Website Update Summer 2020

As there have been many people writing in and asking if the blog is still being maintained, I thought it might be a good idea to put up a quick post and letting the readers know what is going on.

I had a premonition that 2020 was going to be one of “those” years and it has certainly has been.  This year we had another child, worked on getting a private school going, set up a chapel, built a homestead and tried to keep sane.  Of course, dealing with all of the mess with covid hasn’t been fun either.  Satan has been up to his tricks and this has been annoying as most can imagine.

2020 has brought its difficulties, but it has also brought some great gains and one of them is help for this blog.  Fr. Geckle (CMRI) will now be making regular contributions to this blog and will be available to answer questions that our readers have.  He also might decide to correct all of my grammar as he is a bit of school teacher….

I have gotten to know Father and can attest to his love of God and his desire to help save souls.  I will welcome his help with the blog and his future posts as i’m sure you, the reader, will as well.

You can look for his first post sometime next week.  This post will be something dear to my heart and it is about a true devotion to Our Lady.