People Here In The United States And Europe Converting To Be Muslims And Leaving The Catholic Church.

With the extreme evil that is taking place right now in most muslim countries, we need to seriously look at what is going on with this so called religion of “peace” and what is happening to the Catholic religion right now.Islamic-Apartheid-300x207

muslimsA little, if any of this, is reported in the main stream media.  But it is coming out by the muslims themselves bragging about what they are doing on Youtube and via the internet.  This is what is going on:

1) Raping Catholic and other non muslim women and girls.

2) Driving Catholics and others out of their homes and country.

3) Bombing, burning and destroying Catholic, Orthodox and other christian churches.

4) Suicide bombings.

5) Kidnapping men, women and children to be sold as slaves, (and some as sex slaves).

6) Stealing Catholic’s and other’s houses, cars, jewelry and possessions as they are driven out of town.

7) Torturing, burring alive, crucifying and murdering of Catholics and other religion members, (and bragging about it on Youtube).bnr-phonecall

media-ddQH23hCvrU-2The Pew Research published an article on this in January 2011.  Here are some of their findings.

“The world’s Muslim population is expected to increase by about 35% in the next 20 years, rising from 1.6 billion in 2010 to 2.2 billion by 2030, according to new population projections by the Pew Research Center’s Forum on Religion & Public Life.Globally.”  

“The Muslim population is forecast to grow at about twice the rate of the non-Muslim population over the next two decades – an average annual growth rate of 1.5% for Muslims, compared with 0.7% for non-Muslims.”

“If current trends continue, Muslims will make up 26.4% of the world’s total projected population.”

The number of Muslims in Canada is expected to nearly triple in the next 20 years, from about 940,000 in 2010 to nearly 2.7 million in 2030.

Why is a religion, that has caused so many atrocities, converting so many people?

1) The destruction of the Twin Towers in New York.

2) Endless amount of suicide bombings and plane bombings.

3) Treat women badly.

4) Cause all of us who travel to wait for hours and hours to have our bodies and baggage inspected.

And, at the same time, why are so many people leaving the Catholic Church?

Here are some more statistics from the Pew Research.

MDII-graphics-webready-01 MDII-graphics-webready-02 MDII-graphics-webready-04

Here are a few reasons I feel that so many people are converting to the muslim religion.

1) They have passion for what they believe in.

2) They will kill you or make life difficult for you if you do not convert.

3) They give men a masculine role in their religion;  a) God made men to be leaders, and  b) Men and boys like to fight. Just study boys playing with their war toys and guns.

4) Religion and state work together for their religious laws.

5) Men can marry a lot of women and have more sex.

6) Muslim men get non muslim women to fall in love with them and convert.  They then could later on find out that these men have other wives as well.

7) There is sex in heaven.

8) Oppressed races are given honor when they convert, like when (Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr), Mohammed Ali converted. (Read here his conversion on a pro muslim blog).  Many black men convert to the muslim religion in prison.

So as we Catholics 1) feminize our Catholic faith, 2) accept all religions as good and equal and 3) become more and more hedonistic, we will continue to see more and more Catholics converting to islam.

women priests

I find it interesting that when the Israelites would become evil, God would send people from Babylon to destroy them and take them into exile.  Isn’t Iraq where Babylon was?  Yes, it is.

But God will never be outdone, even when we are giving away our Catholic souls to the muslims.  God will come to our aid.  And that is why we need the passionate traditional Catholic beliefs and practices.  At least a few of Jesus’ followers are standing up strong for His Catholic Faith.  And our loving Catholic witness in our everyday life, speaks powerfully in a world filled with selfishness and hate.

Christ in Mary in Glory_GHERARDUCCI, Don Silvestro deiMeanwhile we should be praying, sacrificing and sending money to help the Catholic refugees from muslim terrorism.  Especially offer your Holy Rosaries for the conversion of muslims and the spreading of the Catholic faith.  Mary has always had a powerful hand in defeating the muslims and all evil.

Extremely Little Respect Given To God In Holy Communion, Yet Extreme Respect For A Mere Symbol, (USA Flag)

At the National Cemetery, I knew that there would be a military ceremony before my Grave Side Service.  I also knew to what great degree of reverence the soldiers would give to the Flag of the United States of America.  Remember, the flag is nothing more than a symbol that stands for the country, the USA.  So I took some pictures of the flag folding just to show the exact and precise actions and reverence these military men give to the Flag of The United States, a mere symbol.  And then we compare that with how Jesus is respected in Holy Communion. photophotophotophotophotoNow we go to see with what precise, reverence and respect is given to, NOT A MERE SYMBOL, BUT THE TRUE PRESENCE OF JESUS CHRIST, GOD in Holy Communion.  Here are freemasons is being given Jesus’ Body.masonic-mass-3So lets admit it, Jesus gets very very little respect from Catholics in comparison with what a flag receives that is only a mere symbol.   If a flag can demand such respect, the why are we treated with such contempt and labeled extremest, when we demand this same respect and reverence for God in Holy Communion. A Flag has to be taken down from the flag pole every evening unless it has a light shinning on it.  There is definite laws about it has to be placed in front of any other countries flags.  Burning a flag is a criminal action. kneeling 2But if we ask Catholics to kneel and receive Jesus on the tongue, we are disciplined by bishops and priests.  If we tell Catholics and non Catholics, at weddings and funerals, that they only can receive Jesus if they are Catholic and have confessed all their mortal sins, we get in trouble because we are not inclusive and not showing respect to everyone who wants to receive “one of those little wafers” that everyone else gets to go up and get.

5 - Adoration of the Eucharist, by Jeronimo Jacinto Espinosa, 1650Yes, Real Body and Blood of Jesus Christ, is not treated as good as a flag, a mere symbol.  May we always show respect and honor to Jesus in The Most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar, Holy Communion.  We are so blessed to be traditional Catholics and know who is really present in the Holy Host and to receive Him in humble adoration on our knees.

Traditional Catholic Requiem Latin Masses

Rather than having lay Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion take Holy Communion to the shut-ins of our parish, I go every first Sunday of the month to give them Holy Communion.

communionWhile making these visits, I met Norma.  She had been suffering from a stroke for the last 4 years.  I could only give her a tiny piece of Holy Communion.  A week ago, I was called to give her Extreme Unction.  When ever I am asked to do this, I simply tell the people I will be giving the traditional Latin Extreme Unction.

DeathAll are thankful for the reverence and the extra time it takes to administer this Holy Sacrament.  I explain to them the part where the eyes, ears, mouth, nose, hands and feet are anointed with the Oil of the Sick.  As the Holy Oil is applied, the prayers asks God to forgive the person for the sins they have committed in what they have heard, what they have seen, what they have said, what they have smelled, what their hands have done in any sinful way, and in what their feet have lead them to sin.  It is very powerful.  (Just imagine how many horrible sins that our bodies have helped us commit in a life time).

photoSo, when Norma died, they asked me to do the Funeral and it was to be in Spanish.  I called the family and asked if I could offer a Requiem Latin Mass instead.  It turned out that her mother goes to the Latin Mass at St. Catherine’s.

They appreciated my visits and the Extreme Unction in Latin so much that they said that that would be fine with them.  So, I offered the Low Tridentine Requiem Mass for Norma, (along with the traditional grave blessing with Holy Water and Incense).

Again, yesterday, I offered a Requiem Missa Cantata for Larry, who has been very involved in the traditional Latin Mass community.  He had come to my Latin Mass on the Assumption, received Holy Communion and died the next morning.  His family is not traditional, but his exact wishes were for him to get the blessings of the Latin Requiem Mass.

photophotoThe prayers of the Latin Requiem Mass are so much more powerful for the soul of the deceased than the Novus Ordo Mass for the dead.  Most people do not believe me, so I say, just compare the two masses for yourself.  Get a Requiem Mass booklet from Coalition of Ecclesia Dei, (Phone # (845) 724-7151), and then go to USCCB and print up the New Mass for the Dead and compare the prayers and blessings.  Scientific evidence is always undeniable.

photoI had to get a very special permission from the National Cemetery to be able to go to Larry’s grave to bless and incense it.  All the services are at little seating areas far from the grave sites.  Thank God we were able to go.  Only myself and the altar boys could go.

It is so much better to be buried in a Catholic Cemetery that is Consecrated Ground.  Also, when you are buried, you want to have you feet facing east, so that when your body rises and stands up at the Second Coming of Jesus, you are facing toward the East from where He will be coming.

photoI had a great talk with the man who accompanied me to the grave site about experiencing God by observing nature.   People are too much into technology and TV to be looking at God’s wonderful nature.

Death_Skull_CHAMPAIGNE, Philippe deWe traditional Catholic souls are so blessed to receive so many graces and help to get out of Purgatory from the Latin Prayers and the Requiem Mass.

Bishop Schneider Criticizes Wording and Some Concepts Of Vatican II

I love Bishop Schneider’s little book, “Dominus Est”.  In this short book, he exhorts everyone to have way more respect for the Holy Communion, because every crumb is Jesus/God, and to receive Him kneeling down and on the tongue.

vatican_ii_must_be_clarified_bp_schneiderBishop Schneider is one of the few bishops who has brought up problems with Vatican II documents.  We need to bring this up, because he is a very highly respected bishop.

In December 17, 2010, Bishop Schneider gave a conference in Rome to cardinals and bishops about the wrong interpretations of Vatican II documents.  You can read the text of the talk here.

Then on June 27, 2013, Michael Voris had an interview with Bishop Schneider on the ambiguities within the Vatican II documents.  You can view here.
For you who will not see the Youtube, the bishop brings up the problem with the doctrine of collegiality found in Lumen Gentium.   He said that in this document one can read it to mean that the Pope is a “first among equals” and his primacy is only that of honor.  It takes away his jurisdictional power as episcopus episcoporum.


SchneiderIn Lumen Gentium 16, he criticizes the text: “the plan of salvation also includes those who acknowledge the Creator. In the first place amongst these there are the Muslims, who, professing to hold the faith of Abraham, along with us adore the one and merciful God.”
He disagrees with the concept that Muslims and Catholics together adore the one God. He makes an distinction between belief in one God, according to natural reason, and the having the supernatural virtue of faith, which alone is pleasing to God.


We adore God always as a Trinity…our adoration is an adoration of supernatural faith. To worship God as Creator only or one God only, there is no need of faith. The use of your reason is sufficient. This is a dogma of the First Vatican Council, that every human person is able only by his reason, natural light of reason, without the light of faith, to recognize the existence of one God as Creator. Consequently, to worship Him according to his knowledge of natural reason. These are the Muslims – they have no supernatural faith and therefore they have no supernatural act of worship. Even the Jews who rejected Jesus as God, as Trinity, they rejected Him they have no faith. Therefore their worship is also natural, not supernatural.”

Schneider also criticizes the document Unitatis Redintegratio on ecumenism where it states that even non Catholics are a means of salvation.
St. Peter & His Successors_Jean Mansel_Fleur des histoires_France_1475-1500_BNF_Francais 56_159v“This could also be interpreted in a wrong manner, in a way of the Anglican Branch theory that there are several branches of Christianity who are all means of salvation.  Therefore we also have to clarify this expression.  We have to say perhaps, nevertheless, God can use other Christians, but individually because the are baptized…Remember what St. Augustine said, what the non-Catholics have, they took from the Church.  He even said they have stolen it from our house.  What we have, this is Catholic, not theirs.  Therefore, we have to explain this.  Otherwise, it could be understood wrongly.”
He also criticizes Gaudium Spes 12 which begins with: “all things on earth should be related to man as the center and crown (finis et culmin).  This is what he says: “I think this expression is very ambiguous.  It is not correct because all the things which exist on earth have their finality in God and have to glorify God as their summit…all things that exist are created for the glory of God and for Christ, through Him and for Him.  Christ is the end of all created things.  The aim of this expression was that God created all non-rational things for the service of man, and that man is the ruler or king of this creation because God gave man such a dignity.
But I think we cannot say this in this manner.  We have to stress, even so, the created things on earth are created for man, but not ultimately for man…so we have to explain this also, otherwise it is an anthropocentrism, and this is all part of the crisis of this past fifty years, this anthropocentric vision.  And not only vision, but practice, also, Christian life, liturgy and theology.  Very anthropocentric.  And this is the biggest danger of humanity, for the Church to be anthropocentric, because this was the first sin of Adam and Eve.  This is very dangerous, and such expression of our Council texts can be used for such things and therefore need more explanation.”
Prado Annunciation_Adam and Eve_detI could not agree more with Bishop Schneider on the danger and reality of the new ANTHROPOCENTRIC catholicism.   Adam and Eve wanted to be god by eating the forbidden fruit.  We want to push God out and put man in the forefront of liturgy and by deciding what is right and wrong.
There was an even more recent article in an English Catholic newspaper with Bishop Schneider bringing up even stronger criticisms of some of Vatican II documents.  But I can not seem to find that article.
There is a glimpse of hope that other bishops, religious and priests will stop being defensive about the Vatican II documents and honestly admit that some of them strongly seem to have changed Catholic dogma.
Vatican II was not called to define dogma, it was called to deal with pastoral issues.  Why does it have to be treated as the other councils, (Trent and Vatican I), which were called to clarify  Catholic dogma.
480px-120.The_Prophet_IsaiahYes we will be shunned and scorned for bringing up these important problems with Vatican II documents.  But, all the prophets were shunned and killed for criticizing the leaders of the people of God, the Israelites.
We are so blessed to be traditional Catholics and to know there was a Catholic Church and many councils before 1963.

We Are Not God. Prophet Ezeckiel 28: 1 – 10

In the Book of the prophet Ezeckiel, (28: 1 – 10), we can read very clearly about the King of Tyre who had so much wealth and power, that he thought of himself to be like God.  This is exactly how I see Catholics, and most people believing today.

Throne of God_French Miniaturist_1400We too, have so much wealth and control of our environment (air conditioning, heating, fast cars and airplanes), that we think we have control over everything.  From this comes our belief that we can do what ever we want morally.  We have placed ourselves in the place of God.  He no longer matters.  We can take an unborn babies life and be praise for doing it because it gives women their rights.  “I am god to make the choice if I want my baby or not.”

We make up our own (Catholic) religion to suit our own beliefs.  God no longer matters.  We love the Novus Ordo mass because we can look at each other (priest saying mass toward people), greet each other and hear each other speaking in their own language.  We never ask what God loves.

We have atheist who deny God’s existence.  We have the media and movies against God’s Laws.  So prayerfully, read this passage from the Prophet Ezeckiel and be sure you are not in his condemnation.  We too need to be prophets condemning all people and religions that put creatures as gods.

Jesus tempted in the desert“And the word of the Lord came to me, saying: Son of man, say to the prince of Tyre: Thus saith the Lord God: Because thy heart is lifted up, and thou hast said: I am God, and I sit in the chair of God in the heart of the sea: whereas thou art a man, and not God: and hast set thy heart as if it were the heart of God. Behold thou art wiser than Daniel: no secret is hid from thee.  In thy wisdom and thy understanding thou hast made thyself strong: and hast gotten gold and silver into thy treasures.  By the greatness of thy wisdom, and by thy traffic thou hast increased thy strength: and thy heart is lifted up with thy strength

Therefore, thus saith the Lord God: Because thy heart is lifted up as the heart of God: Therefore behold, I will bring upon thee strangers the strongest of the nations: and they shall draw their swords against the beauty of thy wisdom, and they shall defile thy beauty.  They shall kill thee, and bring thee down: and thou shalt die the death of them that are slain in the heart of the sea.  Wilt thou yet say before them that slay thee: I am God; whereas thou art a man, and not God, in the hand of them that slay thee?  Thou shalt die the death of the uncircumcised by the hand of strangers: for I have spoken it, saith the Lord God.”

The “Catholic World Report” Article On 4 Priests Who Offer The Latin Mass

There is an article in the Catholic World Report called: “Finding What Should Never Have Been Lost: Priests and the Extraordinary Form” by Jim Graves.  One of those 4 priests quoted happens to be me.

Latin Mass Easter 2010 004Hopefully articles like this one will help continue to keep the interest in discovery of the Mass of All Ages.  We are so blessed to be traditional Catholics who already love God’s ancient treasures.

My Purchase Of A House In Laveen Arizona

After being pastor of St. Patrick’s Catholic Parish in Escalon, California for 10 years, I renounced it after having been greatly persecuted for standing up against women’s immodest dress at church and for promoting the Latin Mass.

But I also did it to try to start the “Order of St. Pius V”, that would be a group of priests who would help the movement of the Holy Spirit in Catholics rediscovering all the traditional Catholic treasure thrown out in the sewer since Vatican II.   This group of priests would travel around the world to help what God is doing to restore His Holy Church by instructing and showing Catholics about their sacred Catholic treasures that they do not even know exist.

IMG_9354Molly’s Place In Valley Springs California

At that time, I had no place to move to.  But God, Mary and my good traditional Catholic friend, Molly Waters, provided a place for me to live at her ranch in Valley Springs, Cal after she moved to Idaho.

IMG_9361Families having a good time at Molly’s Ranch

What was so wonderful about this ranch, was that all my traditional Catholic families could come on the weekends and enjoy, praying the Holy Rosary, visiting, talking, fishing, canoeing, and most of all great pot lucks.

So since coming to Phoenix, I have always wanted a similar place where I could be a little in the country and where, if God wills, I could start a house for the order and a place where families could come and enjoy each other.  I have been looking for a long time, but being I only have a little money, and there has been nothing within my budget.

photoA month ago, a Real Estate woman from the Latin Mass told me about this little house on 1.1 acres.  It is 15 minutes from St. Catherine’s in the city of Laveen.  They were asking $135,000.  The house was a guesthouse for the house next door and was cut off and sold.  For this reason, the house does not have water or electricity.  But any house here, somewhat in the country, on 1 acre goes for $250,000 or more.  So, I purchased the house for $125,000.

photo photo photo The Electricity is going to cost $5,000 for the meter, $2700 for the poles to be put in, $8,000 to bring the electricity from the pole to the house, and more for the new electric panel.  And because the house is too close to the property line, I am told I need to get a variance before I can have permission to get the electricity.

Needless to say, it has been very very challenging.  I have wondered if this was a good idea or not so many times.  But wonderful things are happening.

I met one of the neighbors.  As I was sitting and sweating in the house with no air conditioniting, he came over to invited me over to his house for lunch.  I met his wife who is from Spain and his son and new wife.  I could not believe that strangers would invite me to eat with them.  I told them all about my mission for traditional Catholics and beauty.

Then I met another man, (who was blocking the road out as he loaded a tractor on a truck.  He  helped me get a used 1500 gallon water tank for $600.  Friends from St. Catherine and California helped me dig a ditch and run water to the house.  But for some reason there is very very little water pressure in the house.  (Water hardly comes out of faucets).

photo photo photoLater I met the man’s wife (who helped me get the tank).  Right off, she told me I could use her swimming pool any time without having to ask.

We have been having flooding here in Phoenix and this family had rocks and mud come down on their back yard and it cause their garage to be flooded.  They are older, and the man has a bad back.  So I offered the older Latin Mass Altar boys to come and help dig out the rocks and mud.  Just as we finished working very hard today, it stormed again and would have flooded their place again if it had not been for the work that we got done.

The man is a baptist and I think his wife goes with him to his church.  But she went to St. Catherine’s School when she was young.  Her daughter goes to the Latin Mass at Mater Misericordiae Mission.  When I explained why I came to Phoenix (to promote the Latin Mass), she told me she loves the Latin Mass.

photo photo photoWhile we were working, another neighbor came over and I was able to meet her too.  I am very happy about all this because I wondered if the neighbors would object to me making some sort of religious house there and having families come over to visit me.  But, by the way things are going so far, it seems that they are very happy to have me in their small community.  I am happy to be there too.

photoThe man, for whom we clean the mud and rocks for, had offered to sell me a generator for $1000 so I could have electricity.  Today, as we were working, he said he will lend it to me for free.

I just think it is so fantastic how God is working in this situation.  This whole project has been so difficult, but it sure is interesting how it continues to work out.

True Traditional Catholic Priest, Fr Jean-Marie Charles-Roux, Dies At 99 In Rome

Fr Jean-Marie Charles-Roux was an aristocrat traditional Catholic priest who died in Rome at the age of 99.  He loved tradition, especially Catholic tradition and loved Marie Antoinette.  He also believed very strongly in Christ the King over society and in Kings and Queens having a special place in God’s divine plan.   “For Altar and King“; the Vendee’s motto.



Here are a few comments about a great Catholic priest.

He was not in favour of “modern” liturgy and he lived long enough to see the traditional way of doing things come back into favour. But he had long ceased to play any active role in the life of the Church by that stage. Indeed, though a very social man, he was adept at avoiding people and situations that he found distasteful. He had retired from the field, shell-shocked in the culture wars. For him, everything had gone wrong a long time ago, indeed in 1789: the French Revolution had been the start of the continuing catastrophe through which we were all living still.”  Catholic

tridentine mass 3When the New Mass came in I tried it in English, French, Italian, even in Latin – but it was like a children’s game,’ he told me. ‘So I wrote to Pope Paul, whom I had known when he was Cardinal Montini, and said, Holy Father, either you let me celebrate the Old Mass or I leave the priesthood and marry the first pretty girl I meet.’  The Spectator

May God raise up many many more holy sophisticated traditional priests to take his place.

9 Canons From The Council Of Trent On The Holy Latin Mass

The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is the center of our Catholic faith.  And that is why, when the Holy Mass is destroyed, great damage is done to all of our Catholic faith.  “Lex Orandi, Lex Credendi.”

7 - Robert Campin Mass of S. Gregory - 1440For us who are at the center of the battle to save souls and the Sacred Liturgy, we have so many council documents, popes encyclicals and saint’s writings that completely back the TRUTH we are upholding.  So we need to just keep on putting them out there and let them speak for themselves.  In this way we are not the object of the hate and labels of the ignorant Catholics who only know what they have heard since Vatican II.

Cross_Christ Carrying_TIZIANO VecellioHere are 9 Canons that we can show and explain to the poor ignorant Catholics that show we are protecting what Jesus wants protected: 2000 years of Catholic tradition and practice.

Canons On The Sacrifice Of The Mass From The Council Of Trent

Canon 1. If anyone says that in the mass a true and real sacrifice is not offered to God; or that to be offered is nothing else than that Christ is given to us to eat, let him be anathema.

Canon 2. If anyone says that by those words, “Do this for a commemoration of me,” Christ did not institute the Apostles priests; or did not ordain that they and other priests should offer His own body and blood, let him be anathema.

Canon 3. If anyone says that the sacrifice of the mass is one only of praise and thanksgiving; or that it is a mere commemoration of the sacrifice consummated on the cross but not a propitiatory one; or that it profits him only who receives, and ought not to be offered for the living and the dead, for sins, punishments, satisfactions, and other necessities, let him be anathema.

top-pageCanon 4. If anyone says that by the sacrifice of the mass a blasphemy is cast upon the most holy sacrifice of Christ consummated on the cross; or that the former derogates from the latter, let him be anathema.

Canon 5. If anyone says that it is a deception to celebrate masses in honor of the saints and in order to obtain their intercession with God, as the Church intends, let him be anathema.

Canon 6. If anyone says that the canon of the mass contains errors and is therefore to be abrogated, let him be anathema.

Andrew Avellino_holy cardCanon 7. If anyone says that the ceremonies, vestments, and outward signs which the Catholic Church uses in the celebration of masses, are incentives to impiety rather than stimulants to piety, let him be anathema.

Canon 8. If anyone says that masses in which the priest alone communicates sacramentally are illicit and are therefore to be abrogated, let him be anathema.

Canon 9. If anyone says that the rite of the Roman Church, according to which a part of the canon and the words of consecration are pronounced in a low tone, is to be condemned; or that the mass ought to be celebrated in the vernacular tongue only; or that water ought not to be mixed with the wine that is to be offered in the chalice because it is contrary to the institution of Christ, let him be anathema.

1304968-2We are so blessed to be educated traditional soldiers of Christ the King.  Let us go on battling for what is true, holy and sacred.

Pope Pius IX Said NO To Change, “Catholicism Can Not Change”.

The president of the United States won his election by promoting “CHANGE“.  People are fed up with having to work, having to deal with problems and having to be responsible.  For this reason they want a change that makes their lives easy as their lazy fallen flesh wants it to be.  They want a change where they have money, food, sex, shopping, fun, health, travel and fun without having to go to work everyday to pay for it.
Arena Chapel - BetrayalBut then at the same time, they want a place where their is no more crime or war.  But they fail to see that the changing of christian morals and traditions are what is causing all the crime, fighting in families and wars.  Sin, personal and collective, causes war.  There will never be lasting peace until people obey God’s laws.  Only then they will have peace in their hearts from a clean conscience.
People also want the Catholic Church to change so they can get rid of the guilt that their guilty conscience is producing.  When there is still a Church saying, sin is sin, you want to get rid of that nagging voice that goes against your goal of selfish indulgence.  As that famous saying goes; “All that Catholic guilt stuff, yuk”.
No, no matter how you want things to change to fit your desires, your life style,  the Church of Christ cannot change Biblical truths or dogmas given to us by God.  When will people wake up and realize they cannot and never will be able to change God.
Council-of-TrentHere is a great quote from Pope Pius IX on the absolute unchangeable Catholic Teachings.
For the Church of Christ, watchful guardian that she is, and defender of the dogmas deposited with her, never changes anything, never diminishes anything, never adds anything to them; but with all diligence she treats the ancient documents faithfully and wisely; if they really are of ancient origin and if the faith of the Fathers has transmitted them, she strives to investigate and explain them in such a way that the ancient dogmas of heavenly doctrine will be made evident and clear, but will retain their full, integral, and proper nature, and will grow only within their own genus – that is, within the same dogma, in the same sense and the same meaning.” — Pope Pius IX
In his times, this drive for change came mostly from outside pressures and the freemasons.  But now it is from outside and from inside the Catholic Church.
These enemies of divine revelation extol human progress to the skies, and with rash and sacrilegious daring would have it introduced into the Catholic religion as if this religion were not the work of God but of man, or some kind of philosophical discovery susceptible of perfection by human efforts.”– Pope Pius IX
Misa_MosaicoSMarcos-thumb-420x326-8876And if you fight “these enemies” that Pope Pius IX talks about, which any good followers of Jesus Christ must do,  we are automatically labelled as extremest and evil because we go against changing God’s laws.  Popes bishops, religious, priests and fellow Catholics call us evil traditionalist and write us off as eccentric.
Then that makes all the saints and popes before Vatican II “EXTREMIST, EVIL, ECCENTRIC AND TRADITIONALIST” too.   Maybe that is how almost everyone in the Catholic Church can change things that are never changed before, by justifying that everyone before them, including Pope Pius IX, was evil, extremist, eccentric and overboard traditionalists.
10171141_305333999622320_4747916097927774090_nNo, the Bible is right, the Deposit of Faith given to the Church by the Apostles is right, and Catholic Dogma is still unchangeable.   And those who go against these Biblical morals and go along with changing of the Church teachings, are the ones who are WRONG.
As has been said before, in these evil end times, good will be seen as evil and evil as good.  We are so blessed to be educated traditional Catholics and to be saved from all these evil CHANGES.