families, neighbors and school mates.  Their parents are telling me about it.

photoSo, all of you who deeply care about the bad crisis that we are going through in the Church and in society, please know that your example, your teachings, are having a effect on someone.  That “someone” has an infinitely valuable eternal soul.  And you, with God’s help, are helping that person get to heaven.

Then that person then will help others, and it is having a domino effect.  God probably does not want us to know all the good that we are doing, so that we do not take all the credit and get big heads.  We need to remember that we are but miserable instruments God is using to help save souls.  We are so fortunate that someone helped us to discover traditional Catholic beliefs and the Holy Latin Mass.  Let us prayerfully and patiently continue to do the same.

22 Reasons For Priests and Bishops to Offer the Traditional Catholic Latin Mass

I have said it many times, and I am going to say it over and over again: There are only two reason to be a traditional Catholic.  To save our souls and as many others as possible and because it treats God as God.  So when we are ostracized from our family, our parish and from our church, it is because, like Jesus, we are willing to suffer to save souls and bow down before Our Loving God in adoration.

1912161_294154654073588_1126775504_nSo when people ask me why I would offer the Latin Mass, I patiently and lovingly I explain to them the great beauty of the Latin Mass.

I start by telling them that for 7 years I offered the English, Spanish and Latin Mass side by side.  That is why I offer the Latin Mass.  Here is a list of the reasons I offer the Latin Mass.

easter-vespers-5The rubrics demand that:

1) The priest genuflect every time he approaches the altar, removes the pall, replaces the pall, opens the tabernacle and opens the ciboria.

2) The priest faces God in prayer.

3) The holy Mass is begun by priest and people recognizing that we are sinners and asking for God’s mercy with the confiteor’s serious words said kneeling.

4) The priest says the canon of the Holy Mass in Vox Secreta (very low voice).

5) After the consecration of the Body of Christ, the priest genuflects, raises the Host and then places it on the altar and genuflects again.  The same is done for the consecration of the Blood of Christ.

1902947_290774501078270_1578515309_n6) Bells are used to signify that God is being summoned at the Epiclesis and consecration.  There are other times bells are rung to call more attention to an important time of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass like at the minor elevation of the Host and Chalice.

7) Once the priest consecrates the Body of Christ, he keeps his thumb and index fingers together so that not even one speck of Jesus fall on the altar or ground.  They are kept that way until he purifies his fingers after Holy Communion.

8) Every effort is made to make sure the Chalice will never tip over and spill the Precious Blood of Jesus when taking off or replacing the pall on top of it.

9) When receiving the Body of Christ, the priest places the paten under his chin to be sure not a speck falls on the altar.  The same is done when receiving the Precious Blood.  And the priest only receives the Precious Blood from the side of the chalice that has a cross on it so that when he purifies it on that same side where the Precious Blood flowed over.  The paten is again placed under the chin of the priest while he drinks the ablution from the chalice.

10) Wine is used to purify the chalice so that the wine molecules will attach to the Precious Blood on the walls of the chalice.  Then wine and water are poured into the chalice to purify it again.

11) The prayers and Roman Canon of the Holy Mass are very ancient and with very profound words.

12) The altar boys kneel most of the time and genuflect to God even more than the priest does.

13) No one is allowed into the sacred sanctuary except the priests and the altar boys.

14) The altar boys kiss the hands of the priest and the cruets.

15) The vestments that have to be used are listed: amice, alb, cincture, maniple, stole and chasuble.  There are definite prayers the priest prays as he vests, asking for protection from the devil, sexual purity and willingness to carry the yoke and burden of Jesus while offering the Holy Mass.  The beauty of the vestments, chalices, patens, palls and linen is unexplainable.

5479792837_92e6656a6116) Everyone kneels and receives Holy Communion on the tongue in adoration and respect of God.

17) Besides everyone that comes to the Latin Mass, even little children, are very quiet and respectful in the Latin Mass.

18) Those who come normally are dress up and modest to come into the presence of the King of Kings.

19) Most people know that they are at the Sacrifice of Christ on Calvary and reverently pray.

20) It is said in Latin, a language reserved for God in the Sacred Divine Liturgy.

21) Prayers are said after mass: 3 Hail Marys, Hail Holy Queen, Prayer for the spreading and protection of Holy Mother the Church, the St. Michael prayer against the devil and the 3 recognitions of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus.

22) The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass said in Latin has extreme power against the devil and all his co-workers.  The devil hates Latin.  This mass has what is necessary for changing the whole world into Jesus’ Kingdom.  With extreme problems and evil all over the world, in our government,  in our cities and families, we need the big guns to win.  God has given us the re-made presence of HIs Son Jesus’ sacrifice on Calvary to continue to destroy the devil’s kingdom of darkness, hate, division, lust, greed and death.

When anyone complains about the Holy Latin Mass, have them study the small red missal and then attend the Holy Mass.  If they are a priest or bishop, have them say the Novus Ordo Mass side by side for 7 years, and them decide.  It is simple scientific evidence in the actual offering of the two Masses side by side.  And we are so fortunate to have discovered the sacredness of the traditional Latin Mass of all ages.

God Alone is Adored in Traditional Latin Mass, Not Man As New False God

I have often mentioned that the new false god is “man”.  In other words, “me”.  Now is the time to respect God again and put God back in His proper place and “me” back in my place.  I am only a creature who was created by God, period.

Ushaw 2010 60 St Cuthbert's Chapel reducedIn the Holy Latin Mass we are reminded of our position in the hierarchy of creation.  As we enter church, we genuflect to show that God is more important than “I” am (God does not genuflect to “me”).  We do this because we know and believe that God is present in the Holy Tabernacle on the High Altar in the sanctuary.

Most Catholics no longer know the meaning of the word Sanctuary.  They probably have never even heard that word before.  In the dictionary it means: A sacred place in a church,  a consecrated place, a holy and inviolable site, the most sacred part of the church where the altar is placed, the Holy of Holies like in the Jewish Temple.  We are reminding of this when only the consecrated priest (and by special graces, his helpers the Altar Servers), are allowed into the Sanctuary.

10001424_294609940694726_1026287973_nWe traditional Catholics give this honor to the Tabernacle in the Sanctuary because know and believe that God is truly present in it.  And the Tabernacle comes from the Ark of the Covenant.

So just to remind us about the sacredness of the Tabernacle or the Ark of the Covenant, I want to relate the story from 1 Kings (1 Samuel).   The Israelites were battling against the Philistines and lost.   The Ark of the Covenant was captured the Philistines.

And the Philistines took the ark of God, and brought it into the temple of Dagon (one of their false gods), and set it by Dagon.  And when the Azotians arose early the next day, behold Dagon lay upon his face on the ground before the ark of the Lord: and they took Dagon, and set him again in his place.  And the next day again, when they rose in the morning, they found Dagon lying upon his face on the earth before the ark of the Lord: and the head of Dagon, and both of the palms of his hands were cut off upon the threshold:  And only the stump of Dagon remained in its place.  For this cause neither the priests of Dagon, nor any that go into the temple tread on the threshold of Dagon in Azotus unto this day.  And the hand of the Lord was heavy upon the Azotians, and he destroyed them, and afflicted Azotus and the coasts thereof with emerods.  And in the villages and fields in the midst of that country, there came forth a multitude of mice, and there was the confusion of a great mortality in the city.  And the men of Azotus seeing this kind of plague, said: The ark of the god of Israel shall not stay with us: for his hand is heavy upon us, and upon Dagon our god.”  I Kings 5: 2-7

Is it not interesting that an inanimate idol would prostrate before the Ark and we, supposedly baptized Catholics, will not kneel down and receive God in adoration.  Something is wrong with the picture here.  And that is us.ARK WOR333LNG-newThis is the respect God has for just the ark of the covenant.  In the ark was only the two tablets of the 10 Commandments.  Imagine the respect we should have for the Tabernacle that truly contains God in it.  Then to think of the respect we need to have for the Holy Eucharist that makes the tabernacle and the sanctuary holy.

Woe to us who receive Jesus unworthily (in the state of mortal sin) and in our hands.

For he that eateth and drinketh unworthily, eateth and drinketh judgement to himself, not discerning the body of the Lord.  Therefore there are many infirm and weak among you, and many sleep.”  I Corinthians 11 :29-30.

One of the greatest sacrilege we can commit is to receive Jesus’ Body in Holy Communion in mortal sin.  St. Theresa of Avila says that when the soul has one mortal sin, it becomes dark and filled with all sorts of evil creatures.  Then when we receive Holy Communion in this state, we force Jesus to be subjected to this evil environment.  I ask you, would any of you forgive me if I were to dunk you repeatedly into a septic tank full of poop?  No none of you would every forgive me for subjecting you to this horrible treatment.  Yet we do a much greater offense to God by subjecting Him to our demon fill soul just because we think I am fine, I said I was sorry.

If you have ever done this, confess it, never do it again and tell everyone you know that it is a sacrilege that offends God greatly.  Again people say; “I wanted to go to Holy Communion”.  They make themselves god and force God to come into their horribly contaminated soul without even caring about what they are doing to God.

Let us remind ourselves: “We are not God”.  We were created by Him and will die and our bodies will rot away in the coffin like every other person who has died so far.  We are not God, we are adopted sons and daughters of His.  We are so fortunate to know this and to be traditional Catholics.  Let us make up for the lack of adoration God receives today in most Catholic Churches of the world.Pieter Clauszoon_Vanitas with Glass Ball_Nuremberg_Germanisches Nationalmuseum_1628

This Lent, Be Stout Hearted and Look Toward the Promise Land of Freedom From Sin

As we continue through our journey of the 40 days of Lent, we are reminded of the devil’s tools that he used to tempt Jesus (power, the flesh, and the world).  But we are also journeying through the desert with the Israelites as well on their 40 year trek and all their temptations.

Lucifer_Becomes_SatanFor Jesus, one of the temptations was to adore the devil.  For the Israelites it was the temptation adoring the gods of Egypt and to return to what was familiar.   As they traveled further away from the pains of slavery, there bodies began to tempt them into going back into bondage under the Egyptians just to satisfy their fleshly appetites.

Moses_destroys_golden_calf_1130-152For us, as we distance ourselves from our sinful indulgences during lent, we are tempted to return to our fleshly passions and the devil.  We so quickly forget the horror of being a slave and begin to only remember the pleasures.  Watch Out!  Do not believe the devil or the flesh when they say go back to sinful pleasures.   It is all an illusion.  It is no fun being a slave, besides all the drama and bad health attached to it.

ashwednesdaypaintingSo at this point in your lenten journey, be sure to spend some time seriously reflecting on how you felt (in you soul) when you were subject to your sinful passions.

Did you have peace?

Were you free?

Were you able to go into deep prayer?

How did you feel before the face of God?

Did your conscience ever bother you?

Were you ashamed?

What was it doing to your family life?

What was it doing to your work habits?

How did it effect your self image?

How was your health?

How much unity did you have with other traditional Catholics?

How much love was there in your marriage?

How much unity was there in your family?

Let us not be fooled.  We are on a dangerous path to escape from the slave master.  He is fast on our heels behind us.  God is cheering us on to freedom as sons and daughters of God.  Let us not throw away our new bought freedom purchased by the Blood of the Lamb and poured out on us in Holy Confession.

ConfessionThe prayers and sacrifices we have making are helping us to say yes to God and no to the devil, the flesh and the world.  You are making progress.  Do not believe the lies of the devil that wants to tell you you are never going to overcome vices and that you can never ever even think of becoming a saint.  May you, no matter what sins you may have committed and confessed, become the great saint God created you to be.