About This Blog

Fr. Peter CarotaThis blog was originally set up to follow the daily activities of a traditional Catholic Priest – Fr. Peter Carota.

It began several years ago in an attempt to bring to light the truth of the faith amidst the vast confusion an apostasy that is so rampant about us.

Fr Carota would post something, nearly daily, on different topics about the faith and about his daily encounters with people and how to show the love of God through his faith.

He wanted to show the simplicity of the faith, how sweet it is to Love God and be devoted to the saints, and he greatly wanted people to know about the traditions of our church.

Throughout the many years he blogged, he encouraged so many of us to learn more about our faith, to practice our faith even though it might make us “unpopular” and he showed us that it is okay to simple state the truth and let the cards fall where they will.

One day, Father had a post about how he was having issues with his website and wondered if any of his readers could help him out.  I emailed him, and offered to fix his issues and this began my involvement with this blog.

Within a few months after that (August of 2015), Father began to be afflicted both physically and spiritually and he was unable to post to his blog except on vary rare occasions.

He asked me to continue his blog while he was ill and I did so by posting many of his older writings again, finding writings from the saints, and getting a few other priest to help write articles.

Through out the end of 2015 and the beginning of 2016, it was evident to Father, and to me, he would never recover from this sickness.   Prior to his death in July of 2016, he basically told me it was providence that I entered his life at the time I did so that this blog could continue “For the salvation of souls“.

Now, nearly a three years after his death, the blog is still read by hundreds of thousands of people each year.  As I get to see what people search for, it still amazes me just how much his old articles can still help people that are seeking for truth.

Father Carota was seeking truth and wanted to make sure that same truth was put on his blog.  Of course, now that he is passed, the blog has to change a bit. Not in regards to the substance of the blog, but merely that a priest isn’t in charge of it anymore and a layman is.

As the inbox keeps on reminding me, people have wanted to know who is in “charge” of the site and who is writing it now.  Personally, I prefer to lay low as I don’t like speaking of myself, but the reader has a right to know who is writing so with that, I will speak of myself – enough, at least to put to rest the question of who is in charge.

My name is Jonathan Byrd.  I was born into a faithful Southern Baptist family and converted to the Faith and received into The Church in 2010. I have a wife and 10 children ranging from 19 years of age down to 12 months.   By trade, i’m a businessman and I have owned several companies over the years.  I have always had an attraction to truth and to the why’s in life.

My conversion came about through many long years of searching for the truth. We went from being Southern Baptist, to a house church, to Presbyterian (Calvinist), to high church Anglican, to the Catholic church.  From here, I even left the church for a time through my own disgust of what I saw and went to the Orthodox church.

God, through his infinite mercy, continued to knock me over the side of the head with a brick until I submitted and by the grace of God, I returned to the Catholic Church. I am Catholic and I pray that God will continue to allow me persevering faith so that I may die a Catholic.

To sum it all up, I never wanted to blog or be in control of this blog.  God, through His Divine providence, had a different plan.  Now, I post what I see fitting to post and if you can’t tell, it is usually something from a saint.

I don’t see the need to reinvent the wheel.

One thing I have learned over the last few years from managing this blog is that people are searching for answers.  They are searching for the truth, and right now, the Truth is being muddled by all of the noise.

We need the saints of old and especially Our Lady to guide us and that is one reason I changed the picture on the front of the blog to Our Blessed Mother. This blog, as it is now, is dedicated to the most Immaculate Heart of Mary. May she see fit to gather us under her mantle and lead us safely to the Sacred Heart Of Christ.