Great Aid For Learning The Faith

While many of the readers will already know about this, there are many people who read this blog that are not as steeped in tradition and they need a good starting point to learning the faith. There is an absolute trove of solid Catholic teaching on this website:  The talks/conferences are given by Fr. Chad Ripperger (an exorcist) and are great to listen to.  There are days and days worth of talks on many different subjects and they are really beneficial.

In the Church today, when there are so many prelates obfuscating the Truth, it is refreshing to hear a priest just state it as it is and show you the way to Christ. My family, and many families that I know of, have really benefited from listening to these talks.
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 The conferences and videos can be found here:

Fr. Ripperger has a group of exorcist that he founded called the Doloran Fathers.  The group was previously in the Dioceses of Tulsa, but the new Bishop kicked them out (God forbid there be a group of exorcist in a state known for Black masses……). They haven’t confirmed where the group is going to be moving to yet and I have heard a few different things and will update this post when I know more.

If you are looking for a  way to give money to something that is actually beneficial to souls then might I suggest donating to the group he founded. You know the money is going to actively save souls from hell with the Truth of the gospel.
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 To make a donation to the Doloran Fathers, please visit this link: