Traditional Catholic Good From Bad

Last Thursday I stopped for a school bus, with red lights on, going in the other direction.  A young woman rear ended me.  I feel bad for her, (and for the damage to her car, looked totaled to me), because I did have to stop rather quickly.   There was no other choice, there was a car stopped for the school bus in front of me too.  Thank God no one was hurt.  IMG_4863

FullSizeRenderThe police arrived and made a police report.  He asked me if I was wearing my seat built? I was tempted to lie, but I did not, I told him the truth that I was not wearing it.  How easy it seemed to me to lie, but it is never worth lying when God knows well the truth.

I need my van to get around, so, the next day I went to a junkyard to buy a used light to keep my van legal. I first went to one and he didn’t have one, but was so kind to go on the internet and find me one not far from him.  IMG_4876

I went to Garcia Junkyard and they were very kind and sold me one for $30.  I asked them if it might be possible to pay to have it put on.  The kind worker, (who worked in the hot sun, 107 degrees), bent the light socket, and after much trouble secured on the new rear light.  I gave them $50, even though the owner was saying only $30.  I was very happy to have the car legal.IMG_4873

Today, on my way to visit parishioners in the jail, I passed by the two junkyards.  I stopped at the first one to just go in and thank the man for taking the time to find for me the rear light.  Then I stopped into Garcia’s Junk yard to thank them too.  IMG_4875

The owner’s name is Jesus.  He asked me how much I would charge to bless his junk yard.  I said; ‘The price of him and all the people who work there to be living holy lives.’  He told me that he does go to mass every Sunday and another man does too.  I also told him that he had to treat his employees well and be honest in all his dealings.  He said he does.  So I blessed the Junkyard and the office using the Latin Prayer for blessing houses, (but put in shop instead), with exorcized Holy Water.  I explained the power of Latin and exorcized Holy Water.  He said if I ever need any junk parts in the future, he will given them to me for free.  IMG_4874

We are so blessed to be traditional Catholics who help people and are helped by them as well.  Let us always go out of our way to kind and to thank everyone who had done some kindness to us.  And let us spread the word about these kind people’s actions.