Traditional Catholicism Helps Real People

Thank you for your prayers.  I still need a lot more.  I have a lot of feelings of anxiety and fatigue from all the struggle and not sleeping well.  Nevertheless, I go on doing my traditional Catholic work, (barely by the grace of God), which is very very fruitful.  Please continue to keep me in your prayers that I can make it each moment at a time till I get through this.  I am so blessed to have so many wonderful friends who really pray and have faith.  I am keeping them all informed so that I can get God’s help.IMG_8923

I offered the Holy Latin Mass for our school this morning and went over to visit the children.  Children can be a healing balm because of their unconditional love and joy.  Last year I had sort of given up on the school because there was so much immodesty there.  This year the principle has asked the girls to wear skirts below the knees.  I thanked him profusely for this and some of the teachers are doing a little better too, thanks be to God.
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We have two new teachers who are so kind and nice.  One of them came out of retirement just to help out in our inner city school.  I told her how much I appreciated her kindness and respect for a priest.  I also told Fr. Saenz, our pastor, how kind they are.

On the way back to my car at church, I ran into a women who I have been trying to get her to dress modest.  She was dressed very modestly and talking to another woman precisely about modesty when I came over to say hello.  They also told me that they finally get it and are trying to other women be modest too.  We need to be charitable and patient.IMG_4879

Stilling feeling rotten, I went to the hospital to see Gabriel, (who had his face terribly smashed in).  His granddaughter asked me to go.   As I was driving to the hospital, I passed by a shop and so the owner outside talking to another man.  I turn around and stopped by.  I met this man 4 weeks ago at Lowe’s.  He went to confession there and has completely changed his life.

IMG_4881Jose’s shop

He had just been telling the other man how I had helped him, because this friend has a serious drinking problem.
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 He is divorced and fights with his x, (they were never married in church so we can say his x, otherwise it is till death do us part).  We had a long talk and I told him he needs to find God and let God help him.  I told him I am more than happy to help him when ever he needs help.  I also told these men my struggles I am going through and how bad I am feeling and that we need to pray, love and support each other.  I blessed his shop today too.IMG_4882

These things really encourage me to go on because I know it was God who put me with Jose when he confessed at Lowe’s and has a new life.  He has always been a good Catholic only that he struggles with problems at times.  He really loves God and the Church a lot.  He is now going to the Latin mass on Sunday.
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 I know it was not an accident that I returned to talk with Leo.  IMG_4880Backs of pictures of sexy women he pointed out and I ripped down for him to destroy.

It is out of our pain that we can have more compassion for others when they are going through hard times.  I also think it is important to share our own struggles with those who are struggling so that they do not feel alone or lost.  It takes humility, but whatever we can do to help people not suffer and free from sin, is what is important.

IMG_4883Pray for Gabriel and His mother Lupe

When I arrived at the hospital, the mother of Gabriel, Lupe was there.  Lupe is one of those elderly Mexican women who is so close to God and full of goodness.  I met Gabriel over a year ago when he was in the hospital and being harassed by a demon.  I went into his room and called his name.  To the surprise of the nurse, he came out of a semi-coma and from that day improved.  But he had promised to go to confession, but never did.  Now I will force him to confess.

A week ago Sunday he went to a store and someone almost killed him.  They think it was road rage that caused who ever it was who plummeted his face.  He is very slowly improving.  I told his mom I would put him on my blog so that people can pray for him.

We are so blessed to be traditional Catholics and to be able to love and encourage sinners.

Traditional Catholic Priest And Men Have Temptations Of The Flesh

For the last month, I have been going through some very severe temptations of the flesh.  Please pray for me.  This is effecting me in every part of my life.  This is very embarrassing to write about.  But for this reason, I am writing about the extreme temptations of the flesh that we men have to go through and of which women, (although they have their own temptations too), can never really understand.

Only men can truly understand the extreme difficulty for a men to be chaste.  



God made us men physically and psychologically different from women.  The greatest disadvantage we men have, (and  it is God given), is that our private parts are outside of of our bodies and for this reason can so easily lead self abuse.  Women do not have this problem, (as I already stated, they have their own temptations).  That is why we men need to be extra vigilant when it comes to this built in terrible propensity to self-pleasuring ourselves.

The second thing is that we are psychologically designed, (again by God), to be aroused by sight.  This also is a great danger for us because all day long we are inundated with visual things, or immodestly dressed women, that can cause sexual attraction and arousal.  This is where we need to be very vigilant.

As soon as a we notice that a sight is causing sexual attraction, that is a signal for our eyes and mind to turn away immediately.  This is called ‘custody of the eyes‘.   It is helpful to replace the sexually loaded vision or thought with a holy thought and image like the beauty of the Virgin Mary.

Immaculate Heart of Mary

Many women, who dress immodestly, blame men for having dirty minds for having noticed their body parts they have put on display.  Over and over I hear men telling me that they are having bad thoughts while in church from the sexy way the women dress while attending Mass.  I have never heard a women say that she has bad thoughts during Mass because of how the men dress at Mass.

As a priest, just imagine what it is like to give Holy Communion, the Body of Christ, right above a woman showing off her chest.  It is especially obvious when they kneel down to receive Holy Communion.  It is simply charity to us men for women to dress modestly.

I think that most of us men are embarrassed to admit our sexual temptations.  Once, when I ran St. Francis Catholic Kitchen in Santa Cruz, California, a protestant minister friend told me that men are slightly sexually aroused over a hundred time a day from visual things.

priest image vii

Yes, we priest and men need to be very very chaste and pure.  We need to do everything possible to never sin.  That is why viewing pornography is so horrible.  It excites what is already built into us and turns it into a monster.  And, when all said and done, we are responsible for any sin of the flesh, in spite of the X rated society we live in.

The devil’s first attack on us men is through our sexual weakness!

We need to always keep this in the forefront of our minds.  We need to ask Jesus, Mary and the Angels to help us be pure.  We need to go to confession regularly, especially if someone is fighting the vices of masturbation, adultery, fornication, pornography or using prostitutes.  Confession is a medicine waiting to be administered to the sick soul.  But recovery is a torture and take a lot of time and struggle.

I know that women have different struggles and temptations.  They to have to contend with concupiscence as well,  but it is in a different way from us men.  They need to understand our weakness and help us to be holy and pure.  We need to understand their weakness and help them be holy and pure.  Many women say they are weak when it comes to sexual advances for men.

Many years ago my friends would sing this German song at parties.  The words are in English but the accent is German.  This is the English West country version that is suppose to teach you the names of the the body in English.  As you sing the song, you point to the various parts of the body.

With my hands on my head, what have I here
This is my brain boxer my teacher dear
Brain boxer, nicky , nicky, nacky, noo
That’s what they taught me when I went to school

With my hands on my head, What have I here
These are my eye blinkers my teacher dear
Eye blinkers, brain boxer, nicky , nicky, nacky, noo
That’s what they taught me when I went to school

continues in the same vein with
nose wiper (obvious!)
tea strainer (mouth)
chin wagger (um..chin!)
bread basket (tummy)
back acher (back)
TROUBLE MAKER (one guess!)
wind breaker (bottom)
knee knockers (knees)
globe trotters (feet)

Although the gift of our sexuality is from God and is from which wonderful children come, nevertheless it is over and over a TROUBLE MAKER.

We are so blessed to be traditional Catholics and to know that sex is sacred and to be carefully housed in the Holy Sanctuary of Matrimony to produce other souls for God’s kingdom.

Good Samaritan

Each one of us has his own interpretation of the Good Samaritan parable.  Taking off from what the Church Fathers taught about it, I am going to expand on it for us Catholics trying to be holy, but often falling into sin.

 A certain man went down from Jerusalem to Jericho, and fell among robbers, who also stripped him, and having wounded him went away, leaving him half dead. And it chanced, that a certain priest went down the same way: and seeing him, passed by.  In like manner also a Levite, when he was near the place and saw him, passed by.  But a certain Samaritan being on his journey, came near him; and seeing him, was moved with compassion.  And going up to him, bound up his wounds, pouring in oil and wine: and setting him upon his own beast, brought him to an inn, and took care of him.  And the next day he took out two pence, and gave to the host, and said: Take care of him; and whatsoever thou shalt spend over and above, I, at my return, will repay thee.  Luke 10:30-35.

Good Samaritan_LOTH, Johann KarlThe man who fell among robbers is Adam and the robbers are the devil and his angeles who stripped him of grace, peace and dignity.  They left him deeply wounded with the effects of his sin, (concupiscence) and barely alive with God’s friendship and life.

The priest and levite represent the Old Law which cannot heal, but only lets you know what is wrong.  Christ is the Samaritan who takes the old man Adam, (all of us before baptism), and anoints us with the oil/chrism of Baptism and pours the wine of His Blood at the Holy Mass into our souls to heal their wounds.  The inn keeper is Jesus’ priest, to whom he has entrusted the taking care of souls in the inn of His Church.322px-Church_Saint_Ouen+

We have much to learn about this parable for our own good.  First we need to remember that the devil, other demons, our bad family members and friends are waiting to rob us of sanctifying grace and to wound our souls.  Every time we seriously sin, the robbers do deep damage to our soul and our lives.  They also rob us of our dignity and peace, so that we no longer feel like children of God.  Then we have to recover, and it takes time and the problems our sin has caused are still there.

God is a loving, merciful God who will forgive us every time we are truly sorry and confess with a firm intention of not sinning anymore.  We turn to holy priests and holy friends who can help us as we begin to heal from our folly.  the-holy-sacrifice-of-the-mass2

But we do also want to learn our lesson.  Been there, done that, and I do not want to do it again.  That means making all precautions to never traveling on that dangerous road again where the robbers are waiting for us.  From now on we will be very careful to only travel with holy friends and to avoid anyone, anything or action that will lead us into sin.  Hopefully we will learn our lesson quickly, stay close to Jesus and Mary, go often to confessions and reception of the Holy Eucharist.

Traditional Catholic Help

Exactly a year ago I purchased this house at a very good price because it was cut of from a large house and had neither electricity or water.  Over the last year I put in electricity and finally had a well drilled.  The neighbors all said that God really blessed me because everyone has drilled for water and have not hit water.  It is only 7 gallons per minute well at 84 feet, but it is enough for all my needs.IMG_3438_2

But after having the well dug, I still needed to have the submersible pump dropped into the well and the bladder pressure tank installed.  But before I could have that done, I had run the electricity from the house to the new well.  Yesterday we finished that.  Today we put in the pipes connecting the well to the house.  All this time, I have had water hauled and a tank filled.
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 The house was gravity fed and hardly had any pressure at all.

Traditional Catholic friends came from California, again, came out to help with the ditch digging and pipe connecting.  We just finished and turned on the water in the house.  There is actually a lot of water pressure.  I am so happy.  But I have had no time to work on the blog.

We take everything for granted; food, water, electricity, friends, family, the Latin Mass, faith, time and so much more.  I am so thankful to God for a house with water and electricity now.
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