New Beginnings – Building On The Faith Of Our Fathers

Saving souls…That was a constant theme on the mind of Father Carota. It permeated his thoughts and his actions.  This blog, is a fruit of that theme.  He originally wanted to start a Catholic TV station and build up a group to help priest learn the Latin Mass.
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 Over the time, those things didn’t come to pass but what did happen was for the best.  His blog has been an inspiration to all of us.

We got a chance to see the actions of a traditional priest on a daily basis.  The things he would post and say would make me cringe, laugh, feel intense pain as they could cut to the heart of the matter, and of course, like an old Disney movie, would leave us with hope at the end! He would post about buying auto parts,  blessing a business, telling a lady her tight pants were offending God, and then explain why our Pope was costing souls their salvation.
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 He didn’t pull any punches.  As a reader, it made me wonder how in the world did he get away with actually stating the TRUTH online in this day in age of Bishops clamping a stopper on anything that isn’t the “company line”.

This means, of course, he had enemies.  Satan of course, but there were many that were highly offended and put off by his frank online dialogues.  One of the things I helped Father with was going through the emails that were sent in and helping him to answer them.  It’s amazing how people get so angry about what he would write sometimes.  Some of the comments (that weren’t published) and some of the personal attacks were astounding.  Of course, when talking with Father about it, he would just chuckle and quickly forgive and excuse the people.  Some he knew, others he didn’t.  He was too busy trying to save souls to allow it to bother him much.

He asked me to make sure this blog continued.
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 Of course, I said yes as hosting a blog is not a big deal.  He always viewed this blog as an instrument to save souls.  I get that now from reading all of the comments over the years and the emails that have come in since I was asked to help.  It isn’t so much that Father would say something truly magnificent or new, no, he would just state the truth in Love.  That is, of course, why we loved him so.  We knew, that he loved us.  He didn’t know most of the readers, but he prayed for them.  He wanted to offer bits of hope everyday so that our souls would be comforted and we would, with renewed vigor, continue fighting the good fight no matter where we were or how far we might have strayed.

I feel such a profound loss in my soul with his passing.  I grieve, but not as one without hope.  I miss his daily reminders to be faithful and the small ways he showed how to be a faithful catholic in this sordid world we live in.  But with that grief, I am reminded that the battle is not over.  Father Carota did his part.  He was faithful to the call that God placed on him.  His part of this fight (at least on earth) is over and it is up to us to pick the slack.  In a time when we have apostate priests right and left, he stood in the gap and said “as for me and my house we will serve the Lord” and he made good that motto with his actions.

What now?

As promised, this blog will continue the mission of saving souls.  Changes will occur, new writers will help us, but the goal will always be the same: the salvation of souls.