Trisomy 18 Baby Is Baptized In Traditional Catholic Rite. Pray For Parents Of Maria Isabella

A couple of weeks ago the parents of Maria Isabella called to ask to have their newborn baby baptized at Ryan’s Hospice House because she was not expected to live very long.  Thank God they have another daughter.

photoMaria Isabella In Her Baptism Gown

Maria Isabella is diagnosed with Trisomy 18 (she has an extra chromosome in some or all of her body’s cells).  She also has three copies of chromosome 18 which causes the baby’s organs to develop in an abnormal way.  These children are very susceptible to cardia failure, apnea and pneumonia.

photoMaria Isabella’s parents were advised to kill her before she was born because her abnormality.  In a blog about Trisomy 18, the nurse tells people “to make an  informed decision about continuing the pregnancy“, (in other words whether to kill or not the Trisomy 18 baby by aborting her).  Doctors inform them that these infants have significant mental and physical disabilities.  Only 5% to 8% survive past the first year.

I spent a good amount of time explaining to Maria Isabella’s parents to be very careful about hospice and that they needed to feed her and take care of her just as if she was a normal baby.

They have taken her home and she is doing fine right now.  But hospice has told them that  they are not allowed to take her to a doctor.

photoYou can see that any mother pregnant with an abnormal baby or who has down syndrome are encouraged to kill them.  As I have posted here before, many children are born perfect who were diagnosed with defects and whose parents were counseled to abort, kill them.

Old chronically sick people, or those with Alzheimer, are seen as a burden and encouraged to be put on hospice.  Many times they are not given anything to eat or drink but morphine.

The medical cost for these so called “deformed or unwanted babies or old humans” is to high to be spent because they are not worth while to be kept alive and living normal lives.

Messa-in-latino 2Please pray for Maria Isabella and her parents and all parents who are heroically taking care of handicapped children.  We are so blessed to be traditional Catholics and to know that every human being, young or old, healthy or sick has great value in the eyes of God.

St. Linus September 23

8d81f01c7f75d86d376230f5e0356d35Pope Linus was by birth a native of Velletri in Tuscany, and was the first pope after St Peter who governed the Church. His faith and holiness were such that he not only cast out devils, but also raised the dead. He wrote the acts of Blessed Peter, and especially the history of his strife with Simon Magus. He forbade women to enter the Church without having a veil upon their heads. His own head was cut off, on account of his firmness in confessing Christ, by command of the godless Consular Saturninus, an unthankful wretch whose own daughter he had delivered from being tormented by a devil. He was buried upon the Vatican Mount, hard by the grave of the Prince of the Apostles, upon the 23rd day of September. He sat as Pope eleven years, two months, and twenty – three days. died in the year 76. He held two December ordinations, wherein he made fifteen Bishops, and eighteen Priests.


Sex Before The Holy Sacrament Of Marriage Causes Many Deaths

In spite of what everyone believes in today, (that anyone can have consensual sex with anyone they want), Jesus in the New Testament and the Catholic Church have always taught that sex is for united two people, male and female, until death.  “Therefore now they are not two, but one flesh. What therefore God hath joined together, let no man put asunder.”  Matthew 19: 6.

photoI posted the death of Isaac Lopez on my blog.  All I knew was that he had been shot dead close to the rectory where I live.  Fr. Saenz told me that our gardner had talked to the police and had been told that Isaac had shot and injured a young man while the young man killed him.

Last night I was driving down the road and slowed down at the spot where he had been killed to pray for his soul.  As I did so, I saw two young men at another cross with more candles.

I decided to go and talk with them to find out more about who Isaac was and what actually happened.  One told me that he was Isaac’s “brother”, (not biologically) because they were that close.  The other was also a friend who had gone through catechism at St. Catherine’s and once in a while goes here for Holy Mass.

They asked me to bless a metal Holy Rosary that was hung around another wooden cross with Isaac’s name on it.  They explained that it was a very special Holy Rosary.

mary-with-rosaryWhen I asked about Isaac’s parents, they told me that his father had died when he was a child and his mother had abandoned him.  As I had guessed, he had come from a broken family and marriage.  So many young men who are in gangs come from broken homes and single mother families.

I showed a lot of concern for how much they were suffering.  But I also explained to them that more than likely Isaac is in hell for having shot the other young man and that it is wrong.  I asked them to learn from Isaac’s tragic death to not follow the same path.  I told them that I had been praying last night that young men would not be locked up in prison as so many are.  They agreed and one said that he knew that something like 5% of all young men are in prison.  His “brother” said that no matter where Isaac was, even if in hell, he wanted to be there.

They were very thankful for my concern and I assured them of my prayers for them and for Isaac’s soul.  I promised to be there for them in their sorrow.

The other deaths that come out of sex before the Holy Sacrament of marriage is abortion. Young men and women have sex and when the the young woman finds out she has a “problem” of being with an unwanted child, they normally decide to have it murdered.  The murder of Isaac is no different than the murder of the unborn “Isaacs” in the womb.

Cana_VERONESE, PaoloGod is so much more loving and intelligent than we are.  All He wants is for us to be happy, live long lives and to be with Him forever in Heaven.  God wants a holy good virgin man to enter into a life long relationship with a holy good virgin woman by receiving the Holy Sacrament of Marriage.  Then they for the first time they then discover the sacredness and joy of sex to have children.  They will have the best sacred sex life that is possible, receive the greatest gift from God which is a child, (and as many as God wants to give) and they will have each other to enjoy and help for the rest of their lives.

This is why the Catholic Church has always not allowed divorced and remarried people to receive Holy Communion.  It is grave sin to break the marriage vows (until death do us part) taken before God.

Having sex before the life long Sacrament of marriage does not work.  It only causes suffering for the women, men and above all, the children who survive parents separation and abortion.  We are so blessed to be traditional Catholics and to know this.

Holy Hour At St. Catherine’s In Reparation For Black Satanic “Mass”

Here at St. Catherine’s, while the black satanic mass was going on, we prayed the whole Holy Rosary, all three Traditional Mysteries.  We prayed the Joyful Mysteries in Spanish, the Sorrowful Mysteries in English and the Glorious Mysteries in Latin.

photoThen we had Benediction.  photo photoI hope we pleased Jesus to make up for  all the evil He receives from us whom He created out of Love.

St. Thomas of Villanueva September 22

giving alms to the poor“Thomas of Villlanueva was born of excellent parentage, in the town of Fuenlana, in the Diocese of Toledo in Spain, in the year of our Lord 1488, and was early taught godliness, and an especial pitifulness towards the needy. Of this grace he gave many examples while he was still a lad, whereof it is an eminent one that he more than once stripped himself of raiment of his own, in order to clothe the naked. He was become a man when the death of his father called him from Alcala, whither he had been sent to work as a student in the great College of St Alonzo. He gave all the inheritance which fell to him to feed poor unmarried women, and forthwith returned to Alcala, and finished his course in Theology. He was so eminent in learning that he was commanded to take a Professorship in that University, and delivered remarkable Lectures upon Philosophy and Theology. Meanwhile he ceased not earnestly to entreat of the Lord in prayer the knowledge of the Saints, and to know what was the path of life whereunto he was called. In course of time, by the inspiration of God, he entered the Institute of Hermits of St Augustine.

In the Order wherein he had professed, he was marked for all that maketh a good and edifying Friar, for lowliness, for long-suffering, for cleanness-of-heart, but, above all, for the warmth of his charity. Amid divers and hard works, he let his spirit never faint from prayer and study of the things of God. On account of his holiness and learning he was bidden to undertake the work of preaching, and, by the help of God’s grace, was the means of drawing countless souls out of the slough of sin into the way that leadeth unto life. Being raised to rule over his brethren, he so joined wisdom, justice, and gentleness with watchfulness and firmness, that he either established or restored in many places the original discipline of his Order.

He was named to the Archbishoprick of Granada, but, with excellent lowliness and firmness, he refused to take so high a place. However, not long after, he was forced by the commands of his superiors to accept the government of the Church of Valencia, which he discharged for nearly eleven years with the reputation of a most holy and watchful shepherd of souls. His elevation changed nowise his way of life, except to give greater scope to his wonderful charity by placing the revenues of a wealthy Church at his disposal to distribute to the poor. He did not leave himself even a bed that on which he was lying when he was called to heaven, he had only on loan from a person to whom he had shortly before given it as an alms. He fell asleep in the Lord upon the 8th day of September, in the 69th year of his own age, and of our Lord 1555. God was pleased to approve the holiness of His servant by miracles, both during his life and after his death, whereof are specially remarked that when he had utterly emptied his barn by giving away all his corn to the poor, it was suddenly found full again, and that a dead boy was raised to life at his grave. Finding him famous for these signs, and not a few others, Pope Alexander VII. enrolled him in the list of the Saints, and ordered that his memory should be held in remembrance upon the 18th day of September.”  Breviary 1910

Freedom Of Religion Leads To Freedom To Adore Devil

We have organized a Holy Hour of Reparation today at 5 pm at St. Catherine’s Church, (Pacific Coast time) to coincide with the 7 pm (Central Time) black satanic mass in Oklahoma City.  I encourage all of you priests reading this, to offer your Holy Masses against this evil event and to also organize a hour of adoration of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament in reparation to coincide with the time of the satanic black mass.

jimlersch_eucharist800If you are not a priest, who is able to organize a prayer, or offer Holy Mass, than at least gather your family to pray the Holy Rosary at that time.

Many Catholics around the world are also sacrificing the Holy Host of Jesus Christ’s Body to the devil today at Catholic masses all over the world.   According to St. John Vianney; “whenever anyone receives Jesus Body in Holy Communion in mortal sin, he is offering Jesus in sacrifice to the devil at his feet”.  All the Catholics that use birth control, are seeing pornography or have missed a mass and have not repented and gone to confession, are in mortal sin.

In every Catholic parish I have been in, the lines for confession are short while the lines for Holy Communion are long.

After Holy Mass, a lady told me that we should respect all religions, and she mentioned Buddhism.  That being the case, then why not satanism.  It is a “religion” of worshipping the devil and evil spirits.  No, the only religion that should be respected and practiced is the one that Jesus Christ started, the Catholic Church.

That thou art Peter; and upon this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell  shall not prevail against it. And I will give to thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven.”  Matthew 16: 18, 19.

As Pontius Pilate asked; what is truth?  Most Catholics no longer believe that what the Catholic Church taught for 2000 years, that what the Bible contains and what the actual words written there by Jesus, in particular, are true.

This week, while “freedom of speech” from the Constitution is used to permit the use of a public Civic Auditorium for a satanic black mass, at the same time the Constitution is being used to discipline a coach for praying with his team at a public school.

“North Carolina school officials have ordered a high school football coach to stop leading his team in prayer after atheist activists accused him of violating the U.S. Constitution.  “It is a violation of the Constitution for the Mooresville High School football coach to organize, lead or participate in prayers or other religious proselytizing before, during, or after games and practices,” Patrick Elliott, an attorney for the Freedom From Religion Foundation, wrote in a letter of complaint to the district.”  The Blaze

Notice the name, “Patrick” for the lawyer for Freedom From Religion, coming from St. Patrick.

Each one of us can offer Holy Mass and receive Holy Communion with more adoration and respect.  These satanist have more belief that Jesus (God) is in the Holy Host than many Catholics.  Otherwise why would the devil want to offend Jesus in the Holy Host if he would not be offending God whom he hates and wants to get back at.  The devil and satanist believe that is God in the Host of the Catholic Church.

Thank God we are traditional Catholics who believe in, worship and receive the Holy Host on our knees and on our tongue.  WE BELIEVE AND WE WORSHIP ON BENT KNEES.

St. Matthew Apostle September 21

St. Matthew Apostle, feast day September 21.

Matthew_Call of_TERBRUGGHEN, HendrickIt came to pass one day at Capernaum, that Christ went forth, and saw a publican, named Levi, sitting at the receipt of custom; and He said unto him: Follow Me. And he left all, rose up, and followed Him. And Levi made Him a great feast in his own house. This Levi is the Apostle and Evangelist Matthew. After that Christ was risen again from the dead, and while he was yet in Judea, before he set forth for that land which had fallen to the lot of his preaching, he wrote the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the Hebrew tongue, for the sake of them of the circumcision who had believed. His was the first written of the four Gospels. Thereafter he went to Ethiopia, and there preached the Gospel, confirming his preaching with many miracles.

Of his miracles, the most notable was that he raised the King’s daughter from the dead, and thereby brought to believe in Christ the King her father, his wife, and all that region. After that the King was dead, Hirtacus, who came after him, was fain to take his daughter Iphigenia to wife, but by the exhortation of Matthew she had made vow of her maidenhood to God, and stood firm to that holy resolution, for which cause Hirtacus commanded to slay the Apostle at the Altar while he was performing the mystery. He crowned the dignity of the Apostleship with the glory of martyrdom upon the 21 st day of September. His body had been brought to Salerno, where it was afterwards buried in a Church dedicated in his name during the Popedom of Gregory VII., and there it is held in great worship and sought to by great gatherings of people.

Homily by St Jerome, Priest at Bethlehem.
Bk. i. Comment, on Matth. ix.
The other Evangelists, out of tenderness towards the reputation and honour of Matthew, have abstained from speaking of him as a publican by his ordinary name, and have called him Levi. Both names were his. But Matthew himself, according to what Solomon saith: The just man is the first to accuse himself, (Prov. xviii. 17), and again, in another place: Declare thou thy sins that thou mayest be justified, doth plainly call himself Matthew the publican, to show unto his readers that none need be hopeless of salvation if he will but strive to do better, since he himself had been all of a sudden changed from a publican into an Apostle.  1910 Breviary

Porphyry and the Emperor Julian (the Apostate) will have it that the account of this call of Matthew is either a stupid blunder on the part of a lying writer, or else that it showeth what fools they were who followed the Saviour, to go senselessly after any one who called them. But there can be no doubt that before the Apostles believed they had considered the great signs and works of power which had gone before. Moreover, the glory and majesty of the hidden God, which shone somewhat through the Face of the Man Christ Jesus, were enough to draw them which gazed thereon, even at first sight. For if there be in a stone a magnetic power which can make rings and straws and rods come and cleave thereunto, how much more must not the Lord of all creatures have been able to draw unto Himself them whom He called?


Pray Sunday Sept. 21, At 7 pm Central Time Against BlacK Satanic Mass Oklahoma City

As far as I know, this is the first time in the history of the United States that a satanic black mass has been performed in a public civic auditorium.  The auditorium advertises it on their events as:

AP_satan_illustration_kab_140107_4x3_992Photo From abc News

“A Religious Black Mass will be conducted as a public event to help educate the public about Religious Satanism. The ritual has been toned down to meet the laws of Oklahoma and the rules of the government building. Enjoy the delights of the Devil.”

All 88 tickets have sold out.  The Civic Auditorium’s recreation spokeswoman Jennifer Lindsey-McClintock told ABC News; “No bloodletting of any kind will be allowed”.

The event will have “performance from the band “God in a Machine” and readings that call for the renunciation of God. Male participants and audience members are encouraged to wear black, hooded, full-length robes, but evening wear is also appropriate for spectators.

Anthony Briggman, an assistant professor of theology at Emory University in Atlanta, explained that the general motivating principles behind satanic groups – including Dakhma of Angra Mainyu – is to “parody” Roman Catholic liturgy by “demonstrating their opposition to orthodox Christian beliefs and practices.

Co-founder Daniels said the Sept. 21 ceremony will take place before an altar-like table where a woman in lingerie lies (another concession to reflect the state’s nudity laws).

The culmination of the event comes when the Dakhma of Angra Mainyu deacons and priest stomp on the, in this case, unconsecrated host and spit on it. Daniels said organizers will wear profane costumes, use explicit language and desecrate the fake host.

The ceremony will wrap up with a Satanic exorcism intended to draw the Holy Spirit from the follower’s body, which contrasts with traditional exorcisms that are designed to expel the devil from the individual.

Additional controversy has surrounded this particular event because the Oklahoma City Archdiocese filed a lawsuit against Daniels’ group after media reports that he was in possession of a consecrated host, a wafer that some Catholics believe is literally the body of Christ.5 - Adoration of the Eucharist, by Jeronimo Jacinto Espinosa, 1650

The host in question has since been handed over to the archdiocese and the legal action has been stopped, but that has not put all of the Archbishop’s concerns to rest.”  Read the rest at abc News.

We need to pray, pray and pray tomorrow.  Tomorrow is also the feast of St. Matthew, Apostle, so pray for his help.  Also pray the Holy Rosary to Mary to stop this blasphemous event.

As we get further and further away from sacred Catholic liturgy, a vacuum comes into the souls of young Catholics.  Satanic music further opens their souls to the darkness of the devil.

jimlersch_eucharist800This is only the beginning.  With the popularity of the Illumiati, we will be seeing more and more of this public worship of the devil.  But what is worse, is that it is done at the expense of Jesus Christ in the Holy Eucharist.

A parody to all this is that the satanist believe more in the real presence of Jesus Christ in the Holy Communion than do many many Catholics.

St. John Vianney said that when we receive Jesus in Holy Communion in mortal sin, we also actually sacrifice the Holy Host at the feet of the devil in sacrifice.  How many Catholics do not go to confession, and yet continue to receive Jesus Christ.  Most Catholics use birth control and still go to Holy Communion.

We are so fortunate to traditional Catholics and to be doing everything we possibly can do to protect Jesus Christ from sacrilegious actions.  We love the Holy Latin Mass because it has rubrics that are there only to protect the sacred Body and Blood of Jesus Christ.  So when we receive Jesus kneeling and on the tongue at Holy Mass, let us offer it up in reparation for the satanists abuse of Our Beloved Lord Jesus Christ so humbly present in every Holy Host.

Men And Women Sit On Different Sides Of The Catholic Church

Recently, here at St. Catherine, we have started the re-introducing the tradition of men and boys sitting on St. Joseph’s side of the Church and women and girls on Our Lady’s side.  If you are observant, you have observe that the statue of St. Joseph was always on the right side and Our Lady on the left side of the altar.  It is still that way in many churches, (if they have not been destroyed by the “reckavations” that followed Vatican II and the subsequent documents that came out from the United States Catholic Converence of Bishops (USCCB).

A045_SupperAs a child, I remember that in the churches of Mexico, the men sat on one side and the women on the other.  Many men and women still do that today, but it is also mixed now.  My friends from India say that it is still a divided congregation there today where they go.

In the 1917 Canon Law, separation of men and women was strongly advocated.

Canon 1262, § 1. “It is desirable that, in harmony with ancient Church order, the women in church be separated from the men.”

Many people say it was not Catholic tradition.   But they simply have selective memory or total ignorance to Catholic tradition from the past.

When the 1917 Canon Law is invoked or quoted in favor or tradition, it is dismissed as a long dead and buried dinosaur of the dark ages or a archeological specimen from the caveman time of the Catholic Church.  This outdated Canon Law has now been supplanted by the “enlightened” “modern” Canon Law of 1983 that is in conformity with the beliefs of “sophisticated” modern man.

563709_249629065192814_2114727913_nI have yet to see the world, the United States or the Catholic Church improving.  But what I do daily see everywhere in the world and in the Church, is scientific evidence of violence, dysfunctional families and emotionally destroyed and aborted children.

So I, and many other wise people, have learned to trust Catholic tradition found in the Church’s 2000 year history.  I no longer trust the progressive, evolutional and modernistic ideology.  It is only leading us to our own self destruction as it has eventually produce everywhere it is enforced, like in Russia.

We Catholics are Judeo-Christians.  Our roots are jewish.  We believe in both the New Testament and the Old Testament.  Yes, Jesus came to fulfill the Old Testament, but He did not condemn it.  Jesus was constantly quoting passages from the Old Testament to re-enforce what He taught.  So it is an error to throw out the God given traditions that the Jews.  Jesus came to correct and fulfill, not to destroy.

In that light we look at the separation of men and boys from women and girls in the Jewish religion.

In the Jewish Temple, there was the Holy of Holies where only the High Priest could enter.  Then there was the “Court of the Israelites”  for Jewish men; the “Court of the Women” was for Jewish women; (Women were to observe the ceremonies but never to participate in them and they were levitically unclean for several days every month during their menstrual cycle), and the “Court of the Gentiles” was for those who were not Jews.

There is a rather recent book that explains Jewish religious practices called; “Judaism: Practice & Belief  63 BCE – 66 CE” by E. P. Sanders.

imageSTAEven today, in traditional Jewish Synagogs, men and women sit separately at traditional.  In some of these Synagogs there is actually a low wall that is called the mechitza  מחיצה, (partition or division, particularly one that is used to separate men and women).  In the Jewish Chabad blog is this explanation of why the men are separate from the women:

“One obvious benefit of separate seating in a synagogue is that it helps ensure that the main focus is on the prayers and not on the opposite gender. There is no question that we don’t act the same in a mixed crowd as we do in a same-gender one. There is nothing wrong with that. It is good and healthy that we are attracted to each other, but during prayers we shouldn’t be trying to impress anyone other than G-d.

But it goes deeper than that. Women and men are very different beings. Not only are we physically different; our thought processes, emotional states and psychology are all different. This is because our souls are different – they come from complementary but opposite sources. The prayer experience is supposed to be an opportunity to be with your true self, to communicate with your soul. Men and women need space from each other to help them become intuned to their higher selves.”

As Catholics, why is this Canon Law and tradition a blessing.

st-joseph-patron-of-the-church1) Men can identify with St. Joseph and try to be holy like him.

2) I contend that it is good so that we men are not distracted by the women around them and are not sexually tempted by their sexy clothing in church.  (You have no idea how many times men confess sexaul temptations in church by how the women are dressed).  One friend of me told me he no longer went to church because he was always distracted by the women in front of him, especially their beautify hair.

3) Boys can identify with their dads and learn how to be a man who prays.

4) Women can identify with Our Lady and be holy like she is.

Virgin Mary_MASTER of the Bambino Vispo5) It helps women to be themselves and to not have to show off to get men’s attention.  They can pray in peace.

6) Girls can identify with their mothers and how women pray.

There is much more to be investigated when we study where Catholic tradition came from and how God is the source of them.  Yes there are man made traditions.  Some are good and some are bad and some are neutral.  But what is important is we not abandon Catholic traditions that are holy and come from God.

We are so blessed to be traditional Catholics and to thank God for Catholic tradition.

St. Eustace And His Companions, September 20

“Eustache, whose name before his Baptism was Placidus was a Roman, alike well-known on account of his noble birth, his great earthly wealth, and his eminent distinction as a soldier. He gained, under the Emperor Trajan, the post of military commander. Once upon a time he was hunting, and following an extraordinarily large stag, when the beast stood still, and Eustace saw between his horns a tall and glorious figure of the Lord Christ hanging upon the Cross, whence came a voice bidding him to follow after life eternal. Thereupon Eustace and his wife Theopista, and their two little sons Agapitus and Theopistus, enlisted themselves as soldiers under the Great Captain, Christ.

872In a little while he went back, according as the Lord had commanded him, to the place where he had seen the first vision, and there he heard from God how much he was to bear for His glory. It was not long after that he had great losses and became exceedingly poor, but he bore it very patiently. Then he was constrained to fly away privily, and on the journey was grievously afflicted in that, first, his wife and then his children were parted from him and carried he knew not whither. Under the weight of these sorrows he lay hid a long while in a far-off place, working as the steward of a land -owner, until the voice of God called him forth, and Trajan sought for him again to make him a captain in his army.

While he was with the army he found his wife and children once more, by an unexpected happiness, and re-entered the city (of Rome) as a conquering soldier amid the loud applause of all men, but thereupon, when he was commanded to offer sacrifices of thanksgiving for the victory to the gods that are no gods, he stoutly refused. They tried him in vain with divers cajoleries to make him deny Christ, but could not, and he and his wife and little ones were thrown to the lions. When these beasts would not touch them, the Emperor’s fury was kindled, and he commanded them all to be shut up in the brazen image of a bull, which was heated with fire underneath. There they praised God until their testimony was ended, and they departed hence to be perfectly blessed for ever and ever, upon the 20th day of September. Their bodies were buried whole by the faithful, with deep reverence, and were afterwards honourably carried to a Church built in their name.” 1910 Breviary.