On A Band-Aid Being Heritical

As the Synod continues to go on in Rome and as I read the response to it by the bloggers, one thing of the main things that people are trying to do is trying to put a big bandage on the giant boo-boo.  This boo-boo (or as I like to call it: HERESY) isn’t some scrape that happened on the way to full “enlightenment,” it is a cancer that is eating out the very heart and soul of our faith.

You see, God doesn’t like cancerous limbs.  In John 15, Jesus’ says those that don’t produce fruit will be cut off.  The cutting off, isn’t some monstrous evil thing, it is to protect the body from the cancerous cell that is trying to poison the root. If this cancer is allowed to continue, it will corrupt the root. The time is long since passed to beat around the bush concerning what we need to do.  The Catholic Church is in a state of Crisis not seen since the great Arian Crisis and our actions have to rise to the occasion.

I contend, this crisis isn’t new and the church has been in this crisis for nearly 50 years now, but it seems, that by God’s divine mercy, people are slowly starting to see it for what it is.  This crisis isn’t just about having a Mass said in Latin, it is about the entire mindset of the church.  This crisis is bringing to a head the traditional understanding of the Faith delivered and the modernistic, humanistic, heretical doctrines of man being the center of all that has been espoused in since the Second Vatican Council.

The mindset of tradition and modernism are diametrically opposed and there can be no synthesis of the two.  We can’t blend them.  The last 50 years of the church prove this out.  Currently, the prelates in Rome are discussing how to “pastorally” allow something God forbids.  HOW DARE THEY!  The wolves are circling the sheep fold “Seeking Whom They Can Devour.”

How can we stop this?  Praying and fasting are some of the ways along with recognizing where we have allowed modernism to creep into our own lives.  We must, completely, totally, and without reserve accept the Faith that was delivered and believed by all everywhere at whatever personal cost this might cause us and then let the chips fall where they will.   As long as we accept any heresy, the seed of that heresy will remain and will sprout forth its ugly fruit sometime in the future.  The time for band-aids has past.  The church militant needs to say, “NOT ON MY WATCH.”


-Jonathan Byrd