Traditional Catholic Help

Exactly a year ago I purchased this house at a very good price because it was cut of from a large house and had neither electricity or water.  Over the last year I put in electricity and finally had a well drilled.  The neighbors all said that God really blessed me because everyone has drilled for water and have not hit water.  It is only 7 gallons per minute well at 84 feet, but it is enough for all my needs.IMG_3438_2

But after having the well dug, I still needed to have the submersible pump dropped into the well and the bladder pressure tank installed.  But before I could have that done, I had run the electricity from the house to the new well.  Yesterday we finished that.  Today we put in the pipes connecting the well to the house.  All this time, I have had water hauled and a tank filled.
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 The house was gravity fed and hardly had any pressure at all.

Traditional Catholic friends came from California, again, came out to help with the ditch digging and pipe connecting.  We just finished and turned on the water in the house.  There is actually a lot of water pressure.  I am so happy.  But I have had no time to work on the blog.

We take everything for granted; food, water, electricity, friends, family, the Latin Mass, faith, time and so much more.  I am so thankful to God for a house with water and electricity now.
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