Why Pope Francis Is A False-Prophet

Today I present to you a post from Fr. Jerome entitled: Why Pope Francis Is A False-Prophet.  Fr. Jerome is a pseudonym. Due to the times in which we live, this has become necessary.The subject matter is difficult, but he has handled it in a very careful manner and it needs to be read.

Fr. Carota was never shy about tackling subjects that were difficult.  In fact, he received a lot of flack for doing just that.  This is something that we need to think about carefully and something that should drive us to our knees beseeching God to have mercy on His Church.

By Father Jerome 10/15/2016:

After Jesus’ resurrection, Our Lord said “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations.”—Mt 28:19.  To the contrary, Pope Francis said this week: “It is not right to convince someone of your faith.”  This means Pope Francis is now directly opposing Jesus Christ, and it is time for me to speak up.

I am an American diocesan priest who does not belong to any congregation.   To write what I am about to write would normally be tantamount to forfeiting my soul in most centuries of Church history.  I realize that.  But I am so convinced that we have a false-prophet on the throne of Peter that I have reached the point that silence on Pope Francis is now tantamount to a grave sin of omission.

First of all, we need to understand terms and history.  Material heresy is simply theological error against Divine Revelation (Scripture and the Magisterium).  Formal heresy is when the person in question has been actually tried and found guilty before an ecclesiastical tribunal of superiors in the Catholic Church.  But none is higher than the Pope, so what to do if the worst is elected?

Great minds of the 16th century (like Suarez and St. Robert Bellarmine) hold that the only way to transfer a materially heretical Pope to the charge of formal heresy would be to convene an imperfect council.  An imperfect council consists of all Cardinals minus the Pope, convened specifically for the removal of at least one anti-Pope or Pope-in-possible-error.  Of course, today, the most courageous of clerics can only muster enough strength to request a “clarification” for the erroneous doctrines coming out of Rome. (outlined below.)

Thankfully, we have only had a few Popes in history who spoke heresy from the chair of Peter.   In the 14th century, Pope John XXII taught that a saved soul does not enjoy the beatific vision until Christ’s return at the final judgment.  Of course, the Church teaches a saved soul need only wait until the end of his purification.  Although John XXII’s error was a “minor” heresy, he still knew he had to recant on his deathbed.  Still, everybody knew back then: Not everything the Pope says is infallible.  How we ended up forgetting this as Catholics of the 21st century is beyond me.

But what is different today is that Pope Francis is speaking error (or at least scandalous ambiguities) almost every week. The magnitude is stunning, both in quantity and quality.  Quantitatively, Pope Francis speaks so frequently against the Bible and Tradition that even traditional websites have stopped making lists.  Qualitatively, it is remarkable that theological error has finally made it into an apostolic exhortation, namely, Amoris Laetitia.  Among other errors, he essentially says that those in mortal sin may receive Holy Communion with the permission of their spiritual director.  This is not a confusing aspect that needs “clarification.”  It is a material heresy.

What right do I have to make such an accusation?

St. Thomas Aquinas writes:  “It must be observed, however, that if the faith were endangered, a subject ought to rebuke his prelate even publicly. Hence Paul, who was Peter’s subject, rebuked him in public, on account of the imminent danger of scandal concerning faith, and, as the gloss of Augustine says on Galatians 2:11, ‘Peter gave an example to superiors, that if at any time they should happen to stray from the straight path, they should not disdain to be reproved by their subjects.'”—Summa Theologiae, II-II, Q. 33, Art 4, reply to objection 2

But we must remember that there are theological facets to Pope Francis’ heresy that are more disturbing than even Amoris Laetitia, for they strike at the very nature and divinity of Jesus Christ.

For example, when Pope Francis preached at the Domus Santae Martae in May 2013, he said in a homily:  “We must meet one another doing good. ‘But I don’t believe, Father, I am an atheist!’  But do good: we will meet one another there.”  By “there,” he meant heaven.  In other words, atheists can go to heaven by doing good works. This is clearly error.  Now, some theologians defend this statement, claiming it is in concert with the Catholic Church’s teaching on the potential salvation of those who remain in invincible ignorance of the Gospel yet follow their conscience.  However, the problem with such a defense is this:  No one who is listening to the Pope is invincibly ignorant of the Catholic Church!

Even if a person were ignorant of the Gospel and the Church, Pope Francis has still promoted the ancient heresy of Pelagianism.  Pelagianism is the teaching that good works without faith can save a man’s soul.   To say that an atheist can go to heaven by “doing good” is so clearly heresy that even Protestant readers on this blog will quickly identify it this as an overturning of a common theology of grace.

The material heresy against the Divinity of Christ goes deeper.  Regarding the young Jesus being in the temple, he said in his 2016 Epiphany homily in Italian:  “Instead of returning home with his family, he stayed in Jerusalem, in the Temple, provoking great suffering to Mary and Joseph, who were unable to find him. For this little ‘escapade’ (questa ‘scappatella’), Jesus probably had to ask forgiveness (dovette chiedere scusa) of his parents.”  I believe that to call the temple-based worship of God “a little escapade” is a blasphemy that would get any youth minister fired from the parish of even my more moderate priest friends.  Why can’t these friends of mine recognize the error of the Pope?  It is a false understanding of authority, namely, that the Pope is not under the Gospel or the Magisterium.

His Epiphany homily is erroneous or even heretical because we don’t have to guess what Jesus said to his parents after being found in the Temple.  Jesus said to Mary and Joseph:  “Why were you looking for me? Did you not know that I must be in my Father’s house?'”—Luke 2:49.  Thirdly, Jesus never “asked forgiveness.”  I know that even semi-orthodox theologians will defend this by saying that subjectively Joseph and Mary needed emotional comfort.  I wonder:  How are they blind to the fact that for a Pope to say that the Son of God “probably had to ask forgiveness” is still a clear denial of the Divinity of Jesus Christ?  This is a heresy, even if we translate the Italian scusa roughly as “excuse me,” which is etymologically similar.  To me, the bishops’ silence on these Christological errors are as condemning as the child abuse scandals.

The silence of lukewarm-but-orthodox bishops and Cardinals prove that Pope Francis is the greatest false-prophet in the history of the Church.  Why?  Because a false-prophet deceives even the elect, for Jesus Himself said “False christs and false prophets will arise and perform great signs and wonders, so as to lead astray, if possible, even the elect.”—Matthew 24:22

I am not above “the elect,” but I do know how to read the Bible and the Catechism, and the teaching of Pope Francis is obvious error.  He now speaks boldly against the Bible and the Catholic Faith almost every week without anyone to stop him!  Why don’t the bishops recognize it?  I personally believe that the orthodox ones do recognize the error.  But they are hand-shackled by the snowballing of their silence from day-one, a snowball that has become a veritable mountain of sinful omission.  And now it is out of control.  The first day of this cowardly and silent mayhem began in 2013 during the Papal Conclave.   No one blew the whistle on the fact that  the last Papal Conclave used six ballots in one day, even though only five are allowed.

The evil of the 2013 Conclave goes even deeper:  A group of northern European Cardinals (extremely influential in the gay agenda) called the “St. Gallen group” admitted to forcing Pope Benedict out of his office and lobbying their own man with evil designs into the Conclave in 2013.  This man was Bergoglio become Pope Francis.  This is not a conspiracy theory.  They even admitted it here.  This means that Pope Benedict XVI may not have resigned in a valid manner.  The Code of Canon Law says that “a resignation made out of grave fear that is inflicted unjustly or out of malice, substantial error, or simony is invalid by the law itself.”—CIC 188.  Again, put these three things together:  Certain Cardinals say they forced Pope Benedict out.  The same Cardinals say they got Bergoglio in.  Canon Law says that any resignation under “substantial error” is “invalid.”  This means that Pope Benedict may still be the Pope, even though he apparently denies descending from the throne in duress.

If Bergoglio is the Pope, then his ascension to the throne was valid but not licit, to use sacramental language for a non-sacramental act.  The goal of the faithful remains the same:  Follow Jesus Christ and the traditional Magisterium of the Catholic Church.  Avoid the wolf in sheep’s clothing.  I am without a doubt that this is the most dangerous moment in Church history, for even orthodox Catholics are being deceived by this false-prophet.

A bad Pope can not be “sent-packing” as someone suggested.  An imperfect council would require courageous bishops, but the bishops now back the false-prophet because of their silence. For this, they may get a false-prophet’s reward (cf. Matthew 10:41) for their grave sin of omission.  Every one of them with the internet and a decent education stands by Pope Francis’ error in their cowardice to speak out against a deceitfully brilliant Pope now openly saying “It is not right to convince someone of your faith.  Proselytism is the strongest venom against the path of ecumenism.”

Thus, there remain only two options for you to look for in the future:

1) The “two Popes” in Rome be given courage and repentance to work things out and then lead the Church to holiness.  This is not impossible for God.  Consider the influence of Saul and how he became the chosen vessel and standard bearer of Christ-crucified, the Apostle Paul.  Less certain is the coming enlightenment of all consciences.  If this happens, both could become great saints.

2) If such a conversion does not happen, we have still been promised a future prelate who will “restore the spirit of her priests” in the 16th century apparitions of Our Lady of Good Success.  The future Pope will do great good, but he will also have to posthumously condemn all the works of Pope Francis—even the less-harmful teachings.  Why?  Because when a Pope (or anti-Pope) has been found posthumously guilty of heresy (like Pope Formosus at the Cadaver Synod at the end of the 9th century) 100% the of erroneous Pope’s works must be condemned by the next Pope. This is not out of spite, but because it is too dangerous for future Popes, bishops, priests and lay people to maneuver through the dead Pope’s waters, considered to be at once brackish and clear.

Towards the end of his life, the Apostle John spoke of only one thing:  Love.  A courageous group of young Christians asked him why he always repeated the same words over and over.  The Apostle answered:  “Because it is the precept of the Lord, and if you comply with it, you do enough.”  He spoke only of love.  But the beloved disciple (who rested his head right against the heart of Jesus Christ) knew that part of love was to warn his flock against theological error.  Once at a public bath, St. John ran into a heretic named Cerinthus.  The Apostle John turned to his friends and said, “Let us, my brethren, make haste and be gone, lest the bath, wherein is Cerinthus the enemy of the Truth, should fall upon our heads.”

We can not love our flocks if we do not warn them of heresies and those who promulgate them, even if is uncomfortable to point out that a false-prophet has temporarily hijacked the Seat of Peter.  Faced with a false-prophet such as Pope Francis, we Catholics must always remember that none of this is a deal-breaker against Christ’s promise of the indefectibility of the Church, for the articulated faith and morals of the Catholic Church remain untouched by wicked men, even wicked Popes.

45 Replies to “Why Pope Francis Is A False-Prophet”

    The Ship of Peter is torn apart
    Martyred in its Holy Teaching
    It sinks and sinks, no work of art
    The bottom though never reaching
    Dissidents are screaming loud
    Leaving behind an awful niff
    Pretending to be proudly stout
    Gearing the Ship into a cliff
    Jesus shows His wounded Heart
    Smitten with a deadly dart
    Peter the Rock in desolation
    Deploring severe desecration
    Wake up, you Christian Brother
    Show now your truthful face
    With Mary our Heavenly Mother
    We’ll reach that Peaceful Place
    In allegiance to the Holy Father 
    United in prayer and fasting
    No victory will claim, but rather
    Satan’s defeat be everlasting.

    Rita Biesemans, 01-02-2011 (in 2011 it was still Benedict XVI )

  2. This needs to be said and it was handled perfectly.
    I will be sharing this on Adoremus in Aeternum, a Catholiv Traditon facebook page.
    Those with eyes that will see WILL SEE…

  3. Father I agree with you 100% I wish someone would say something to the Pope but most Bishops are cowards,the Homosexual agenda has taken hold an people are afraid to speek the truth,I am afraid we are stuck with Francis till his death,I just hope the next Pope is orthodox an courageous an lead bye the Holy Spirit.

    1. Amen, i could not agree with you more the bishops and the Cardinals are gutless and cowards, no further comments needed on this matter

    1. Who is St Thomas Aquinas to be the last word on false prophets? Besides I don’t know that a Pope would be considered prophet. Do I think our Holy Father is doing harm? Yes. Is he a heretic. No. At one time in Church history n the papacy was claimed by more than one man. To think I am a prophet would be a grave sin. We have too many so called knowers of the future (magic) and far less saints in the making.

      1. do you even know what you are talking about? A Pope cannot change divine laws especially Commandments, dogmas.

        1. A POPE, may not change DIVINE LAWS , The COMMANDMENTS or DOGMAS, but he may use PASTORAL LANGUAGE to UNDERMINE such TRUTHS. That’s exactly what FRANCIS has been doing ever since he was put on the THRONE of PETER. That’s the language of LIBERALS and MODERNISTS, who ARE THE WORST ENEMIES OF THE CHURCH as Pope St. PIUS X CONFIRMED. FR. JEROME is ABSOLUTELY RIGHT and he JUST TOUCHED THE TIP OF THE ICEBERG. THE BLIND ARE NOW LEADING THE BLIND and unfortunately , the latter INCLUDES DECEIVED BLIND PRIESTS. This is a punishment of GOD for UNFAITHFUL CATHOLICS. we now have a POPE? who is introducing a NEW RELIGION, A NEW FAITH, A NEW SET OF MORALS , A NEW CHURCH ie. A NEW WORLD ORDER CHURCH, to the clamoring of SATAN.

  4. The exposé of the St. Gallen Mafia (Danneels et al) & their contention they were involved in getting Pope Benedict to resign & then rigged the conclave to elect Pope Francis is proof enough that PF’s election is illicit. They admitted they totally ignored the rules set down by JPII governing Papal elections. The support being shown by the vast majority of the Hierarchy is tantamount to Ecclesiastical Treason but who is going to go down that road, certainly not the present prelature. Even if an honest & traditional man was next elected to the Papal Office, he would have to sack the entire School of Cardinals & most Bishops & then rescind Vatican II in order to restore the CC. That would necessarily have to be followed by the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary & the revealing of the Third Secret of Fatima. It will be a monumental task that only God can bring about.

    1. much agree with you Ana but who will do it as we can see most Bishops, Cardinals and priests are cowards. They want their feathered beds and are afraid that PF who is known to be a bully will sack them. Our Lady of Good Council pray for us.

    2. I think Ana milan have spoken my mind. the early christains were prompt in response any task God gave them through reveletion but today for more than 60 years our mother mary asked for russia’s consecration to her immaculate heart but the pope acting under fear has succumbed to russia’s threat. I think we still needs to invoke God’s Holy spirit today TO EMPOWER the elders of the church.

  5. Thank you Father for your bravery to speak out. God bless you for doing so, many people are so confused. Many like how the pope speaks because it’s a lot less strict than previous popes. No “straight & narrow path” here to worry about. In my small circle of friends & family I have said many times that the Pope speaks and it sounds like a different religion altogether. I have been criticized and condemned as being “judge mental”. In these crazy times, just as predicted by Our Lady, people won’t want to hear the truth. May God have mercy on all of us. Please Father continue this series, provide guidance & reassurance for those who feel like they have dropped into a Catholic twilight episode. The sheep are scattered and being attacked daily.

  6. I had the privilege of meeting Father Carota and sing the Mass with him in Kinkora, Ontario a few years ago.

    Thank you for this.

    I will be posting this on my blog, Vox Cantoris.

  7. Thank you father for saying something. It gives myself and many like myself pain when there is only silence or praise of this pope when he makes obviously statements which contradict the faith.

  8. You are brave Father… as was The beloved Father Carota. What you say- is truth, plain & simple. We live in the ‘days’ when we all make our choices. Judgement… is… unknown to so many who ‘blind’ themselves, just over the horizon. As a member of the ‘Church Militant’… I hope to be by your side when the final battle befalls humankind.

  9. I have a nagging question: Like many lay people, I’ve feel engulfed in a wake of confusion. If we believe Francis to be a False Prophet and that Pope Benedict is still the pope, should we still receive Holy Communion in any Mass, be it Novus Ordo or Traditional Latin or Latin Indult, in union with Pope Francis? I’ve been abstaining from Communion since Amoris Laetitia because I believe the pope is a heretic. My friends believe I’m wrong to do so, since I go to Confession monthly. They say the sin is his, not mine, but what of the sacrament and the danger of partaking of a Sacrilegious Communion? Thank you.

    1. Hi,

      Just because the pope says or does things that are not in accord with the teachings of the church, it does not invalidate the sacraments. Please remember, satan wants you to abstain from communion as it is a strengthening grace from God.

    2. The sacraments do not flow from the Pope down to us. When a Pope dies, do Catholics stop receiving the sacraments until there is a new Pope? Of course not.

      There is no reason for you to be depriving yourself of Holy Communion. You haven’t been depriving yourself of the sacrament of Penance!

      Look up “Donatism” on Wikipedia.

      1. I will change my ways. Looking up Donatism was of great help. Thank you so much for clarification as abstaining from sacramental communion has been miserable to the point of painful internal suffering.

    3. The impostor will invalidate the Sacraments. There are changes coming to the Mass. At a certain point it will no longer be valid, but an abomination designed to pay homage to the Beast…which no one should participate in for obvious reasons. Sadly, this wont be obvious to many, or most who will follow along blindly. Be vigilant, pay attention to changes. Find a priest like Fr. Jerome and prepare for times where those who desire to remain in the truth may suffer persecution at the hands of fellow “Catholics”…the true Sacraments will eventually only be found in hiding (for a period of 3 1/2 years). Until that time prepare spiritually by frequenting the Sacraments…trust that God will provide and protect.

  10. I also agree with this article. But those few brave prelates who have put their ‘toes in the water’ to gently ask for ‘clarification’ of the erroneous “Amoris” such as the 45 are now being persecuted. And the most faithful of Cardinals such as Burke, Sarah, etc. are all being set aside and the new cardinals are of the Francis persuasion so as to stack the deck for the next conclave. Even holy friends of mine are saying they like this pope and that they also think it is okay for divorced and civilly remarried to come to communion. Of course that means that all the marital theology is out the window. The list of bad things can now be in book form! Yes, we need a good holy man of courage and prayer for pope to repudiate all that has come out in the past three plus years.

  11. If a prophet is understood as a mouthpiece of God, and from scripture, a false one is the one who claims to speak for God when God has not sent them [cf. Ezek 13:5-7], and since it can easily and readily be shown that Pope Francis is teaching what the Church has not taught before and claims this is from the Spirit [i.e. the Holy Spirit], ergo Pope Francis is a false prophet.
    False prophets biblical search: https://www.biblegateway.com/quicksearch/?quicksearch=False+Prophet&qs_version=RSVCE

    1. Is a pope automatically a prophet? Do we need to go back to Peter and determine if each “prophet” pope was false or true?

  12. Someone posted this in the comments of the post announcing the start of the 2013 conclave at Rorate Caeli. I think it says it all really about what was going to happen.

    Dr. Moynihan wrote today about a conversation with an unnamed Cardinal on a street-corner in Rome. Very sobering; almost frightening:
    “Your eminence,” I said, “I’ve forgotten. Are you already above age 80, or not?

    “I am not yet 80,” he told me.

    “So you will be voting tomorrow.”

    He nodded, and a look passed over his eyes which seemed filled with shadows and concerns. I was surprised at his intensity. I was surprised by the whole conversation.

    He squeezed my hand. “Is there anything else I can do?” I asked.

    “Pray for us,” he said. “Pray for us.”

    He turned as if he needed to go.

    “I have to go.”

    He took a step away from me, then turned again.

    “It is a dangerous time. Pray for us.”

    I think we should do as he asked.


  13. You may be interested in this at the site CatholicStand: New Truth? Jesus’s Mistakes? God’s Errors? Take heart, it is Jesus’s Church, not Jorge’s.

  14. St. Thomas Aquinas said most Catholics are going to hell and most Priests also are going to hell.

  15. As a lay Catholic (myself), and I’m sure others wonder too, how do we as devout Catholics who must deal with non Catholic Christian who understand the elements assigned to Francis allowing for the accusations to be real explain that the Church, even knowing of his condition, will not fail and is not compromised?

  16. At last, a specific suggestion on what faithful Catholics might hope for: an “imperfect council.” That’s better than Card. Burke’s “just ignore what Francis says; it’s not magisterial teaching,” and “Stay faithful!” (as if we can when Pope Francis’ hierarchy is busy quashing any open faithfulness). But how does either ignoring him or assembling in “imperfect council” work when the First Vatican Council stated **as a matter of divine revelation** that “by divine ordinance, the Roman Church possesses a pre-eminence of ordinary power over every other Church, and that this jurisdictional power of the Roman Pontiff is both episcopal and immediate”? The Council continued, “Both clergy and faithful, of whatever rite and dignity, both singly and collectively, are bound to submit to this power by the duty of hierarchical subordination and true obedience, and this not only in matters concerning faith and morals, but also in those which regard the discipline and government of the Church throughout the world.” First dogmatic constitution on the Church of Christ, July 14, 1870, Ch. 3, section 2.

    And again, how do these suggestions work when the same Council taught, “The sentence of the Apostolic See (than which there is no higher authority) is not subject to revision by anyone, nor may anyone lawfully pass judgment thereupon. And so they stray from the genuine path of truth who maintain that it is lawful to appeal from the judgments of the Roman pontiffs to an ecumenical council as if this were an authority superior to the Roman Pontif.”? Id, Ch. 3, sec. 8.

    Thus the First Vatican Council seems to have closed off the road of a council, or any group of bishops, for that matter, declaring a Pope to be a heretic, as St. Robert Bellarmine seems to have contemplated. Now, in Church history, that was not always the case. The Sixth Ecumenical Council actually did condemn a Pope, Pope Honorius, as a heretic and excommunicated him in the year 681, albeit posthumously. Another Pope, Pope Vigilius, was arguably excommunicated as a heretic while living by the Fifth Ecumenical Council in 553, but there is some question of whether the Council fathers’ action of refusing to include the Pope in the commemorations (“diptyches”) during Mass (where before the consecration we pray for “___, our Pope, and ___, our Bishop”) was the same as excommunication. In that day and age, it probably was, according to what I have read.

    In any event, how can anyone, whether an “imperfect council” or otherwise, render a judgment on the Pope in some way that does not violate the anathemas of Vatican Council I? And if one Pope can condemn another’s writings as heretical later on, doesn’t that pretty much shred the idea of the papal ordinary magisterium?

    Jim Cole

  17. The Catechism of the Catholic Church explains the “Ultimate Trial” of the Church, where the faith of many will be shaken (CCC 675-677) by a religious deception which takes the form of apostasy from the truth.
    Now more than ever, we need to fortify ourselves with God’s word in obedience to the faith (CCC 144, 890, 891). As an RCIA Coordinator, I have allowed those who do not need Baptism or Confirmation to attend class because they are hungry for authentic Catholic teaching and in dire need of formation. Saint Paul, at 2 Timothy 4: 1-5 warns the faithful that many will accumulate teachers for their own ends turn away from the truth, and fall into myths.
    Stay strong my fellow Catholics!

  18. “Page 117, of the pope’s book, On Heaven and Earth, in regards to same-sex unions
    “If there is a union of a PRIVATE NATURE, THERE IS NEITHER A THIRD PARTY NOR IS SOCIETY AFFECTED. Now, if this union is given the category of marriage and they are given adoption rights, there could be children affected. Every person needs a male father and female mother that can help them shape their identity. – Jorge Mario Bergoglio
    Approval of same-sex sexual unions is approval of same-sex sexual acts.
    Prior to being elected pope, Jorge Mario Bergoglio, by condoning same-sex sexual acts in relationships that he referred to as private, did not include children, and were not called marriage, and thus denying that God Is The Author of Love, of Life, and of Marriage, denied The Divinity of The Blessed Trinity.”

    When we deny the Sanctity of the marital act, anything can become permissible, including the destruction of a son or daughter, residing in their mother’s womb.

    To deny the Sanctity of the marital act, is to deny The Divinity of The Most Holy And Undivided Blessed Trinity, rendering onto Caesar, that which, from The Beginning, Has Always belonged to God.

    God, The Ordered Communion Of Perfect Love, Is The Author Of Love, of Life, and of Marriage; let no one deceive you.



  19. It is important to note that denying The Divinity of The Blessed Trinity is apostasy, not heresy.

  20. Thank you for confirming what I suspected. I shall forward this to my nephew in the hope that he may see the beauties of true Catholicism and at long last come home to Church. God bless you and my prayers are with you. May God forgive us all

  21. Thank you for this wonderful clarification. I have never trusted this Pope since he was voted in as a new Pope, because he immediately refused to wear the Papal garments. I exclaimed to my family, “Oh no, he only wants to be the Bishop of Rome. There goes the Church. He wraps his humility around his shoulders so everyone can see how very humble he is!! Mary Susan

  22. As faithful Catholics we are all called to pray and fast for our priests. There is a rosary for priests that we should all be saying everyday. Our Pope especially. When there is error and so much spiritual warfare we need to pray, fast and love. I’m not saying I’m over looking the gravity of this situation but I refuse to turn on any priests, even ones that have left the church. The devil hates priests the most because without them we don’t have the sacraments and we don’t have the Eucharist. If a priest falls he takes the church with him. God’s love and mercy is greater then we can ever imagine, let’s pray together that one day when we stand before God we can have a clear conscience that we turned in faith to Him and that we loved and prayed for those in error.

  23. This is most disturbing but I’ so relieved that a priest can be brace enough not only to seek Truth, but also speak it openly.

    In 2005, the self professed “mafia” almost got Bergoglio elected, but he must have had a glimmer of conscience as his biography states that he was visibly shaken and stepped aside. We were so fortunate to have had Pope BXVI for a number of years.

    How much damage has this poor fone on misdirecting souls. Numbers of Catholics dropped as he served as Cardinal over Argentina and they’43 dropping globally as well.

    His traits match those of Barack H. Obama in an eerie manner. When he’s off script ;with BO, no Trleprompters, he’s a loose canon. They both profess a firm belief in man-caused “global warming which is a socialist hoax to reduce population and destroy population and redistribute wealth globally. Speakers st the Vatican UN netting in 2015. The list is extensive.

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