Music For The Month Of May – Sacred Songs Of Mary

Since May is the month that is devoted to the  Mother of God, I thought it a great idea to provide another review on an album I have been listening to as of late. The album is entitled Sacred Songs Of Mary and was put out by Valley Entertainment.

This is the same company that provided the lovely album The Assumption (The Monastic Choir of the Abbey Notre Dame de Fontgombault) which I reviewed previously in January.  You can read that review here.

Sacred Songs Of Mary is a compilation of various artist singing traditional “Sacred Songs of Mary”.  It combines both vocal and instrumentals on one album.

I have had this album for a while now and have listened to it repeatedly and I really do enjoy it.  It is a nice break from all the traditional Gregorian chant that I like to listen to.  There are many different styles of music on the album (more than I would care to relate) but overall, I found it is an compilation that I listen to often (I even have the kids listening to it).

One of my favorite songs in the collection is the Medieval version of O Maria, Stella Maris that I found to be exquisite.  I also really enjoyed the Moneverdi Choir as they have a version of Nesciens Mater that is on the album that is very nice.

Overall, I think this is a great addition to my digital collection that I like to listen to while work (or reading for that matter).   I have included the list of tracts below for you to take a look.

1. Trio Mediaeval – O Maria, Stella Maris
2. Elisabeth Andreassen & Jan Werner Danielsen – Ave Maria
3. Jocelyn Montgomery – Viridissima
4. Anne-Lise Berntsen & Nils-Henrik Asheim – Et lidet Barn
Sacred Songs of Mary5. Miah Persson, Yukari Nonishita, Akira Tachikawa, Bach Collegium Japan – Magnificat
6. Anne Sofie von Otter & Musica Antiqua Koln – Cavatina Se D’Un Dio Fui Fatta Madre
7. The King’s Consort – Ave Maris Stella
8. The Rose Consort of Viols – The Cradle
9. Ashana – Ave Maria
10. Huelgas Ensemble – Regina Coeli
11. The Monteverdi Choir – Nesciens Mater
12. UNLV Wind Orchestra – Lux Aurumque
13. Anne-Marie O’Farrell and Aisling Drury Byrne – Ave Maria

You can pick this up for under $9 for the MP3 version and it is very much worth it.  You can check it out on their site here:  Sacred Songs Of Mary.

The same company also produced an album of Russian Orthodox Music for Easter.  I must admit, I haven’t been as big of a fan of Orthodox chant as I have been of the Latin variety and I think that is primarily because I tended to listen to the monastics sing the hours and that tends to be a lot of deep deep basses and I think it lacks variety….However, this album is actually from a full choir and I find it to be very enjoyable.

You can check the Russian Easter chant out here as they have a Spotify app that will allow you to listen to some of it to see if you like it.