Maiden Mother

Today I’m excited to announce the addition to the ranks of bloggers on this site. Lynn Biehl is going to be sharing with the audience some of her thoughts on what is going on now and has gone on for some time within the church and some commentary on it. In time, she will reveal more about herself, and I will leave that to her, but for now, just enjoy the article she wrote for this blog.

— The Editor


Good friends, let me introduce myself, as a friend on the Way of the Cross. I pray you to accompany the Maiden and Mother of all, Holy Mary, on the Holy Way.

Consider this humbling reality:  We are children. Children of Holy Mary, and children of the Church.

What a pearl it is, Our Holy Mother the Church. [1]: The truth taught by Our Lord Jesus Christ, is brought to us through the Church. [2] This spotless Bride of the Lamb, is the one and only Church. There is no other.

As children, we are like the new spring bird in need of the mouth of God, and The Sacramental nourishment. Our need to stay in the nest made for us by Holy Mother Church is equally great. We are little children in need of our Mother the Church, to teach, rule and sanctify her little children in grace.

So much is this true, that it is written in our hearts from creation. Our intellect and will are made to seek out and conform to the Truth which the Church teaches.  Just as a worldly mystery compels us to uncover what is hidden, so too, our minds are ordered to Truth, and relieved by meditating on the holy mysteries.

Therefore, in these times of uncertainty, being the little children of the Church, maybe we are asking:  where is the Church?  Where is my mother?

When not on our knees, with beads in hand, or when we are not working our duty of state, are you reluctantly discovering the latest news of desolation in  Rome?

Do you find that those who are so sure about how to respond to the desolation in the See of Peter , and speak so clearly in Truth, often sound angry, or worse yet, sarcastic?

I am learning this: Everyone grieves differently. Some people need to defend the Church with sharp verbal instruments. This eases the pain.  It is the duty of every Catholic to defend the Church. Doing this unhappy task often works good out of evil, and aims to fortify with strong medicine, the malignant infection of sins in the mind. The seemingly gentle word “error” must be corrected.

Others, need to weep privately.

I probably vacillate between these two types.  But, what I do know is that the Maiden Mother has reason to weep torrents of tears for her children, in her family the  Church.  And, in response to sin, I do not want to commit sin.

How could I dare to bring this Maiden a single more tear, with neither a rash remark, murmur or detraction.

There is an anecdote and vaccine for the spiritual plague we are in: prayer, meditation and fasting, according to one’s state under the care of a trusted spiritual advisor, if you can find one.

But there lies the problem, you say. Where – you might be asking, shall we attend the Holy Sacrifice of Calvary? Shall we be in union with these Roman soldiers doing the bidding of Ciaphas, cohorts of Judas?

Idols on the Vatican lawn, a synod of dogmatic desecration, married priests, ecology sins. What next?  What happened to the comical truism:  Is the  “Pope Catholic”?

So now what?

Do you currently accompany the holy Virgin, with prayer beads in hand, asking for her heart, meek and mild, and for her intellect and will to seek Truth Incarnate? At times in this calamity for souls, do you feel incapable of being meek and mild, like this astounding Maiden and Mother was, in the face of so much suffering she endured? She suffered much more than we ever could, in the purity of her Immaculate Heart. Yet, she is ever so lovingly full of sentiment to console us in grace.

When you can  move away from grief and shock from the latest debacle in Rome, will you not trace the steps of time with this Maiden and Mother, and go back to the Temple with her? Because, the Child Jesus seems to have disappeared and Truth seems to have gone missing.  He was somehow lost and left behind, like the Third Sorrow of the Blessed Virgin.

We need our Mother and Queen, in order to suffer this cross rightly, as with  any cross. The Beads (Rosary) and Stations (of the Cross), these are light-posts in order to find the Child Jesus lost in the Temple, and to understand who His true friends are, and are not.

I wonder why, when Jesus went missing, the search went back to the place of the Temple. Why didn’t Holy Mary and Joseph go forward, in case Jesus had gone ahead in conformity to the direction of the multitude?  Or, why not search laterally, as if He had wondered off course?

Why did the Holy Virgin and St. Joseph refuse to remain in the comfort of  their kin and crowd, in the hopes their Divine Child would find them soon enough? To ignore this loss and desolation when Jesus went missing, would have been reckless. To ignore that Truth Incarnate was missing among His own nation, and remain in a familiar place out of ease and comfort, would be not to love the Divine Child, but to love our temporal lives much more.

When Jesus was lost (or rather, when Mary and Joseph lost Him),  this spotless Maiden and Mother perhaps faced criticism for losing her Divine Son. Yet, she and St. Joseph chose to retrace their steps. They did not look to the future for the Truth, or in any other direction, than where He was last seen.

My friends, by now it is plain that I am writing neither a theological nor doctrinal commentary. Footnotes of reference are included where necessary,  simply as prompts to assist. The grace of the Maiden and Mother will move the intellect gently on its way to finding Truth, in the midst of desolation.

These times require no less than the advocate of sinners: our Maiden and Mother. This extraordinary Virgin and Queen, is the counselor for the children of Mother Church, the Church Militant, the Church she co-founded with Our Redeemer.

What is it like when mother and child lose each other?

In the natural order of things, a mother whose child is missing or gone,  is a mother par excellence. She is sublime and beautiful, when suffering this loss.  Why? because then, she has the chance to imitate and share in the life of Holy Mary.

To such a suffering mother, the joys and sorrows of motherhood are one in the same.  Each draws out her motherhood, like the high and low tide of the sea.

Our Blessed Lady, and particularly her Son, sanctified motherhood, both joys and sufferings, in the life of Our Redeemer. As mother, she is the Co-Mediatrix in the economy of grace.

In these days of grief and confusion, the desolation is truly the alter ego of  abomination.[3]  But, be the cheerful giver.  Be like the Fatima children,  who are said to have danced in jail for having witnessed the apparitions of our Mother. Not so long after, they were rewarded for their cheerfulness, by seeing the sun dance back at them .

Rest assured that Christ is truly at the Head, even when the Church is suffering the beheaded crown of martyrdom. A family without a visible head, is still a family.  Holy saint Philomena was beheaded for Christ’s sake, She not only still exists, but exists in eternity in Heaven.  Since the Church is the very source of sanctity,  is it fitting to likewise lose its visible head, like so many in the glory of the Church Triumphant?

Therefore, do not become depressed, children of Mary. With Mary, our Defender is at hand. Wait on Him and thankfully offer Him your broken heart or confusion as an evening  sacrifice. It is your royal crown.  And in your mind’s eye, gaze at the Precious Blood-soaked feet, and hold them as the bridal in this perilous race to eternity. These feet bleed for your sake, so do not loosen your grip.

Until then, walk the Stations and keep company with the Maiden and Mother.

Recently,  I have seen two women who have lost their sons. One is walking the Stations of the Cross with Holy Mary, because she knows of the Maiden and Mother of our holy Faith. The other has never learned of the holy company sharing her grief.

In the Stations, the solution to all the problems of the world, be they temporal or spiritual, are fixed in time, and solved for eternity.

Check back soon, and until then, in the words of  St, Louis DeMontort, I remain,

Very truly yours,

A Friend of the Cross.*

Oh Sweet St. Philomena pray for us!


[1] “Again, the kingdom of heaven is like to a merchant seeking good pearls. Who when he had found one pearl of great price, went his way, and sold all that he had, and bought it?” Matthew 13: 45-46.

[2] (The Saint Joseph Baltimore Catechism, Lesson 1, Q6, Catholic Book Publishing Corp.NJ).

[3] “When therefore for you shall see the abomination of desolation, which was spoken of by Daniel the prophet, standing in the holy place: he that breadth let him understand. Matthew 24:15 Douay Rheims Version. (DRV).For there shall arise false Christs and false prophets.” Matthew 24:24.

Abomination: extremely disgusting. Desolation: complete ruin. Websters.

[4] Denzinger, Sources of Catholic Dogma, 2288, Mystici Corporis June 29, 1943, citing Divinum illud, Leo XIII: Let it suffice to state, this, as Christ is the Head of the Church, the Holy Spirit is her Soul.