Jesus Shedding His Blood On The Cross Gave His Mother Mary Immortality, Not An Evil Vampire From Twilight Series

After appearing for 40 days, Jesus ascended back into glory with His human body.  They say that there are 5 things human made in heaven; the five wounds in Jesus’ body, (4 nail holes in His hands and feet and the lance’s hole in His side).  But there were many many other wounds on His body; the wound on His shoulder, the wounds from the crown of thorns and the wounds all over His body from the scourging.

Carl-Heinrich-Bloch-xx-The-Resurrection-II-xx-Public-collectionWhen Jesus rose from the dead, after being crucified, the human body, which He took from His mother Mary’s womb, remained flesh, but was glorified.  What this means can be seen Mary Magdalene did not recognized Jesus right after His resurrection.  She thought He was the gardner.  When He appeared at the shore of the Lake of Galilee, only St. John recognized Him.

Resurrection_Appearence at Lake Tiberias_DUCCIO di BuoninsegnaJesus’ resurrected and glorified body could walk through locked doors.  Yet He also proved to the Apostles that He was not a ghost by eating fish. He used His body to cook breakfast for them and to speak to them.  They saw His human body ascend back into glory and the angels had to tell them He would return just as He had left them.

Jesus truly died in His human body on the cross.   His divinity never could have died.

crucifixion-byLorenzoMonacoAfter living a life of prayer, charity and encouragement for the disciples of Jesus, Mary died and was taken immediately to heaven.  But, unlike every other human, her body and soul were assumed into heaven.  Her body never went through any decay or corruption.

death-assumption-virgin-detailMary’s assumption, (Assumptio), is also called her dormition, (Dormitio), her sleeping.

It is very clear in the Bible that all humans bodies will be raised up on the last day.

In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trumpet: for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall rise again incorruptible: and we shall be changed.  For this corruptible must put on incorruption; and this mortal must put on immortality.  And when this mortal hath put on immortality, then shall come to pass the saying that is written: Death is swallowed up in victory.  O death, where is thy victory? O death, where is thy sting?  1 Cor. 15: 52 – 55.

TheAssumptionoftheVirginbyVeroneseIn this context, I want to condemn very strongly the love for the vampire “Twilight” series of books and movies.  Almost every Catholic young woman, woman and many young men have seen the Twilight movies.  They see nothing wrong with it.

In these movies and novels there are sex scenes.  Also the young women, in the series, are given immortality by being bitten by these vampire men.  This is such a big lie from the devil.  Being bitten by a vampire, who sucks your blood out, is not romantic, but plain murderous.  In no way are they “gods” that can give someone immortality.  And above all it is a blasphemy against Jesus Christ.  I say this because, immortality is only given to us through the death of Jesus on the Cross.  He shed every drop of His blood to give us immortality.

Lady of the Assumption Gives St Thomas Her Belt_BARTOLOMEO DELLA GATTAWhat a blasphemous thing to say that an evil male vampire, who sucks your life out of you, after biting you, can give you immortality.  Jesus did not bite or such blood, (life), out of anyone.  He lovingly laid down His life on the Cross to give us life eternal.

Mary was the first to receive this gift in its fulness.  Because she never committed a sin and was conceive without original sin, she did not have to pay the price of sin, which is corruption of the body or death.  She died, like Jesus, but was immediately protected from corruption and taken into the glory of heaven to the place her Son Jesus prepared for His Beloved mother.

Not only do we have Jesus interceding for us, in His humanity, in heaven, but we also have Our Lady praying for us and being the first fruits of Jesus’ redemption of the human soul and body.

Assunzione-in-Cielo-Beata-Vergine-MariaWe are so blessed to have the salvation of Jesus Christ.  We are so blessed to be able after death to have our souls go to heaven, (if we live a holy life and die in grace).  And we are so blessed to know that at the end of time our bodies will also be glorified and assumed into heaven with Mary’s.

The complete man is soul and body.  All the dead, (except Mary), are separated from their bodies. The glories of heaven is when we are body and soul united in heaven with Jesus our savior.

dormition-3I have recently read that all bodies of the saints will be 33 years old.  That is because Jesus was 33 years old when he died, rose and ascended into the Glories of Heaven.  I will not swear by this theory.  But it sound right to me.  The body is at its perfection in strength and intelligence.  After 33 it seems to start to fall apart.

Thank God we are traditional Catholics and have the glories of heaven with our bodies and souls forever with Jesus and Mary in heaven.

Jehovah Witnesses, Charles Russell And The Illuminati

When I was talking/arguing with the Jehovah Witnesses, I told them that Charles Russell was a freemason and therefore part of the Illuminati.  That seemed to shake them up a bit.

wt-coverYou can see the masonic crown and cross and the knights from the Knights Templars of the freemasons.

In 1913 at the Masonic hall in San Francisco, Charles Russell said: “Now, I am a free and accepted mason. I trust we all are. But not just after the style of our masonic brethren.”C.T._RussellHis tomb says it all.  It is built in the pyramid shape and has the masonic symbol on it.  templar_occult_symbol_on_russells_graveIt is very interesting that the masons have appropriated the Catholic saying that Jesus gave to Constantine when He appeared to him and allowed him to conquer all of the Roman Empire in the honor of the Cross.  “IN HOC SIGNO VINCES”

Batalha_Ponte_MilviaThe battle of Milvia Bridge

This motto was used to win the Battle of Lepanto against the ottoman muslims.  This motto also was part of the motivation that the Cristeros had when they shouted out: “Que Vive Cristo Rey”.  And yet the masons use it as one of their symbols too.

cross-crownThis sign is also in the masonic lodge of Philadelphia.

These two Jehovah Witness ladies also denied that the Jehovah Witnesses predicted the end of the world several times when I told them this.  Jesus says that no one knows except the Father.  russell-chronologyrutherford-chronologyI personally knew Jehovah Witnesses who told me the world was going to end in 1975.  1975This scares a lot of people into joining them and then they stay in.  We should live each day, knowing it could be the day Jesus will return.  We, traditional Catholics, are ready.  We have held on to the Catholic faith and are joyfully awaiting the coming of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ.  We are so blessed to have Jesus to follow and not Charles Russell.  The Our Father says it all: “Thy Kingdom Come”.

Blessed Mary Of The Divine Heart And The Consecration Of The World To The Sacred Heart

All over the world people know about St. Margaret Mary Alacoque, (1647 - 1690), to whom Jesus appeared and asked that she spread devotion to the LOVE of His Most Sacred Heart.

But hardly anyone knows about Blessed Mary of the Divine Heart to whom was given the mission by Jesus to have the world consecrated to His Sacred Heart.

Maria Droste zu Vischering was born in Germany to one of the most wealthy and noble families of Germany.Maria_Droste_zu_Vischering_2Here family lived in the Palace Erbdorstenhof in Münster and Darfeld Castle in Germany.

But something greater and more attractive called her to the religious life.  Jesus spoke to her in her heart and said: “Thou shalt be the wife of My Heart“.


She also saw the very importance of connecting the love of the Sacred Heart to the love for the Blessed Sacrament.

I could never separate the devotion to the Heart of Jesus to the devotion to the Blessed Sacrament, and I never was able to explain how much the Sacred Heart of Jesus deigned to favor me in the Blessed Sacrament of the Eucharist.

Her life, like all the chosen souls, was filled with sacrifice and problems.  But she connected them to the Love Jesus has for His elect.

Maria_Droste_zu_Vischering_3I began to understand that without the spirit of sacrifice, the love of the Heart of Jesus is merely an illusion.

Jesus asked her to have Pope Leo XIII consecrate the whole world to His Sacred Heart.  Her spiritual director sent him a letter on June 10, 1898, but the pope did not believe her.  Since it was Jesus asking her, she again wrote on January 6, 1899.  In this letter she contained evidence, (Jesus had informed Blessed Mary of the incurable illness the pope was very concerned about and no one else knew about), and that he would live so as to be able to consecrate the world.  He mentioned this illness in his Encyclical  Annum Sacrum.

There is one further reason that urges us to realize our design; We do not want it to pass by unnoticed. It is personal in nature but just as important: God the author of all Good has saved us by healing us recently from a dangerous disease.”

Maria_Droste_zu_Vischering_4Miraculously Blessed Mary died on the feast day of the Sacred Heart on June 8, 1899.  The consecration of the whole world was done on the Sunday June 10, two days after her death.

Maria_Droste_zu_Vischering_6The incorrupt body of Blessed Mary of the Divine Heart.

I remember reading about Blessed Mary that Jesus told her when she moved to Portugal, that she was  the only soul He could count on in that country at that time.  I also remember that she was very disappointed in Pope Leo XIII because he had given into political pressures and made concessions to Masonic government officials in Germany and Austria.  She knew very well about these things since her father was of nobility, wealthy and involved in Government issues.pope-leo-xiii

But Pope Leo XIII changed after his vision of the devil asking God to be able to destroy the Catholic Church.  He then became very concerned about the evil of Freemasonry and wrote many many encyclicals condemning them.

Many saints have promoted the devotion and love to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.  In this photo we see St. Catherine of Siena and Blessed Mary of the Divine Heart adoring Jesus’ Heart.sacred2The title on this picture is actually incorrect as to that of St. Margaret Mary Alacoque and is actually as I stated, Blessed Mary of the Divine Heart.

May each one of us be willing to live a life of sacrificial love for Jesus and be rewarded with His eternal love forever in Heaven.  We are so blessed to be traditional Catholics and to know that Jesus’ love is so strong for us.  HE is taking care of us each second of our lives.

Twice, St. Clare Held Off Armies With The Blessed Sacrament

St. Clare was of a noble family of Assisi Italy and her family owned a large palace and a castle on the slope of Mount Subasio.  She was born 1194 and died August 11, 1253.

Clare_Stained GlassFrom her earliest age, St. Clare always had a heart set on God.  But after hearing a mission given by St. Francis, she gave up all her wealth and noble status to follow Jesus on March 20, 1212.  Soon, other women gathered around her, including her mother, sister and aunt.  

They lived and prayed by a very simple rule that had been given to them by St. Francis.  Even though Pope Gregory IX admired St. Clare greatly, he nonetheless tried very hard to get her to not live by the rule of complete poverty.  He even visited her at San Damiano, where St. Francis had place the sisters.  But St. Clare firmly refused.

Francis_vision of_CARDUCHO, VicenteWe still have the letter that he wrote to her, and her community, giving them permission to live evangelical poverty.

Gregory Bishop Servant of Servants of God.  To our beloved daughters in Christ Clare and the other handmaids of Christ dwelling together at the Church of San Damiano in the Diocese of Assisi. Health and Apostolic benediction. It is evident that the desire of consecrating yourselves to God alone has led you to abandon every wish for temporal things. Wherefore, after having sold all your goods and having distributed them among the poor, you propose to have absolutely no possessions, in order to follow in all things the example of Him Who became poor and Who is the way, the truth, and the life. Neither does the want of necessary things deter you from such a proposal, for the left arm of your Celestial Spouse is beneath your head to sustain the infirmity of your body, which, according to the order of charity, you have subjected to the law of the spirit. Finally, He who feeds the birds of the air and who gives the lilies of the field their raiment and their nourishment, will not leave you in want of clothing or of food until He shall come Himself to minister to you in eternity when, namely, the right hand of His consolations shall embrace you in the plenitude of the Beatific Vision. Since, therefore, you have asked for it, we confirm by Apostolic favour your resolution of the loftiest poverty and by the authority of these present letters grant that you may not be constrained by anyone to receive possessions. To no one, therefore, be it allowed to infringe upon this page of our concession or to oppose it with rash temerity. But if anyone shall presume to attempt this, be it known to him that he shall incur the wrath of Almighty God and his Blessed Apostles, Peter and Paul. Given at Perugia on the fifteenth of the Kalends of October in the second year of our Pontificate.”

Pope Innocent then solemnly confirmed the Rule of the Poor Clares (Bull, “Solet Annuere”), on August 9th. 1253.  At the end of St. Clare’s life, this pope secure for her sisters the “precious treasure of poverty” that St. Clare, (in imitation of St. Francis), had lived from the beginning of her conversion.

One of the greatest miracles know about St. Clare was when the army of Frederick II, in 1234, began to invade Assisi and even had ladders up to the windows of the sisters convent.  The whole community was in great fear.   But St. Clare, calmly rose from her sick bed, took the ciborium from the chapel, and proceeded to face the invaders through an open window.  As she raised up the Blessed Sacrament, the soldiers, who were about to enter their monastery, became confused like and left the sisters and Assisi alone.  

Clare at the seige of Assisi_CESARI, GiuseppeAgain, later on, General Vitale di Aversa began another offensive against Assisi.  St.Clare gathered her community around her and they knelt in prayer that Assisi might be spared. Instantly, a powerful storm arose that tore up and scattered all the soldiers tents.  They began to panic and quickly departed in great fear.  The people of Assisi knew that it was St. Clare, and her sisters prayers, that had saved them again.  

As St. Francis had the joy of seeing his order spread all over Europe, St. Clare also was able to see many Poor Clare convents open up all over Europe in her own lifetime.

483px-HeiligenkreuzStClareAfter her death and in order for no one to steal her body, or for marauding armies to desecrate her body, she was buried deep down beneath the Church built in her honor.  To the great joy of the people of Assisi, on 23 September 1850, her body was discovered.

St. Clare had two very important goals in her life.  It “was to bring about a restoration of discipline in the Church, and of morals and civilization in the peoples of Western Europe”  These two goals are also what we traditional Catholics have in common with her.  We want to see:

1) The restoring of the Catholic Church back to Jesus’ Biblical teachings.

2)  Return to the 2000 year old Catholic Traditions.

3) Return of the sacred Catholic Rites, like the Latin Mass and all other Latin Sacraments.

4) The use of the traditional blessings of Holy Water and other sacred objects.

5) Society subjected to Jesus’ Rule and Laws.

6) The restitution of the indissolubility of the Sacrament of Marriage, (only between a man and a woman).

shgallery-1St. Clare and St. Francis were just two people.  Yet their faith, prayers, lives and poverty are still having an effect on the world.  Who knows if one of you reading this blog will be the new St. Francis or St. Clare.

But we are not here to follow them.  We are here to follow whom they followed, Jesus Christ.  We are to follow His life and obey His teaching contained in the Holy Bible.  We are so blessed to be traditional Catholics.

Tradition, Especially Catholicism, Has Powerful Attraction

Here in South Phoenix, Arizona, there are many many charter schools  In less than 6 months this charter school, (Heritage Academy, grades 7 – 12, ), was built.  It opened last week for this curriculum year.  Notice how they tied into the traditional New England architecture.  Why?  Because it automatically conveys a sense of history, stability and value to those who are interested in going to this

photoThe people behind this charter school are brilliant.  They know exactly what gives a new school a sense of old scholastic greatness.  Here are two of the architectural renderings that convey the same message. photophoto


It also has historical persons on its sign, to further give that sense of being in a line of traditional persons going for greatness.


I have watched this massive traditional school being built in less than 6 months.  What I have lamented, through out the whole processes, was the knowledge that we are building very few, if any, new traditional Catholic Churches or schools like this one.  And I lamented the fact that there is definitely plenty of money and speed to build a charter school, yet there is hardly any money or effort put into building new schools and churches for the King of Kings, Jesus Christ.  Why is this?  Because eternal things no longer have preference in our world today and we Catholics are too busy accumulating our own personal wealth.

Next door to this school is another Charter School.  It also has taken advantage of the strong sentiments that the concept of tradition, invokes.  It is called Legacy Traditional School.  Notice the script used on the sign, the old feather pen and the antique inkwell.  photo

We traditional Catholics know that this is how God created humans.  It is built into our nature to be attracted to what is beautiful, lasting and secure.  That is why we, the few traditional Catholics that we are, need to keep on protecting what God has given humanity through the traditions of the Holy Catholic Church.

Yes we need traditional architecture and beauty, but we especially need the traditional Holy Latin Mass, the Mass of All Ages.

WorcesterWe are not just about symbols, we have the real thing, Jesus Christ’s Church and teachings, today, tomorrow and forever.  

De-Throne Jesus Christ, And You Get Nothing But Death And Destruction

In the Old testament, God is King of Israel.  “There is one most high Creator Almighty, and a powerful king, and greatly to be feared, who sitteth upon his throne, and is the God of dominion.”  Ecclesiasticus 1: 8

Keys to the Kingdom_LORENZO VENEZIANOJesus Christ is King.  Everywhere in the New Testament we read that Jesus came to bring the Kingdom Of God.  He is called the Messiah.  He will return as King, escorted by His angels to Judge the living and the dead.

At His first coming, 2000 years ago, He was rejected as King Messiah by most of the Jews.  They actually said: “But they cried out: Away with him; away with him; crucify him. Pilate saith to them: Shall I crucify your king? The chief priests answered: We have no king but Caesar.”  John 19: 15

Crucifixion_man illumIndeed they accepted the pagan Caesar to be their king.  And what did they get from “their king Caesar”?  Crucifixions, slaughter and enslavement.

In 66 AD, the Jews of Judea rebelled against the Roman occupiers.  Emperor Nero sent Vespasian to reconquer Judea and siege Jerusalem.  But then Nero committed suicide rather than be flogged as he had been sentenced by the senate.

jewishtemple2Upon the death of Nero’s son, Vespasian was chosen as Emperor.  He sent his son Titus to capture Jerusalem at any price.    They built a wall around Jerusalem and anyone trying to escape them with arms were crucified.  Hundreds and hundreds of Jews were crucified.  The Jews inside turned on themselves and killed each other as they starved to death.

In 70 AD, the walls were finally breached, the Romans either slaughtered all the remaining Jews inside or made them into slaves to work in the mines of Egypt.  Someone set a fire in the inner part of the Holy of Holies and the Temple was destroyed.

witness-of-70adThe sacred vessels and treasures from the Temple were triumphantly marched into Rome and Titus had an Arch constructed in memory of the destruction of Jerusalem.  All this was written down by Josephus Flavius who was a Jewish friend of Emperor Vespasian.

titus-arch-menorahGod allowed the evil “Caesar King”, that the Jews had chosen over King Jesus, to punish His rebellious people.  And what a punishment it was.  “But when the king had heard of it, he was angry, and sending his armies, he destroyed those murderers, and burnt their city.”  Matthew 22: 7.

the-arch-of-titusIt is always that way.  When we disobey God by sinning, we are rebelling against the Our King, God, who created us and who gives us everything we have.  Here are a few things He gives us:

1) Salvation and the possibility of going to heaven.

2) Sustains us in existence each second.

3) Love.

4) Our family and children.

5) The food we eat.

6) The air we breathe.

7) The whole immense universe.

8) Light.

9) Friends.

10. Pets and all the wonderful things found in nature.

When we rebel against our Loving King Jesus and chose “Caesar” we are eventually punished.

It starts with each individual.  When I do not let Jesus rule over my life and soul, conflicts arise inside me and sicknesses come into my body.  Take for example looking at pornography.  It causes a guilty conscience as well as a constant battle against addiction.

Every family that does not have Jesus as King and boss, ends up fighting against each other and separating.

Every country that does not have Jesus as King and enforces His laws, ends up with crime, fighting and millions of its citizens living in prisons.

The Holy Catholic Church, since Vatican II, has de-throned Jesus the King and enthroned man, the popes, the bishops, the religious, the priests and the people.  What has been the result?  Self destruction.  As Catholic leaders justify sin and fight each other over what is right and wrong, millions of souls are being lost as they leave Jesus’ Church.  There are very few vocations and children.   The law suits of “Caesar” are draining all the coffers of the Church.

fall388x258When are the Catholic leaders going to wake up and see that we are paying a heavy price for having chosen “Caesar” over Jesus?  Jesus weeps today, as he wept over Jerusalem 2000 years ago.

Jesus_weeps_Jerusalem_02Each one of us can subdue ourselves under the loving rule, (rules) of Our King Jesus Christ.  Each one of us can try to help our families, countries and Church come back under the loving Rule of Jesus.  We can show other Catholics and people the destruction all around us and remind them that there is a better option, Jesus’ Kingdom.

We are so blessed to be traditional Catholics and who are trying to become the King Jesus’ subjects.  Long Live Christ The King.  Que Viva Cristo Rey.  Vive Christus Rex.

Traditional Latin Mass Altar Boys Discern Vocation To Holy Priesthood

Every Friday evening, after the 5:30 Latin Mass, all the Altar Boys practice their Holy Mass parts or help newcomers to learn how to serve the Latin Mass.  This Friday there was a meeting with their parents to go over the importance of what their sons are doing for God and for His Catholic Church as Altar Boys.

photoThen, Fr. Joseph Lee FSSP, gave a talk to the boys 12 and older about the call to the priesthood.  Fr. Lee is helping out at Mater Misericordiae Mission where Fr. Walker was murdered.  He will be returning in September to teach Canon Law at the Fraternity’s Seminary, Our Lady Of Guadalupe in Denton Nebraska.

photoIn his talk on vocation to the priesthood, he first explained to them the meaning of the Latin word Vocare, to call.  He explained that in order to hear God’s call, as to what is your vocation in life may be, you need to do several things:

1) Have quiet time to be able to hear God’s directions for your life.

2) Discern if it is God’s call or not by investigating if you have the ability to follow through.

3) The call may come in different ways and at different times.

4) Take time to pray everyday.

As to how to fight against sexual impurity that attacks many priestly vocations he suggested:

1) Keep busy.  A bag full of water has no room for anything else.  A life full of God and good actions, (work, helping parents, studies and sports), has no time for pornography and sexual sins.

2) Have good holy healthy friends.

3) Get rid of the Smart Phone.  It is always distracting and can be a temptation to look at pornography or other bad things on Facebook.

4) Have discipline in your life.

FT_Nuns_DeclineMay many of you young men who are generous with God, seriously investigate if God may be calling you to sacrifice your life to become a traditional Catholic priest.  This may mean sacrificing and giving up:

1) Your desire for marriage.

2) Your desire to be loved by a woman.

3) Your desire for children.

4) Your desire for fast cars.

5) Your desire for money.

6) Your desire for sexual pleasures.

7) Your desire to be important.

558629_234121936743527_2073920658_n-2God is looking for some humble servants willing to sacrifice all to follow His Son Jesus Christ.  There is nothing more difficult than to be a traditional Catholic priest.  But there is absolutely nothing as meaning full as a life dedicated to Jesus’ Church and to saving souls.

Old Traditional Catholic Churches Are Being Supported By “Detroit Mass Mob”

A great thing is happening in Detroit.  A lawyer started a thing called Detroit Mass Mob where people combining religion and history set a Sunday to visit one of the great old Detroit Churches.  One of them was Sweetest Heart of Mary Catholic Church (click on name of parish for the story) at 4440 Russell St. Detroit. Michigan.5387605313_2f9d175e4b[1]

3233b7ab74d415ab2a662895d771f4a4This church is one of the most beautiful churches ever in the United States.  It is in the old part of Detroit where there are miles and miles of abandon houses caused by the marxist mayor Detroit had.

The Sunday before they went to St. Joseph’s Church 1828 Jay St. (near Eastern Market St.), also in Detroit.

You read read about them at:

detroit_sweetest[1]Outside of Sweetest Heart of Mary

One visitor said: “I never thought I’d see a communion rail again.” Most of those involved are people who have familiar roots or cultural roots (Polish) with these old beautiful churches.  They had to be told to be quiet before mass.  So you can imagine that they are not what we would call “traditional Catholics”.  But just the mare amount of interest tells us that we are on the right trail of God to preserve the sacredness and beauty of traditional Catholicism.  

Prayer To Our Lady For Good Health, Soul And Body

With so many of our family and friends ill, this is a great prayer to pray and share with those who are sick.  It is very very hard to be sick.  We forget when we are healthy again.  So try to pray for and visit the sick.

3762189554_9975e7881aShrine to Our Lady of Good Health

Most Pure virgin, you are the health of the sick, the refuge of sinners, the consolation of the afflicted and the dispenser of all graces. In my weakness and discouragement, I appeal today to the treasures of your divine mercy and goodness, and I dare to call you by the sweet name of Mother. Yes, O Mother, attend to (______) or his/her infirmity, give me, him/her bodily health, so that he/she may do his/her duties with vitality and joy, and with the same disposition may he/she serve your Son Jesus and give thanks to you, health of the sick.

Our Lady of Good Health, pray for us.

imagesBut, never, never forget that a healthy soul is the source of a healthy body.

“Oh Lord I am not worthy that Thou should enter under my roof, but only say the word and my soul shall be healed.”

Deep sorrow for past and present sins and confession really helps heal our soul.

Send An Email Or Write A Letter To The Mayor Of Oklahoma City To Protest Black Satanic Mass At Civic Auditorium

Here is a copy of an email sent to the Mayor of Oklahoma City.  I think this man did a great job and we can use it as an example of what we can send.  Thank you to all of you who are praying the novena to Our Lady of The Assumption and who are writing letters of protest.

archangel-michael-super“I write to you from the city of El Paso. I am appalled that your civic center would permit a black mass to be held on 09/21/14 at 7:00. Our constitution allows us the freedom of speech, but it does not allow us the freedom to commit evil acts, nor does it allow anyone to promote evil acts, to commit acts of crime against God, or crimes against humanity. A black “mass” is designed to offend God, and also to give cult to the devil, that being who is “a liar and a murderer”, and an enemy to man. Please do what is right, and do what is in your power to cancel this event and to forbid any like it in the future. If this event is held, I will decide never to visit your city, and also make it known that Oklahoma City is not friendly nor an ally to Catholics, and by extension to any Christian.”

Mick Cornett became Oklahoma City’s 35th mayor on March 2, 2004. He is just the fourth mayor in the City’s history to be elected to a third term.

To Contact Mayor Mick Cornett

200 N Walker, 3rd Floor
Oklahoma City, OK 73102
fax 405-297-3759
Steve Hill, Chief of Staff to the Mayor
Karen Fox, Executive Assistant