The Danger Of Traditional Catholic Isolation

Normally we begin our Catholic journey as Novus Ordo Catholics, who know nothing other than that which we have experienced all our lives, in all the Catholic Churches of the world.  Some of us did attend the Latin Mass before it was suppressed in 1969.  We had a minimal knowledge of that Mass, but went along with the Church authorities to accept the new mass.

Novus Ordo 1Then, somehow, everyone in different ways, (like some from Pope Benedict’s Summorum Pontificum), we began to re-discover, not only the Latin Mass, but pre-Vatican II morals and teachings.  And we wanted more of it.  Our soul knew it was right what we were discovering and what we felt we had lacked all this time, like those Tan Books always felt correct in being Catholic.

Thus begins a whole new Catholic experience.  We begin to go to the Latin Mass when it is available, or to the New Mass if it is more convenient.   Women begin to wear a veil at Church and begin to dress a little more modest when they go to Holy Mass.

But then comes the big problem when we discover that Vatican II’s documents are very ‘pastoral and confusing’.  That they seem to have changed what the Church had always taught.  Yet at the same time, we know that Catholic doctrine cannot change.  We also have personally seen and lived the terrible effects that came after Vatican II.  (Our family no longer Catholic, churches, schools seminaries closed, hospitals Catholic in name only, very few vocations to the priesthood.)Messa-in-latino 2

Then we begin to only go to the Latin Mass because we have experienced the liturgical abuse and shows at the new mass most of our lives and we are tired of it.  We want something deeper and more reverent.  We begin to study the how the Catholic Church was before and after Vatican II and are saddened by the ‘disorientation’ of most Catholics.  Then we discover that the New Mass was made up, and the first mass ever made up, from scratch in the history or the Catholic Church.  This is a horrible discovery.

Here is then when the ISOLATION can come in.  We begin to see ourselves as the fortunate Catholics who now know the truth about the Mass and Vatican II.  We now perceive all the Novus Ordo Catholics as ignorant and wrong.  We correctly know that they are liberal modernist who pick and choose what they believe in and practice as Catholics.  We try to dress modestly, they dress literally like prostitutes, even at mass.  Worst of all, they believe that any Catholic teaching can and should be changed according to modern man’s new life style.  

women priestsArguments begin.  We correctly judge them as living bad lives.  But then we stop talking with them or going to their events, because of all the evil activities that go along with these gatherings, (bad music, drinking, dressing scantly and dancing).  We do not want to support immoral lifestyles by hanging around these people.  They also see us as extremist and fanatics.  We no longer have anything in common with our family and friends with which we used to spend so much time with before.

Then try to keep our children innocent, not to be contaminated by the world.  So, we take them out of school and begin to homeschool them.  All this causes isolation and strong condemnation of our Novus Ordo family and friends.  We end up only associating with traditional Catholics.

On one hand it is great, because we now have good families with whom we can spend quality time with.  We do healthy clean activities together.  We have a lot in common because our friendships are now based on our love for our traditional Catholic faith, rather than on superficial things like having our children on the same sport team.

But it also can be a dangerous isolation.  This is especially possible when one becomes a sedevacantist or part of the Society of St. Pius the X.   I know this will make a lot of you who read this blog upset with me for saying this, but hold on and read it all and reflect on what really has happened in your life and with your family?  Is it totally healthy spiritually?XJL158488

Because almost every sedevacantist, and member of the Society, feel that all people in the institutional Catholic Church are bad, and even some say we going to hell, they isolate themselves from us.  For some, it is because we priest may say the Novus Ordo Mass or people may at times go to a Novus Ordo Mass sometimes, or we might go to a church where at other masses they give communion in the hand and there are crumbs of Jesus in the Eucharist being walked all over.  These are good points, and it would be much more pleasing to God if we only went to the Latin Mass where no Novus Ordo mass are offered.  But all this isolates these families from;

  • Us traditional Catholics who are in the canonical Church,
  • From there families who may even be pagans,
  • Friends who are modernist Catholics,
  • The average worldly people,
  • Everyone else who is not sedevacantist or Society member.

(I only believe in staying in the canonical Catholic Church, no matter how bad the Pope, bishops, priests, religious may be.)  I believe in reforming the Church from within, as extremely difficult as that may be.  

Again, I say this is dangerous isolation.  We need to love and relate to all people and try to bring them to CATHOLIC TRUTH.  We do need to be careful where are children go to school, (homeschool is the best).  We need to be careful of family and friends who may corrupt our children or influence us to sin.  But, shunning all who are not perfect Society members or sedevacantist, is isolating and dangerous.  Your families, your spouse, your children, can be too isolated and get depressed.  We can become too extreme.  It could become a problem.  aloysius

We need to be loving and kind to all people, whether they dress immodest, are satanist, modernist, homosexuals, protestants or pagans.  In no way do agree with them or their way of dressing and living.  But we do need to be kind to them and help them see the truth.

We are so blessed to be traditional Catholics, and want to be charitable and loving, even though we are so concerned about the Church, the society and souls in general.