Traditional Catholic Vacation School, Day 2

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I am sorry that I will not be having much time to write on this blog for this week and the next because of the time I am dedicating to the Traditional Catholic Vacation School.  Do not forget I am a parish priest.  So, besides blogging, I need to;reading_the_breviary-400

  • Complete the Latin Breviary’s 8 offices.
  • Pray the Leonine Exorcism prayer.
  • Pray 3 Holy Rosaries.
  • Set up for masses.
  • Offer the masses.
  • Hear Confessions 4 times a week for 2 hrs or more.
  • Baptize.
  • Marry Couples.
  • Answer phone calls.
  • Keep up with text messages.
  • Answer E mails.
  • Bless objects for people.
  • Eat.
  • Rest.
  • Sleep.
  • Exercise.
  • Go to receptions.
  • Counsel people.
  • Teach classes on marriage.
  • Go to Legion of Mary Meeting.

So I blog when I can, as best as time allows.

Today at T. C. Vacation School the boys were learning how to make shoot videos and edit them with iMovie.  One of the young men who are volunteering knows a lot about video editing.  The idea is to get these boys to use the internet to save souls.  With all the pornography out there being viewed by Catholic boys and men, it is worth while putting something else out there that is sanctifying .

IMG_4321Girls made hot salsa from scratch.  IMG_4153Showing the girls how to chop fast.  I learned this cooking at St. Francis Catholic Kitchen.  Besides learning to cook, the girls started to learn how to sew.  IMG_4151 IMG_4328 IMG_4327 IMG_4326The idea is that they can enjoy creating and sewing their own clothes.  They are also learning how to easily add on length to skirts or dresses they buy to make them modest.

For the boys I try to tell them that lazy boys who do nothing but watch TV and play video games become fat and stupid.  That may seen harsh, but it is true.  Boys were never meant to be sedentary.  So I daily go over the priorities for each boy, girl, man or woman.

  1. Prayer.  Most important, but the most difficult and least loved or performed activity.
  2. Learn. At this age, (3-24), the next main activity should be learning.  Daniel, (the music director and teacher here at St. Catherine’s), said a very important thing; ‘In order to learn you must be able to listen’.  Summer breaks are fine but not to be used to be lazy and sleep all day and be up all night.
  3. Work.  Everyday there should be some work.  Right now, the children are told to go home and do some work.  We ask what they did the next day.  A few are helping out their parents.
  4. Play and Exercise.  There always should be some time to recreate.  Playing is wonderful, but after you have finished your other responsibilities.  Playing is the easiest good habit to teach these boys.IMG_4309

Horacio turned 17 today.  May God bless this wonderful traditional Catholic young man.IMG_4329

Traditional Catholic Vacation School Day 1

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Many wonderful things were taught and learned today with the first day of traditional Catholic vacation school.

  • How to be humble servants who serve others rather than self.
  • How to put into practice at home what we learn here.
  • Obey, obey, obey.
  • God wants us happy now, tomorrow and forever in heaven.
  • The devil wants us happy for a few minutes and suffer after and forever in hell.

IMG_4284Boy learning Gregorian Chant
IMG_4295 IMG_4290Girls learning the Holy Scriptures
IMG_4293 Girls learning to be women.IMG_4299Lots of Exercise for boys.IMG_4302Lunch for BoysIMG_4304Good SpaghettiIMG_4306Most of all, learning how to PRAY

St. Paul Apostle Commemoration June 30

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Paul_martyrdom of_TINTORETTOMartyrdom of St. Paul

The Apostle Paul was a man, who, when we first hear of him, had not only no merits, but a great many demerits. That man received the grace of God, Who returneth good for evil, and let us see in what sort of language, when the hour of his last sufferings was at hand, he wrote to Timothy. He saith: I am now ready to be offered, and the time of my departure is at hand. I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith. 2 Tim. iii. 6. Here he counteth his merits, whereon a crown was immediately to follow, just as grace had followed immediately on his demerits. Listen to what cometh next: Henceforth there is laid up for me a crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous Judge, shall give me at that day. Unto whom would the Lord give a crown as a righteous Judge, if He had not first given grace, as a merciful Father? And how would that crown be a crown of righteousness, if there had not first come grace which justifieth the ungodly? How could a reward have been earned unless the power to earn had first been given unearned?  1960 Roman Breviary

Sts. Peter And Paul, Apostles June 29

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St. Peter and St. Paul, Apostles and Martyrs June 29.

Peter_St Peter's_ARNOLFO DI CAMBIODearly beloved brethren, in the joy of all the holy Feast-days the whole world is partaker. There is but one love of God, and whatsoever is solemnly called to memory, if it hath been done for the salvation of all, must needs be worth the honour of a joyful memorial at the hands of all. Nevertheless, this feast which we are keeping to-day, besides that world-wide worship which it doth of right get throughout all the earth, doth deserve from this city of ours an outburst of gladness altogether special and our own. In this place it was that the two chiefest of the Apostles St. Peter and St. Paul, did so right gloriously finish their race. And upon this day whereon they lifted up that their last testimony, let it be in this place that the memory thereof receiveth the chiefest of jubilant celebrations. O Rome these twain are the men who brought the light of the Gospel of Christ to shine upon thee These are they by whom thou, from being the teacher of lies, wast turned into a learner of the truth.

16 BECCAFUMI ST PAULThese twain be thy fathers, these be in good sooth thy shepherds, these twain be they who laid for thee, as touching the kingdom of heaven, better and happier foundations, than did they that first planned thine earthly ramparts, wherefrom he that gave thee thy name took occasion to pollute thee with a brother’s blood. These are they who have set on thine head this thy glorious crown, that thou art become an holy nation, a chosen people, a city both Priestly and Kingly, whom the Sacred Throne of blessed Peter hath exalted till thou art become the Lady of the world, unto whom the world-wide love for God hath conceded a broader lordship than is the possession of any mere earthly empire. Thou wast once waxen great by victories, until thy power was spread haughtily over land and sea, but thy power was narrower then which the toils of war had won for thee, than that thou now hast which hath been laid at thy feet by the peace of Christ.

It well suited for the doing of the work which God had decreed that the multitude of kingdoms should be bound together under one rule, and that so the universal preaching of the Gospel should find easier entry into all peoples, since all were governed by the empire of one city. But this city, knowing not Him, Who had been pleased to make her great, used her lordship over almost all nations to make herself the minister of all their falsehoods and seemed to herself exceeding godly because there was no false god whom she rejected. But the tighter that Satan had bound her, the more wondrous was the work of Christ in setting her free.  1914 Roman Breviary

Abortion + Birth Control + Homosexuals = No Children

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Modern Man seems bent on self destruction.  Society, the Supreme Court and Obamacare are all driven by the belief that sex should not produce children.   All the media is super charged over the supporting of getting rid of babies in the womb, birth control and homosexuality.

IMG_8923Recent statistics in the United States show that the white race is getting older and older.  Why?  Because they were the first to start using birth control.  In 2013, for the first time in a hundred years, there were more deaths of White people than births.

Presently, the youngest race is made up of Hispanics.  But it will not be long before they too will be aging as they have adopted the same mentality; ‘un wanted pregnancy should end in death of the baby’ and ‘after 2 children, any more children are an unnecessary financial burden’.  

In Europe, as here in the USA, the only way schools are kept open, is because of immigrants.  Europe and the USA are from where the whole eugenic concept of controlling ‘the population of low life in minorities’ by birth control came from. And when birth control didn’t work every time, they came up with the plan B; kill the baby.

IMG_8139Their imperialistic mentality reached out to all the world to make sure that all countries pushed birth control, sterilization and baby killing, especially in all the Third World countries.  They did this legally and illegally.  Many women were sterilized without their consent.

God’s greatest gift, here on earth, are children.  They bring joy to everyone around them.  They bring meaning to their parents.  They are always coming up with some new thing that blows our minds.  Many children take away loneliness from their parents and their brothers and sisters.  They also are able to be at their brothers and sisters level to play with and teach them.

C003_MannerTwoBoysHomes with one or two children will soon be empty when they go away to College.  They never come back.  Their parents fill up the void with work, television, shopping and taking care of their pets, (their new children).   And everyone thinks that this is normal and wonder why they have to be on antidepressants.  Children are God’s healthy antidepressants.

It is impossible for a couple to maintain a healthy relationship without a lot of children.  Each child brings a new beginning in his family.  Children’s love fill up what the spouses are unable to fill up emotionally in each other.  God means for husbands, wives and children to fill up different parts of the hearts of each family member.  Love is not divided in large families, it is multiplied.

7S43_All_Souls_School1Having been raised with 12 brothers and 4 sisters, I know that a large family is not easy.  But God knows best.  There is no greater love, other than God’s love, than that experienced in a healthy large family.

God bless all of you traditional Catholics who are having large families.  I know you are ridiculed and scorned.  I know that financially it is very difficult.  I know how much sacrifices you, dad and mom, are making every second of your day.  But, when all is said and done, you will be blessed here and in heaven forever.

Traditional Catholics Are Built On Jesus’ Truth

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The Supreme Court Ruling, that forces every state in the United States to ‘marry’ homosexuals, could be said to be the fruit of the Catholic revolution that happened following Vatican II.  Believe it or not, before Vatican II, the average Catholic knew what was right and wrong.  They may have been living immoral lives, but they were not about to say that the Bible and the Church’s teachings were wrong.

DSCF2432A sacrilegious so called ‘homosexual marriage’ in one of Jesus’ beautiful Churches’

Well do I remember that time.  Everything; beliefs, morals, the Bible, the priesthood, the sisterhood, birth control, was up for discussion.  I remember the concept that; love was what was important, not laws.  All the religious orders began to re-evaluate; their rules, their vows, their habits and their missions.

In July 1967, Fr Hesburgh, (from Notre Dame University), called together a meeting called; ‘Land of the Lakes Conference’ to get rid of Catholicism out of Catholic Universities.  All revolutionaries know that the youth like to question things and have change.  So the ‘Catholic Universities’ used the vulnerability of the youth to destroy their Catholic faith and beliefs. Remember that these so called ‘Catholic Universities’ have played a large role in the pushing of the homosexual agenda.

When in 1968 Pope Paul VI came out with the encyclical “Humanae Vitae”, the Catholic world went literally insane and rebellious.  Many bishops, priests and theologians criticized the prohibition of the use of artificial birth control.  But Pope Paul VI had already provoked this rebellion.  He had set up a commission, (of which my friends were on), where he had them question if the constant Catholic teaching of not using birth control could be changed.  Of course the commission wanted change, wanted couples to be able to detach sex from having children.  This leads to homosexual sex without any possibility of reproduction.  A man and a man cannot procreate.  A woman and a woman cannot either.

Margaret Sanger and KKKAll the famous Catholics, like the Kennedy’s, were part of the rebellion too.  Margaret Sanger, from Planned (murderhood), Parenthood, used her influence through the Rockefeller’s to change the Catholic teaching that sex was for procreating children.

After the ‘Catholic Revolution’ against Church teachings, came the sexual revolution.  It then became ‘normal’ to have sex with anyone before getting married.  Priests and nuns were getting married or were coming out of the closet about their homosexual lives.  Young men were abuse by homosexual priests.  (The majority of the sexual abuse of minors cases come from this time, 1970-90’s).

So we traditional Catholics have the duty to expose Catholic history and the devastation we have personally experience by our own doubting of our faith after Vatican II and all those around us.

We need to keep on stating the facts about what Vatican II has produced;

  • Huge decrease in vocations to the priesthood and sisterhood.
  • Most priests are old and will soon die.
  • Hardly any missionaries left.
  • Churches being sold off.
  • Billions of dollars paid out of the lay people’s donations for sex abuse law suits.
  • Many dioceses going bankrupt.
  • Catholic schools being closed down regularly.
  • Catholic hospitals no long adhere to Catholic teaching on health care.
  • Most of our relatives have left the Catholic faith.
  • Millions of Catholics have gone over to heretical churches.

Then remind them that this has happened because ‘catholicism’ was taken off the foundation of Tradition and Holy Scripture and has instead been built on modern human ideas.

Jesus calming the storm_RembrandtJesus said it so well, as usual.

Every one that cometh to me, (Jesus), and heareth my words, (Holy Bible), and doth them, I will shew you to whom he is like. He is like to a man building a house, who digged deep, (Tradition), and laid the foundation upon a rock. And when a flood came, the stream beat vehemently upon that house, and it could not shake it; for it was founded on a rock.  But he that heareth, and doth not, is like to a man building his house upon the earth without a foundation: against which the stream beat vehemently, and immediately it fell, and the ruin of that house was great.  Luke 6:47-49

So we pray for our Church and our country.  But we also know that, before long, the ‘church’ or country built on false teachings and immoral lives, will eventually fall, and the ruin will be great.  We are so blessed to be traditional Catholics and to be trying our best to obey Jesus and His Church.

We can not change the our government.  We have little say on changing our Church.  But we do have a great deal of say over changing our souls to be purer everyday, with God’s help.

Traditional Catholic Summer School June 29th

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Traditional Catholic Summer School (children 6 to 20) begins Monday June 29th thru Friday July 3rd.  It will continue again on Monday July 6th and go thru Friday July 10th.  It begins everyday with Holy Latin Mass at 8:00 am and ends at 2 pm.

IMG_9567Latin Mass begins every morning at St. John Bosco Chapel, 6600 S. Central Ave, Phoenix Az 85042.  This chapel is located a block and a half south of St. Catherine’s Church on  Central Ave.

It is very important that you children come on time for the Holy Latin Mass everyday, (8:00 am).  Some people last year, came after Holy Mass, so they could sleep in.  Holy Mass is the most important activity that your children will be participating in each day.  I know that people are lazy, (especially children), during summer vacation.  Most just sleep in late, eat, play video games and watch a lot of TV.  This happens because;

  • parents do not want to fight with them,
  • do not enforce good summer discipline,
  • or take time to organize daily positive activities.

Parents, do not forget, ‘Idle hands, (and time), are the devil’s workshop’.

God’s Laws Trampled On By Man’s Laws

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On this feast day of Sts. John and Paul, martyrs, the Supreme Court of the United States of America has overthrown democratically passed laws by the people that protected the institution of marriage between a man and a woman.  It declared that same sex couples ‘have a right’ to get ‘married’ anywhere they want in the United States.

800px-PoperobAnti-Catholic Cartoon from Wikipedia 

The president praised the Supreme Court’s legislating and enforcing new laws on all Americans as ‘justice that arrives like a thunderbolt’ and that ‘all Americans are created equal’.  Because he is so in favor of breaking down any laws that go against the liberal agenda of killing babies in the womb and homosexual sex.   He actually goes against justice by supporting the Supreme Court when it forces state and local governments to break democratically voted on laws.

Opposing Supreme Court Justice John Roberts said: ‘This court is not a legislature.  Whether same-sex ‘marriage’ is a good idea should be of no concern to us’.  He added that this decision had nothing to do with the Constitution.  Justice Antonin Scalia said that when the Supreme Court imposes their will on states, it is a threat to democracy.

Justice Anthony Kennedy said that there was nothing contained in the court’s ruling that will force religions to condone or perform homosexual ‘wedding’.  Remember, he is Catholic, and was nominated by the conservative president Bush.  At that time we all supported Bush so that he could nominated a Justice who would uphold conservative christian values.  How wrong we all were to believe this.

1024px-Ganges1876Anti-Catholic Cartoon of bishops as alligators from Wikipedia 

For all of us traditional Catholics, we are rightfully angry, upset and depressed over the abuse of power against democracy.  But are not surprised at all.  Ever since the Supreme Court began abusing its power to allow the mass murdering of millions of babies in their mothers wombs under the pretext of a constitutional right to the protection of privacy, their evil power has progressively increased.

Even before this, the Supreme Court masonic Justices have used their power to take rights away from the Catholic Church.

Believe it or not, long time ago, in the United States birth control was illegal and divorce was looked down on.  But since the United States of America was founded on Deism and masonic values of man’s ‘Freedom, Equality and Justice’, we are only reaping the fruits of the seeds first planted here by our founding fathers.

800px-ConspiratorkkkAnti-Catholic Cartoon from Wikipedia 

We traditional Catholics believe in Christendom.  This government system has God as the Supreme Judge and enforces His laws that He has divinely revealed to us through the Holy Bible.  Man can come up with good laws by voting or through legislation, but they must be founded on the Divine Laws that God has given to us.

We know that God’s laws are laws of love that protect us from death, suffering and wars.  Laws enforced on us to break God’s laws will only bring unhappiness, suffering, crime, depression, choas and wars.  The crime, fear and disorder that is all around us right now in our neighborhoods, is the empirical evidence that these laws that go against God’s laws, bring nothing but problems.

800px-KlantreeromeAnti-Catholic Cartoon from Wikipedia Talk about bad religion, KKK.

We have compassion for those with same sex attraction.  It is God who condemns homosexual sex.  We humbly agree with Him.

sr_ROSARY-AND-SWORD-225x224Let us pray, especially the Holy Rosary.  God will not be mocked.  Mary will protect her children.


Sts. John And Paul Martyrs June 26

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iurThe Roman brothers John and Paul distributed to the poor the wealth they had been left by Constantia, the daughter of Constantine, whom they had served justly and faithfully. Invited by Julian the Apostate to join the members of his household, they boldly declared that they did not wish to live in the house of a man who had abandoned Jesus Christ. They were therefore given ten days in which to be persuaded to sacrifice to Jupiter. As they steadfastly refused to commit this sin, they were beheaded in their home, at the command of Terentian the judge, thus meriting the palm of martyrdom. The news of their glorious death was spread abroad by unclean spirits, who began tormenting the bodies of many persons, among them the son of Terentian. He was freed of his diabolical tormentor at the tomb of the Martyrs. This miracle led both him and his father, Terentian, to believe in Christ; and the latter is said to have written the life of the holy Martyrs.

Abusing God’s Gift Of Vision By Computer, TV, Phone

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There is a new Syndrome called Computer Vision Syndrome.  It is similar to the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome that comes from the same motion over and over again.  These are also called repetitive stress injuries.  Those who spend more than 2 hours a day using the computer or smartphone are at risk.  url

Last summer, I began to have like ‘Snow Blindness’, or blind spots, when I was writing my blog in a very hot house, (the house I bought in August with no electricity or air conditioning), and with a bright window in the background.  I then began to write my blog with the windows to the side and it help.  But some of the symptoms continued for many months to varying degrees.  I also had eyelid twitching in one eye.

In order to write my blog and do the research, I can spend a lot of hours at the computer everyday.  Besides this time spent in front of the computer screen, I prayed the Roman Breviary from BrevMeum on my iPhone.  All the offices, (Matins is the longest, Lauds, Terce, Sext, None, Vespers and Compline), could take up to at least 2 hours a day reading from the iPhone screen.

So, when the symptoms continued, I decided to go back to praying the office with the two printed volumes by Baronius Press.  I also cut down on the time I would spend writing my blog and lowered the brightness on the computer and iPhone.  I actually was concerned about loosing my eye sight.  Thank God the symptoms have gone away.  I prayed a lot too.

3Text-clawBut I am writing this to warn all of us to be very careful about abusing our eyesight in front of electronic devices.  Television, (you all know how I am extremely against any TV watching from the cable or antenna, but it can used to watch religious or educational DVD’s), computer, iPads, smartphones and video games.

Some suggestions for those who have no choice but to work with a computer are;

  • Cut the glare, brightness and use glare filter.
  • Keep your face 20 to 28 inches from the computer screen.
  • Keep the 20, 20, 20 rule.  Take a break every 20 minutes for 20 seconds and look at something 20 feet away.
  • Blink eyes often.

optic_nerveBlind spots, blurred vision and head aches can come from inflammation of the optic nerve.  The optic nerve transmits visual information collected by the retina, (located at the back of you eyeball), to the brain.  If you continue to abuse your optic nerve, you can go blind.  You need to go to an ophthalmologist and a neurologist.

Too much Ultraviolet Rays cause eye vision problems too.  Many medications cause your eyes to be more sensitive to UVR’s too.  Like anti-depressants and diuretics.

3Poor-postureSo as traditional Catholics, we know that over use of anything is not good.  We also know that we do not want to waste the precious time God has given us, called life, watching TV, sports and playing video games.  We also believe that we should use our phones as little as possible, especially when we are with other people.  Real Reality not Virtual Reality.

Visual, spiritual and physical healing takes place when we spend less time in front of electronics devices and more time in front of the Blessed Sacrament in prayer.