Summer Traditional Catholic Children’s School 7th Day

We are really doing well.  So many children and parents at the opening Latin Mass for the Summer Traditional Catholic Children’s school.  Man of Sorrows_CHRISTUS, PetrusAn older man who normally comes to our daily 8:15 Latin Mass came with tears in his eyes this morning, seeing how many young adults and children are coming and behaving so so well.  He and his wife are converts to the Latin Mass by me inviting them and them using the little Ecclesia Dei Red Booklet.  They say that praying the English prayers along with the Latin are so profound that they have fallen in love with the Latin Mass.

Simple Breakfast for the young men and boys.  Poor Right to work, older boys and younger ones teaching new boys how to serve the Latin Massphoto photo It takes a lot of patience.  They are very good and patient as they share what they already have Mothers and friends help prepare a simple, but filling lunch.  The boys eat a photo Remembering to be thankful for everything we receive from God especially faith, family and Girls eating their 12:30 Soccer and exercise in the hot sun.  No complaining allowed.  Everyone has a great time.  The little boys are over on the Penalty Girls having their exercise too.IMG_0416.JPG Keep on kicking the devil out of your life and become a winner.IMG_0417.JPG Ending the day again with the Holy Rosary.photoOur music teacher was not able to come so I taught Gregorian Chant and Music.  Tried to teach the young men and boys to sing softly for Jesus.  They really did well.  Finished the video on the Shroud of Turin.   I am very tired, but know that God is really working wonders with the young people.  Thank You God, Mary, Helpers and Parents.  And thank you young people for opening your hearts and minds to become Extraordinary people for God.

Modernism Allows You To Construct Your Own Personal Religion

People love progressive Catholicism because it allows you to construct your own catholicism that fits what you believe and what you like to do.  It allows you to be a “mature” christian who chooses what is good and bad for you in your situation and in the time you live.

Exécution_de_Marie_Antoinette_le_16_octobre_1793But there is also a ABSOLUTE reality that is God’s reality that will not be able to be proven until passing to His reality at death.  No matter how much I or you construct our personal reality, REALITY will be revealed at DEATH.

nuns-for-choiceNonetheless, modern man believes that he has “grown” beyond these old fashion biblical and Catholic concepts because they inhibit him from being fully free to find love and fulfillment.  So he builds his own religion or reality to suit what he does or does not believe.

This has greatly influenced all Catholics.  They watch Hollywood’s movies every week.  They watch hours and hours of Television.  They read Dan Brown’s books and the romantic vampire Twilight series.  They listen to rap, secular, metallic and satanic music.  They work at jobs where everyone shares there “new” found freedom to do what you want, dress like you want and to be with who you want.

skulls from Aztec ritualThe only problem comes when your constructed reality and religion conflicts with mine.  Say that I am muslim and believe that it is good to kill those who are not.  The muslim has built their religious beliefs around their prophet mohammed.  Who is going to enforce whose beliefs.  It will just depend on the majority who have the power to enforce what the majority believe until the majority changes its beliefs or looses its power.

Most Catholics have constructed their personal “Catholicism”.  They claim to be good Catholics and have “matured” to know that there is nothing wrong with birth control.  To get around the Encyclical “Humanae Vitae” (that condemns the use of birth control), they simply say that all “mature Catholics” know that that is an old fashion concept of having many children.  They can name many priests who have told them that there is nothing wrong with using birth control.

atheismNot only is the constructing of “your personal religion and reality” not Catholic, it also causes you and me much suffering.

Let us take drinking a lot of alcohol.  My own personal religious beliefs say there is nothing wrong with drinking a lot with my friends on the weekend.  (Catholic teaching is that there is nothing wrong with alcohol, as long as you are not in anyway inebriated).  So you get drunk with your friends.  You then drive home and are picked up by the police for drinking and driving.  As much as you believe there is nothing wrong with getting drunk, you now will be fined, have to go to court, have to take classes and your insurance will go up.  You may even loose your divers license.

Say that on the way home, after practicing your own personal belief of drinking a lot, you smash into my car and kill me and my family.  You built a “wonderful, free religion” that allowed you to be free and drink all you want, but it smashed into my freedom and killed me and my family.  As of right now, that is a crime and you will spend time in prison.  But who knows if in the future the majority of people say that there is nothing wrong with killing people, then you will be able to drink and drive and kill me and my family, because the majority no longer feel that there is anything wrong with this.

waste-of-womanSay that we are living in an “enlightened world” where you can drink and drive and kill, (because everyone does it), and go on doing it.  No matter how much you believe that it is a good thing that your personal religion allows, you will eventually get medical problems from your “personal religion” that allows you to get drunk as much as you want.

We can also mention the loosing of your job from being irresponsible, the fights you may have with others while you are intoxicated, the maybe sexual abuse of children while you are out of your 5 senses and the loosing of your family because they get fed up of a drunkard.

As traditional Catholics we do not construct our own religion or reality.  We accept the divine relevaltion of Jesus Christ in the Bible and in what has been revealed in the 2000 years of the Apostolic Catholic Church.  This divine religion and reality may not meet “my likes and dislikes”, but it is true nonetheless.  Besides that it actually works to protect me,my family and society around me.

All the crime we have to be afraid of every day and night comes from people creating their own religion and reality to fit their own likes and dislikes, their own beliefs and disbeliefs.

FrKennettatMass-640x427Let us take the murder of Fr. Walker.  Gary Michael Moran had built his own “religious beliefs and values” that justified killing Fr. Walker and beating Fr. Terra.  He had just been released from prison.  So he probably justified what he was doing by believing that he could not find a job because people will not hire people with criminal records.  He then justified stealing to survive.  And there is nothing wrong with stealing from priests, they have a lot of money and the Catholic Church is too rich.  He then justified killing and beating and even bragging about killing Fr. Walker because in his constructed religion and reality, there was nothing wrong with doing what you want to do when you have to do it.

The Bible is full of passages that curse the evil and bless the just.  No matter what you have done to construct your own personal religion and reality.  Eventually you will receive the natural consequences and the supernatural consequences of your actions.

Resurrection_STOSS, VeitAs traditional Catholics, not only do we avoid all the natural bad side effects of sin, but we also receive many blessings from God.  We are so blessed to be traditional Catholics.


Traditional Catholic Vacation Bible School Second Week

We are starting off with a bang as we pray and work on character.

Adore and Obey God, Obey your Parents.photoThe older boys love to give piggy back rides to the smaller boys.
photoFirst things first.  Right off after the Holy Latin Mass and breakfast, off to learn how to serve  the holy Latin mass.
photo photoAnd more boring learning to read notes and sing Gregorian songs.

photo photoPlease Lord get the energy out of the young men and boys by lots of soccer.
photo We are playing at 12:30 in the heat of Phoenix.  I am playing too with them.  Lots of  Girls with their modest clothing and chapel veils on ready for the Holy photoSinging “Salve Regina” before we send them back to be with their parents.
photo I do not know how you parents and teachers do it everyday.  These children will make saints out of you. Madonna and Child_Holy Card Thank You Parents and Teachers for all you do for Children.

Stress-less Traditional Latin Mass

Most of you know exactly what I mean by a Stress-Less Holy Mass.  When you are well educated in the true Rubrics of the Novus Ordo and attend many given NO Masses, you end up depressed, stressed and messed up.

Gricigliano 7But when you go to the Holy Latin Mass, all the Rubrics are followed and you can rest in Jesus’ and Mary’s arms as you let the Holy Spirit refresh your tired soul.

Jean Poyer_Hours of Henry VIII_Mass of St. Gregory_Tours_1500_h8.168rHere is a portion of a readers e-mail she sent me.  

“In closing, thank you so much for your blog. It has been awesome to see your blog posts in my inbox each day (sometimes a few times a day and even late at night–boy are you prolific!). They got me so excited for the Latin Mass I now attend. I couldn’t be happier with the no stress Latin Mass! I am a five year convert and have ping-ponged from one unfortunate parish to another due to my transient college student life. Its nice to leave Mass refreshed instead of infuriated every single Sunday, and when I have no choice but to go to an NO Mass due to traveling (my new pro-life missionary job requires such travels) I can really REALLY feel the difference. My new parish also provides me with a great spiritual director that will be extremely beneficial with my new job where spiritual warfare is pretty much the entire job description (the other day, on my first day of missionary work a guy scowled and hissed at us. I think I prefer the cussing because that is at least a mostly human reaction–I’m not sure yet). Please pray for me.

Murillo_Christ after Flagellation_post 1665_MFA Boston

“The Latin Mass is so stress free. Show up–everyone silent or praying the Rosary together–sounds like a church, not a lunch room. No ad-libbing (maybe back in the medival days when people spoke latin more often ad-libbing of occurred, but I think its incredibly hard theses days). No having to brace yourself for an off-base homily like you’re about to be punched. All the women cover their hair, not just you. Everyone is dressed up like its Easter every Sunday, not just you. No seeing the Woody woodpecker t-shirts underneath the paper-thin albs. Everyone kneels for communion–not just you. The priest knows how to place Communion on your tongue without awkwardness or weirdness. You don’t have to freak out about the awkwardness preventing a true connection with the tongue and thus having Jesus fall on the floor–the paten is always there. No rushed ‘Amen’ prior to the awkward placement of the Host on the tongue. Mass is over–more silence. No holding hands like a hippie (even when I was a protestant, I hated doing that–and hated raising my hands up even more). All the bells and whistles are there thus really making it easier to really grasp the specialness of what’s go on–when the president shows up in a motocade, you behave differently than when he shows up in his VW Beetle. LOTS of fellowship and warmth and friendliness and food (very important to grad students) after Mass in the parish hall–all the conversation about Billy’s baseball game, the Tupperware parties, the ‘long time no see’s and the ‘how’s your mother’s pushed off until after Mass thus people don’t sprint to their cars after Mass because they’ve already done their socializing–though I get the feeling the people at the Latin parish stay for reasons beyond socializing. You walk in, you walk out and you don’t have to go to confession again for perhaps unholy rage at the not-even-the-protestants-would-try-to-pull-these-kinds-of-stunts situations. One stop shopping for the holy instead of outsourcing to Youtube and blogs. It’s fantastic!”

windowwwSo each one of you, priest, religious and lay people, you are making a difference in spreading love for the Holy Latin Mass.  Let us not be discouraged and let us thank God for the opportunity to go to the Mass of All Ages.


Traditional Catholic Latin Baptism At “St. Joseph’s Hospital” Phoenix Az.

Natali is a twin girl who has some medical complication.  Her parents asked me to come and baptize her.  So I took all the things needed for a Latin Baptism and baptized her last night at St. Joseph’s Hospital.  photophoto photo

Her twin sister was waiting outside with her 4 other siblings.  Natali is doing very well, Thanks Be To God.  In the incubator, right next to Natali, is a baby who was born at only 5 months gestation.  The baby is doing fine.  So this brought up that babies can be murdered up to 9 months gestation, just as long as they have not been delivered yet.

This is the first time I have been called to what used to be a “Catholic Hospital”.  This is the famous hospital where Sister Margaret McBride permitted an abortion (murder of a pre born baby) because the mother was suffering from Pulmonary Hypertension.  The hospital’s ethics board ok’ed the murder, justifying it in order to save the mother’s life.  But getting rid of the baby in the uterus by murder, would only relieve a small amount of the Pulmonary Hypertension.  And it is contended that the killing of the pre born (the abortion procedure) could actually exasperate the Pulmonary Hypertension too.

Bishop Thomas Olmsted then excommunicated Sister McBride.  (I read that Sr. McBride has had her excommunication lifted by going to confession).  All the public media went on the war path against Bishop Olmsted.  He also suffered terribly from modernist progressive Catholics.

In support of him, the spokes person for the United States Catholic Conference of Bishops gave these statements: direct abortion” is “never permissible because a good end cannot justify an evil means.”   “The surgery directly targets the life of the unborn child. It is the surgical instrument in the hands of the doctor that causes the child’s death. The surgery does not directly address the health problem of the woman, for example, by repairing the organ that is malfunctioning,” they explain.  

Six months later, Bishop Olmsted removed the Catholic sponsorship of St. Joseph’s Hospital.  I tried to find out if it had regained this sponsorship, but I do not think it has.

As I walked around the campus to find the Labor and Delivery Unit, I saw the remnants of a traditional Catholic hospital.  photo There is a beautiful statue of St. Joseph holding the child Jesus.  photoThere is another beautiful statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary outside the chapel.  photoThere are wonderful sayings about Jesus and compassion for the sick above the old entrance.

photoAnd in the halls there were actual pictures of traditional Catholic sisters working with modestly dressed nurses.  photoAnd there use to be a waiting room where the Sacred Heart of Jesus was the focus.

As hard as I looked, there was absolutely no Catholic sister in a habit.  I do not think there was even a sister around.

Where did all the Sister go,

long time passing,

Where did all the nuns go,

long time ago.  

Feminist picked them every one.

O when will we Catholics ever learn,

When will we ever learn.

Where did all the Catholic Hospitals go,

long time passing,

Where did all the Hospitals go, 

Long time ago,

Feminist professionals picked them every one, 

O When will we Catholics ever learn, when will we ever learn.”

At one time this was a hospital full of traditional sisters who wore the whole habit and help the sick and the poor.  But they were Catholics first, and for that reason, they helped the sick and the poor.

When Sr. McBride (Sisters of Mercy) was given an award for allowing the abortion by “Call To Action”, she thank them and said that the hospital will continue its “caring for the poor and ill in our community”. How are they taking care of the poorest of the poor, the unborn children?  How is helping the sick tearing apart and innocent child piece by piece?

One Saturday afternoon I was called by a parishioner of mine telling me that the doctors at Emmanuel (God With Us) Hospital in Turlock California told them they had to kill the child in his wife’s womb or she would die.  I had to tell him that they could not give permission to kill their child, even to save his wife’s life.IMG_9419Milagros is very happy I saved her life from the murderers.  Her parents are too.

They listened to me.  The mother and daughter (Milagrosa) are healthy and happy today.  The next girl that followed this girl, Brianna, is my goddaughter.

Let us never despair.  Let us continue to pray and make small sacrifices for the restoration of Catholicism.  The greatest accomplishment anyone can achieve in life, is to save another’s life.  So thank you all of you who are out saving lives at abortion mills.

Jesus calming the storm_stained glassSome of my parishioners were at the doctor the other day and saw people out side the abortion mill.  They stopped to encourage them, when they told them that a mother had just changed her mind about murdering her baby and they were so so encouraged.  God Help Us.  Mary Help Us.  We are so blessed to be traditional Catholics.  We will survive.

Modernist Catholics Before, Traditionalist Catholics After.

When you see adds for losing weight, they put a picture of a fat woman from before and then a picture of this same woman all skinny and sexy.  We are registering for Catechism now and I was just over in the hall thanking the volunteers and greeting the new families.  Most of the mothers and daughters arriving are in tight tight pants and short short shorts.

Lucy_LIPPI, FilippinoOne woman wants her daughter to get her confirmation in one year, instead of the two years, so that she can have her 15era.  So I spent a long time, patiently explaining how the dances, drinking, music and clothing offend God at most 15eras and that what was really important is that her daughter gets to know her Catholic faith.  I told her she can shop around and get a quick confirmation and 15era, but that is the problem with the USA and Mexico and the cartels right now.

Another father had his wife and two daughters with him.  He told me how good his daughter is in school and that she is not interested in a 15era.  But, the mother was in extremely tight pants, his 15 year old in tight short pants and the younger girl in leggings.

IMG_3316The “Fashion Police” says that Leggings and tights ARE NOT PANTS, and should only be worn with a top that is long enough that when you bend down  to touch your toes you still do not see your behind.  You can see here, secular people, saying that Catholics who wear Leggings are wrong.  I wonder what God and Mary are saying?

At the beginning of catechism every year, it is very difficult.  People are angry, people are offended, people leave.  But again, does anyone care about God and Mary being offended?  Yet they are coming to His Church to know about Him and receive His Sacraments, yet get angry when informed what God likes and dislikes.

Other families in their second year of catechism, who have already converted, make a big impression on the new comers.  How they kiss the hands of the priests.  How they and their children come dressed modestly and tastefully.  How they know a great deal already about their Catholic Faith.

C019_VirginSo traditional Catholicism is offensive to modernist Catholics to start with, but, with time, these people get what God and Our Lady want and begin to make the changes.  And again, as I have said before, families begin to be converted in their hearts, their homes and in their marriages.

I told the young lady and her sister that we try to get women to dress modestly here at St. Catherine’s.  There were three other children sitting with them.  We had a very good discussion.

Traditional Catholic Vacation Bible School 5th. Day

We started the Latin Mass in the big Church today because they normally have the Mass on Fridays there.  Sometimes it is the Latin Mass and sometimes the Novus Ordo Mass.  So it was good for the people, who go to the Novus Ordo Mass, to see all the youth and children loving the Latin Mass.  The youth and children are the future church.  So lets start with them to bring back the Latin Mass.  They love it and the old people hate it.  Lets see who outlives who.  The Novus Ordo Mass or the Latin Mass?photo

photoAfter breakfast we had Latin Mass altar boy practice.  One young man told me that it was the best part of the day for him and his cousin.  That made me very happy since it is a great deal of work to teach and altar boy to serve the Latin Mass well.  Thank you to anyone reading this that is so patient and teaches altar boys how to serve the Latin Mass.

Elevation_Christmas Mass_photoThe girls got wet by throwing a lot of water ballons.  The boys keep asking when they are going to get “wet” or going swimming.  I just keep saying that is no longer in the plans.

photoWe had enchiladas for lunch.  The helpers and moms did a great job preparing a traditional non-meat meal for Friday.

photophotoIn music the students learned the Misa De Angelis.  Kyrie and Gloria.  They were told by Daniel the teacher that they can sing along with the choir at the Missa Cantata, but be quiet at the low mass.photophoto

There was plenty of soccer and fun too.photophotoWe watched a video on Eucharistic Miracles and saw about the Miracle at Lanciano Italy.  But this photo is of the blood left by a host that was carried in a Breviary instead of a pyx.

photoAt the end of the Holy Rosary they are singing the “Salve Regina”.photo

Progressive Catholicism Leads To Crime And Children Suffering Right Now

Yesterday a young man did not come to our Traditional Catholic Vacation Bible School.  I ask him today why he had not attended.  He went on to tell me how his mother and himself went to visit a family who had lost two young men (17 & 19) by drug violence.

560x495xVA-Death-Panel.jpg.speedilic.ic.i42NEqfNc6He went on to tell me that a year ago their friends dad had been murdered by the cartels in Michoacan Mexico because he was dealing in drugs.  Then yesterday he was told about that man’s two sons also ending up being killed over drugs.  The 19 year old boy was into drugs and got in a fight and was shot 3 times in the stomach.  He went home and got a gun and brought his brother over to the house where those who had shot him lived.  There they were both shot dead.  Now the mother only has her two daughters.

993612_208816379274083_57234886_nI let Johann tell all the boys the story so that they could learn how bad drugs are.  I tell them every marijuana joint has blood on it from all the violence behind the growing and selling of it.

After this, all the young men and boys could not stop telling me, one after another, about their own bad experiences they have had or are living with right now.  They told me about drug dealers living next door to them, the loud gun shots they have to hear at night and police helicopters circling around their neighborhoods, looking for criminals.  From the very tiniest of them (5 yrs. old) to the oldest they all wanted to tell me about what they are going through.

1001388_248923911929996_1174293849_nNow to my point and theory.  Johann’s friends, who were into drugs, were baptized, made their first communions and were confirmed (Catholics).  Most of the neighbors to these boys are Catholics.  A lot of the shootings and drug dealing done here in this part of Phoenix is done by baptized.

So, most people would just explain all this violence here in Phoenix and in Mexico as people making bad choices or doing bad things.

I will, over and over again, point out that the “New Evangelization” of the Vatican II Church is not producing holy Catholics.   I contend that by the easy going progressive catechesis we are only producing bad Catholics who are then end up doing evil things, (like Catholics who are in the Mexican Cartels).  This is then causing the children, that I work with, to suffer from the crimes that are happening around them everyday and every night.

What we desperately need right now are strong traditional Catholic moral teaching.  The bleeding heart liberal Catholics always want to water down morals out of compassion for the divorced and remarried or the homosexual.  Whenever we water down one of the 10 Commandments or the traditional morals of the Catholic Church, it only undermines the structure that society stands on and the results is crime that the children have to suffer from.

IMG_0556I say that the silent victims of progressive modernistic Catholicism are the children who are never listened to by the pope, cardinals, bishops, priests and religious.  They are the ones being aborted (murdered by the thousands daily), are sexually abused by their stepdads, crying as their parents split up and get an annulment and marry a new stepparent that they have to adjust too.  Children are suffering by having to have homosexual “parents” or parents bringing different sex partners home every weekend.  Does anyone ever talk about the social injustice that these children have to bear day in and day out?

WorcesterTo be clear, when we water down the Gospel and traditional Catholic morals, it produces Catholics and others who do evil things that hurt children.  It hurts God and it hurts children and it hurts society.  Immoral Catholics and other people cause crime.  Crime hurts everyone, especially children who are afraid and are hurt everyday and every night.

Traditional Catholic Vacation Bible Study 4th Day

Today we started with the Holy Mass for the Seven Holy Brothers, Martyrs.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFelicitas-150x150photophotoThen breakfast and for the young men and boys, a hour of practice on serving the Latin Mass.  

photoMeet Julio.  He is 7 and has the best latin enunciation you can ask for.  I had him do all the responses for all the other boys to hear his perfect pronunciation of the Latin responses.  

They then watched a video on the monks in France on chanting and living in a traditional Benedictine Abbey and on proof of the Resurrection of

photoMore soccer. photoThe twins, David and Christopher celebrated their birthdays today.  

“Thank you Mom for not aborting us, we like being alive.”photoGirls had a good time fooling around too.

photophotoThe children have a great deal of energy, so it is not so easy keeping them on track.  But, all in all they are excellent young men and women and children.  Thank you parents who are traditional Catholics.  You can see the difference you are making in you children’s faith.

TCVBS Third Day

After Holy Latin Mass and breakfast, we started the young men and boys off with a hour of Latin Mass Altar Boy practice.  For their first time many older boys started learning the Latin Mass parts and actions.  We repeated over and over together the prayers and then had actual practice of the actions.  St. Catherine’s still has 6 side altars where the young men and boys were able to practice at.


photoOne of the girls turned 7 today, so she got a traditional Catholic Birthday blessing and the traditional Mexican happy birthday song, “Las Mananitas”, sung to her. photo

photophotoGregorian Chant workshop worked on O Salutaris and Tantum Ergo today.   We continued working on Salve Regina as well.

photophotoThe boys were shown photos of some of the Cristero Martyrs and a video on the proof of the Resurrection of Jesus.  That is the greatest truth that our Catholic Christianity is founded on.  These Cristeros gave their lives because they believed in the resurrection.Anacleto Gonzales Flores026-1