Traditional Catholic Wife And Mother 6

The great vocation of a Catholic Wife and Mother taken principally from the writings of St. Peter Julian Eymard, (Eucharistic Handbook).Mary, Mother of God (3)

Women, the Bulwark of Civilization. – In the 1600’s, Our Lady of Good Success foretold to Ven. Mother Marianna of Jesus that the 20th century would see a loss of faith, morals and good customs. Today we see her prophecies have come true. What remains of Christian Western Civilization is being attacked on every side and systematically destroyed.

Christian mothers must remember, therefore, that in every society, it has always been the faithful women who uphold the standards for good manners, customs and morals. These are values which mothers, more than any other, hand-on to their children; these are values women are able to elicit from men and society—simply by conducting themselves in a respectful and modest manner which demands reciprocation. Thus, the recovery of Christian civilization, so desperately needed today, will begin and be sustained by the Christian woman and mother, the heart of every family and home and country.

fatima4AT FATIMA, the angel depicted in the vision part of Third Secret repeated the request of Our Lady of Lourdes: Penance! Penance! Penance! With this penance performed, the heavenly Queen is depicted in the same vision as putting out the flames of God’s wrath coming upon the world! If we do our penance according to our duties of state, we will surely be aided by God’s grace in all our endeavors and receive the protection of the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts against all dangers as well as help Our Lady in fulfilling the Fatima promises… In the end, My Immaculate Heart with triumph.” 

How happy such a good wife and mother will be when she goes before God’s judgment seat and is able to say: Those whom Thou hast given me I have guarded(John 17:12).

Traditional Catholic Wife And Mother 6

The great vocation of a Catholic Wife and Mother taken principally from the writings of St. Peter Julian Eymard, (Eucharistic Handbook).BlessedVirginMary 2

Politeness. – These duties consist especially in receiving visits and in returning them. She should lend herself readily to them when duty or charity requires it. On such occasions, she should be known for her respect of the truth and love of charity, her motivation being the edification of her neighbors.  But in the interests of her religious duties and of those of her state, she should avoid as much as possible useless and idle visits, which dissipate the soul, weaken piety, and not seldom offend charity.

Business. – Prudence and simplicity should regulate the managing of her business. She should be prudent in the choice of means, calling into play all that God has given her in the way of intelligence, ability, and an honest industriousness to succeed in her work; that is the legitimate investment of one’s talents, spoken of in the Gospel. She should be simple in her business transactions, seeking only justice, acting only according to the truth, and trusting in God alone for success; a life that is based on faith need nothing further.

Carlow_Cathedral_St_Dominic_Receives_the_Rosary_from_the_Virgin_Mary_2009_09_03-640x367 As the praises of Solomon for the valiant woman in Proverbs indicates (cf. 31:10f.) a woman’s work in the home has immense economic value, although it is rarely remunerated monetarily or justly acknowledged. Nevertheless, none should ever belittle or degrade her work which is of vital importance for her family’s sustenance and economic viability. The virtuous woman will not lend an ear to worldly values and human respect, trusting that God Himself will repay her loving efforts a hundred-fold. Note too that society at large is better served when its citizens are raised at home by the loving care of a mother. Unless there is grave necessity, a mother ought not work outside the home.  A mother who places greater value on a professional career and earning income over the duties of her family and home places her own soul and that those of her family in grave danger.

Social proprieties. – The faithful wife and mother is occasionally obliged to take part in worldly festivities; her position, her family obligations, the demands of friendship make it a duty for her to do so. On such occasions, which are distasteful to her piety, the virtues of modesty, charity, and humility will be her rule of conduct and her safeguard. BlessedVirginMary

Modesty. – Modesty should be her chief finery, her Christian protest against the vanities of the world, and her powerful defense against its dangers. The Catechism teaches: “Modesty protects the intimate center of the person. It means refusing to unveil what should remain hidden… Modesty is decency. It inspires one’s choice of clothing. It keeps silence or reserve where there is evident risk of unhealthy curiosity. It is discreet… Modesty inspires a way of life which makes it possible to resist the allurements of fashion and the pressure of prevailing ideologies.”

Pope Pius XII once said: “There is nothing wrong in being fashionable. But, fashion can never be the supreme rule of conduct. There is a limit beyond which fashion can bring about the ruin of a soul.” And in another place, he taught: “modesty foresees threatening danger, forbids us to expose ourselves to risks, demands the avoidance of those occasions which the imprudent do not shun. It does not like impure or loose talk, it shrinks from the slightest immodesty, it carefully avoids suspect familiarity with persons of the other sex, since it brings the soul to show due reverence to the body, as being a member of Christ and the temple of the Holy Ghost. He who possesses the treasure of Christian modesty abominates every sin of impurity and instantly flees whenever he is tempted by its seductions” (Sacra Virginitas, no. 58).

Charity. – Wanting what is best for another, the Christian woman should be gentle in order not to embarrass anyone, obliging in everything that conscience allows and truth is not violated, devoted to the very limits of duty. Virgin Mary Annunciate_ANGELICO, Fra

Humility. – In the presence of human glory and ambition, the humility of the wife and mother should shine in all its simplicity. She should step into the background and forget self in order to busy herself only with others; she should accept in peaceful serenity the humiliations inflicted on her vanity and self-love, knowing how to find God in the midst of the joys and pleasures of the world as well as its sorrows.

When she is modest, charitable, and humble, she can take part in worldly festivities without fearing its dangers. She will have done her duty and left behind her the sweet odor of the Christ, in whom she lives and for whom she acts.

Traditional Catholic Wife And Mother 5

The great vocation of a Catholic Wife and Mother taken principally from the writings of St. Peter Julian Eymard, (Eucharistic Handbook).

Duties towards her neighbor. – The duties of the faithful wife and mother towards her neighbor fall into three classes: duties towards her relatives, duties towards her friends, and duties towards her social acquaintances.

Virgin Maria042-1Duties towards her relatives. – These duties are part of her Christian obligations. They are not always easy. Jealousy, self-interest, and the spirit of discord often make it difficult to keep the union of peace and charity. Thus, the faithful and duty-conscience woman should in all charity and prudence spend herself in furthering the bonds of love among her relatives, in reconciling minds at variance, in smoothing over hurt feelings without compromising the truth. She will always be successful in her mediation if she seeks only the glory of God and the spiritual good of her neighbors by setting aside her own interests and self-love. She will always be a bond of union if she is ever charitable in her words towards all, full of consideration and deference for their rights, and seeks rather to serve than to be served, to be ignored than to shine. This duty is often particularly challenging with in-laws, yet she may view this as a means afforded to her by Divine Providence for greater merit and growth in sanctity.

Our-LadyDuties towards her friends. – From a motive of divine charity, the wife and mother should not, as a rule, seek to have friends outside her relatives since her principle sphere of activity has already been defined by the family. If however, in that respect, she happens to be isolated, and God has given her friends with the same spiritual ambitions, let her love those friends as a sisters and count on them for strength and help. But she should not forget that detachment is the salt of friendship. This reserve or detachment makes the Christian woman always pure in her affections, always prudent in her confidences, always noble in her sentiments, always modest in her manner of living. She should, therefore, be discreet concerning her sorrows and difficulties at home. One imprudent word is enough to destroy union in the family, to irritate wounds only half closed and ignite the flames of discord. She should be reserved in revealing the defects of her own; honor and charity make this a duty, and prudence makes it a rule of conduct. A friend may not always be discreet.

If she is a mother, she should be judicious in the choice of her children’s friends. Friendship is the source of both good and evil among young people.eyck_ghent_virgin_close

Lastly she should be reserved in the pouring out of her heart, especially in moments of sorrow and sadness. It is difficult to find a friend who, in such circumstances, can truly console and strengthen in God a distressed soul. Happy the soul that is satisfied with God and finds everything in God.

Duties towards social acquaintances. – Due to the obligations of her state of life, the wife and mother is often required to have dealings with the world. These duties fall into three classes: those arising from politeness or good manners, from business, and from social proprieties.

Traditional Catholic Wife And Mother 4

The great vocation of a Catholic Wife and Mother taken principally from the writings of St. Peter Julian Eymard, (Eucharistic Handbook).

The divine mission of the mother is one of faith, virtue, prayer, and suffering.holyfamily15

A mission of faith. – She must be the first to speak of God, of the goodness of Jesus Christ to her children; to foster the growth of the seed of faith deposited in them by the grace of baptism; to watch with a great care over their innocence and to make piety a part of their early training. It is the mother that must preserve and keep up the faith of the family by being very strict and guarding it from everything that may scandalize one of its members. Faith is the Christian’s most precious treasure, the pearl of great price. Through spiritual readings and pious conversations, she will help the faith of her children bear fruit.

Furthermore, parents are the first educators of their children. Pope Leo XIII once wrote: “Catholic parents should not confide the education of their children to schools that are not safe…” (letter to the Italian people, Dec 8, 1892). The Catechism says, this right and duty of parents is “primordial and inalienable” such that, “The role of parents in education is of such importance that it is almost impossible to provide an adequate substitute.”vargas gonzales family 025-1Gonzales Family, from which came two cristero martyrs, Jorge and Ramon.

A mission of virtue. – A mother must instill virtue in each one of her children in such a manner as to make it agreeable to them. Virtue that does not spring forth from within will quickly be lost by a child through bad companions or upon leaving home. A mother will first of all apply herself to making her own virtue simple and easy so that her children may become, as it were, naturally virtuous through her example; meek and gentle – as was that of Jesus and Mary – so that she may win the hearts of all; strong, determined, and yet disinterested, so that she may always remain undisturbed in her trials and faithful to God in her sacrifices.

If the husband God has given her is more of the sinner than a Christian, to his edification and her sanctification, she will devote herself to his conversion with patience and confidence. Such a wife may find recourse and inspiration from St. Monica, St. Rita, Bd. Anna Maria Taigi as well as Bd. Elizabeth Canori-Mora.

In mission of prayer. – A Christian mother will best sanctify her family by prayer. Her prayer puts the finishing touch on what her words and examples have begun. God refuses nothing to the persevering prayer of a mother, as St. Monica proves. He has placed her power and victory in prayer. Prayer should then be the habitual food of her soul.

A mother will teach her children their prayers early. Inasmuch as she can, she will take it upon herself to have them fulfill this pious duty every day. She will especially get them into the habit of frequent visits to the Most Blessed Sacrament by leading them to church from their tenderest years.Virgin Showing the Man of Sorrows_MEMLING, Hans

A mission of suffering. – The title of mother is the fruit of suffering; God has willed it so. The title of spiritual mother can be acquired only on Calvary at the side of the Virgin Mother of Sorrows.

To obtain the grace of salvation for her children, a mother must then accept suffering and often suffer alone with Jesus and Mary: blessed sufferings indeed, since they beget children of God and citizens of heaven to the life of grace. The greater is her suffering and the more devoid she is of all natural consolation, the more a mother should rejoice in divine charity; for that is the sign that the hour of victory is at hand.

Happy the mother who possesses the wisdom of the Cross, the virtue of Jesus Crucified; all the sweetness and power of it will be hers. Let her then practice this crucified love without ceasing; let her earnestly pray for it as for the surest and sublimest grace of perfection.

Traditional Catholic Wife and Mother # 3

The great vocation of a Catholic Wife and Mother taken principally from the writings of St. Peter Julian Eymard, (Eucharistic Handbook).

‘She must serve her family. – Once penetrated with deep esteem and love for her state, a mother must feel a strong impulse to serve her family. The service a woman renders her loved ones will become for her the form of her life, the substance and center of her virtues, the rule of piety set by God for her sanctification.Virgin Showing the Man of Sorrows_MEMLING, Hans

The service of her family becomes the form of her life when she surrenders herself to its tasks. The life of the mother is one entirely of dependence. In taking up her state of life, she sacrifices to God her liberty and will. Her life becomes a continuous act of self-denial; and blessed is she when she knows how to make this self-denial meritorious after the example of His Majesty, Jesus Christ, His Blessed Mother, and the saints, who practiced obedience unto perfection, without glory, without condition, without end.

A mother both nurtures and nourishes her children. She is the immediate provider of their daily bread, the first physician of their wounds, and a sweet solace who brings empathic compassion to soothe their sadness and difficulties such that they come to her without hesitation in all their difficulties and trials.

Virgin Mary Annunciate_ANTONELLO da MessinaBefore birth the parents, especially the mother, must avoid anything that is injurious to the child in utero. After birth the mother should nurse her own child if she is able. Without a legitimate reason, a mother may sin seriously if she neglects this obligation. On October 26, 1941, Pope Pius XII took time out from his busy wartime duties to meet with Women of Italian Catholic Action. His primary concern in this talk was character development, and he explained that it began at the mother’s breast. “This is the reason why,” he explained, “except where it is quite impossible, it is more desirable that the mother should feed her child at her own breast. Who shall say what mysterious influences are exerted upon the growth of that little creature by the mother upon whom it depends entirely for its development?” Many recent studies have reinforced the wisdom of our forefathers that a mother’s milk is the most nutritious food for her child. In particular, it fortifies a child’s immune system, helps excel brain development, and strengthens the bond between mother and child. 

Furthermore, the faithful mother will love her children in a Christian manner, that is, in Jesus Christ, Who has said: “Let the children come to me, do not keep them back; the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.” His Majesty became a little child Himself in order to make childhood still more lovable and worthy of the motherly care. To be perfect, such a mother’s love is supernatural, tender and generous.BlessedVirginMary

The service of her family becomes the substance of her virtues when she recognizes that God has provided the grace and all that is required for the highest perfection in every state of life. When good works or pious desires interfere with the duties of one’s state, they are not in order, but rather distractions. A mother must then guard herself well against this temptation and never lose sight of the divine end, which the will of God has marked out for her.

The Blessed Virgin Mary never overstepped the bounds of the simple and hidden vocation God had meant for her. She attended exclusively to her humble duties of spouse and mother, to the obscure labors of her poor condition, the simple and little virtues of everyday life. In this she pleased God. Blessed is the mother who knows how to find in her state occasions for the practice of every virtue and the exercise of divine love; she has discovered the kingdom of God on earth.

The service of her family becomes the center of her virtues when she practices the love of God by loving one’s neighbor. In serving her family, she is loving God and neighbor and growing in that love. The virtues of the mother are easily summed up in the practice of kindness and charity.

Virgin in Prayer_SASSOFERRATOIn seeking kindness in her actions and in her relations with others, she becomes a visible and sensible expression for all, as it were, of the goodness of God, and the sweetness of His fatherly providence; always calm, like the love of God, the divine motive which animates her; always good and condescending, like the divine goodness which sustains her; giving always and looking for no return, since she is satisfied with God; incessantly denying herself; always calm and gentle in imitation of the Most Blessed Sacrament that is the substance and center of the Christian life.

The service of her family becomes the rule of her piety. Since the perfection of holiness consists in the perfect sanctification of the vocation, a mother must direct all her spiritual duties to that end, just as the soldier uses all his science, his weapons, and his strength for the combat. She will, therefore, look upon piety as the supernatural means of sanctifying her state, and she will subordinate the exterior practices of it to her duties. That is why she will make it a point to regulate and coordinate her pious exercises and in such a way as to support her principal duties rather than interfere with them. If she knows how to economize her time and be orderly, she will always find means to foster her piety and attend properly to everything.

In case of necessity, of a pressing demand of charity, she will make it her duty to leave the pious exercise for her neighbors, to set aside the sweetness of prayer and rest for the sacrifice of work, having only one watchword, “God wills it!”

A woman ought to sanctify her family. Not content with only serving her family, a mother must devote herself to it sanctification. That is the portion of the field entrusted by God to her assiduous care that she may in all patience, cultivate and make it yield fruit a hundredfold through the generous zeal of an ardent charity.’