Fr. Peter Carota Has Passed – Requiescat In Pace

Fr. Peter died this morning at 7AM.

Please join me in having many masses said for him.  Father was an exceptional priest and has helped us all in many ways.  Pray that his soul will be at peace in the arms of Jesus, Mary and Joseph.


Out of the depths, I have cried to Thee, O Lord, Lord, hear my voice.
Let Thine ears be attentive to the voice of my supplication.
If Thou, O Lord, shalt mark my iniquities, O Lord, who shall stand it?
For with Thee there is merciful forgiveness: and by reason of Thy law I have waited for Thee, O Lord
My soul hath relied on His word; my soul hath hoped in the Lord.
From the morning watch even until night; let Israel hope in the Lord.
Because with the Lord there is mercy; and with Him plenteous redemption.
And He shall redeem Israel from all its iniquities.
Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord,
and let perpetual light shine upon them:
May they rest in peace

Most gentle Heart of Jesus, ever present in the Blessed Sacrament, ever consumed with burning love for the poor souls in Purgatory, have mercy on the souls of the Faithful Departed. Be not severe in Thy Judgments, but let some drops of Thy Precious Blood fall upon the devouring flames and do Thou, O merciful Savior, send Thy angels to conduct them to a place of refreshment, light and peace. Amen.


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  1. Pretiósa in conspéctu Dómini.
    Mors Sanctórum eius.

    Thank you very much, Father. I´ll miss you. I hope we see in Heaven, that place you loved so much an taught us to love too.


  2. We only knew him through the grace of the internet, in pictures and sermons by him, but we believe he was a holy and humble priest working in the vineyard of the Lord, and will be missed by all who loved receiving his messages. God bless him and Mary keep him now and for ever more!

    1. I agree 1000 x 1000 with you. Finding father Carota in internet was a blessing.

  3. I just learned about Father’s blog not long ago, just as he became really ill. I have the impression he died of a broken heart over the moral and doctrinal crisis in the Church and in the world.

    Our Lady of Good Success of the approved Quito, Ecuador apparitions in 1610 said many would go to their grave during our time through sorrow and would be counted as martyrs of the Church.

    May God rest his soul and reward his faithful priestly witness, his tears and sorrow.

      1. May God have mercy on Fr. Carota…his soul and all of his family are in our prayers. He has touched so many people and he has help my family through this blog. He will be missed.
        Please give us all a few days notice on the date and place of his Requiem Mass.
        I hope it will be a Traditional Latin Requiem Mass. We would love to attend it.

  4. Father was an outstanding man of faith. He helped countless people both in Arizona and across the Internet family all over the world. His given good example to other priests and bishops. He remained faithful while he was ill and he got more and more sick. He suffered much and I am sure he offered it up. I love you Father Carota and will offer my Rosary and Holy Communion for you tonight. I pray you are already with God or will be soon. God love you.

  5. From his posts, Father Carota obviously loved Our Lord and His Church; I will miss his posts and will remember him in my prayers.
    Rest in peace Father Carota

    Pax et bonum

  6. My prayers are with his family and all who have touched by Fr’s soul! We will always miss you. I am always praying for you. Please, Fr, pray for us.

  7. Father Carota.. was a ‘victim Soul’.. chosen ( & he accepted ) to suffer for the Salvation of Souls. Father Carota, will be in Paradise shortly- where he will be a powerful advocate in Heaven for the Salvation of Souls. Will someone- if possible, please see that the tiny piece of Our Lady’s Veil I sent him- stays with him as it is meant to be with him- always.
    Pray for all Priests, Nun’s and Religious… the battle grows harder by the hour. Stay attuned to this beautiful site, in honor of Father Carota and to support those who carry on in his stead. Jesus mourned terribly… for Lazarus.. before he arose Lazarus from the dead. We will all mourn Father Carota- terribly! But rememberthat he is not gone. He is just away….

  8. Father Carota was one of my biggest supporters in starting my blog “Who shall find a valiant woman”…

    I have always had a great respect for him… Requiescat in Pace…

  9. My boys had the privilege of getting to know him very well at both the Sunday recreations and the summer camps he facilitated. Our loss defies words. We learned that Fr. Saenz will be offering a Requiem this evening at St. Catherine’s.

  10. We are heartbroken. We will have Masses said for him at The Life Center and at Saint Stan’s here in South Bend.

    Much love to you all. May God’s light shine upon you.

  11. May eternal rest grant unto him and the perpetual light shine upon him. May your soul rest in peace Father Peter.

    My heart is aching with this sad news. You will be missed by so many whom you touched and helped changed their lives.

    If you live in Phoenix, the 5:30 Latin mass tonight will be said in his honor at St. Catherine of Siena.

  12. I have been reminiscing the last couple of hours, reading Father’s previous posts. Oh, how I love this blog. I hope (and pray) it will remain online. And I offer my condolences to Father’s good friends and family. With tears in my eyes, I too, will miss him.

    1. Hi Jeanette, yes, the blog will remain online. Father asked me to take it over 8 months ago to make sure it continues to stay online.

  13. Thank you Lord for your wonderful priest that you brought into my life through the internet and by whom helped strengthen my faith in You.

    God bless you Fr. Peter. Rest in Peace.

  14. Our prayers for Fr. Peter Carota, his every breath was for love of Jesus. We have been blessed to have shared, in any way, in the life of this servant of Our Lord. I know the angels lifted him to the embrace of Mother Mary, that she entrust him to Jesus. May his soul rest in perpetual peace. Amen.

  15. I do not know Father Carota personally (my loss!). However, I know from his beautiful writings and messages that he was truly a holy priest with the heart of a saint. Let us pray for him and beg his prayers for us as he awaits entrance into Heaven. I have no doubt that he was greeted by Our Holy Mother, who is the Mother of All Priests and Clergy. May Father Carota rest in eternal peace.

  16. I am much saddened with Fr. Peter Carota’s passing.
    He has given us much inspiration through his writings.
    He was truly a faithful man of GOD who bore much pain and sufferings.
    We will miss you much!
    May our Lord GOD grant you His peace and joy!

    Fr. Carota, please pray for us who are still struggling here on earth.

  17. Fr. Corota spoke beautifully about the Latin Mass on Radio Family Rosary here in Phoenix and led a Rosary with Fr. Terra and Fr. Kemna broadcast on Immaculate Heart Radio. He was a good friend of Fr. Kenneth Walker, FSSP + and attended the annual Rosary dinner in Phoenix. Eternal Rest grant unto him, O Lord; and let the Perpetual light shine upon him and may he rest in Peace. Amen.

  18. I too came to know Fr. Peter via the Internet. His posts were most illuminating and his boldness in teaching the truth was an inspiration. I was truly encouraged to know there were priests like him out there.

  19. I am truly saddened the world has lost such a great priest, but am hopeful he is surrounded by the Choirs of Angels, the Church Triumphant, Our Lady and Our Lord at this time. Jonathan Bryd – thank you for taking such good care of this holy priest. And many thanks to Jay Balza and his family too. If there is a fund set up for the thirty Gregorian Masses, let us know so we can contribute.

  20. We knew Father Peter from Journey in Christianity. We were blessed to celebrate many masses with him. Peace be with you .

  21. Dear Father,
    I will pray for this good and honest and courageous priest. He was taken from us far to soon. I was attracted to him because he was so sincere in his belief in the one true church. I found him to be a beacon of light when I tried to get beyond the scary and confusing messages of Pope Francis who seems to waging a war against the traditional church in favor of humanism, socialism and the environment. He preaches on compassion for the sinner but places no emphasis on repentance and is moving the church away from its message of revelation, conversion and salvation. Father Peter was honest and rejected the errors put forth by Pope Francis who may be invalidating his papacy. I loved all the writings of Father Peter and his great articles on the saints, the Fathers of the Church and the wonders and miracles of our holy Catholic Faith. I hope that some day that I can meet him in heaven. Requiescat in pace

  22. Never having met Father, I nevertheless grew to know over the years from his blog posts alone that he was one of the holiest priests I have ever seen. I echo the thoughts of others here in feeling like he was a dear friend and pastor. May he rest in eternal peace.

    Jonathan and Fr. Nix, please preserve his many blog posts and other anecdotes of this humble man’s life. They may be used one day for his cause for canonization. I have a certain feeling that will happen, some day. He will be a great advocate to God for us all. Of course, knowing Father and what he would say, I will pray for him and have Mass said for his soul.

    Requiescat in pace, dear and faithful Father.

  23. Fr.Peter will be deeply missed. God Bless his soul. I will continue to pray and offer masses. Rest in peace.

  24. Eternal rest grant unto Fr. Peter Carota andMay The Perpetual light shine upon Fr. Peter Carota. May he rest in peace.

  25. REQUIEM aeternam dona ei, Domine, et lux perpetua luceat ei. Requiescat in pace. Amen

    Fr. Carota pray for us we need a miracle.

  26. We were blessed to receive the Sacraments from Fr. Carota. We mourn his death, but rejoice in his eternal life with Our Lord and Blessed Mother, grant eternal rest unto to Fr. Carota oh Lord and let perpetual light shine upon him and may you have forgiven him his sins and may he rest in peace, AMEN.

  27. It is with much sorrow I lament our loss on earth of dear , dear faithful servant Father Carota ,but Heaven will gain having such a beautiful soul in Jesus’ true home reserved for those who have fought the good fight.
    Certainly He did. I thank You Lord God for allowing me to have been blessed by dear Father Peter and his wonderful blog and personal emails as well, and may Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ and Holy Ghost ,as well as Our Blessed Virgin, Mother and Queen ,be thanked for giving us such a beautfiful soul to show us what love of God is. Father Carota may you rest in peace. Thank you again so much
    Through Jesus Mary and Joseph
    For Life

  28. I’m another that has never met Fr. Carota, but feels a debt to him for all he did for the faithful through his website.

    He has been, and remains in my prayers. I will also pray for his flock and his loved ones who must surely feel the loss sorely, that they be comforted.

    I know he is praying for all of us, we have gained a great advocate.

  29. Gracias padre the your Guidance, counseling just the love you showed towards my parents and my family and friends, loved by so many you will truely be miss by all who ever got to meet you especially seeing you in your sandals no matter how cold or wet it was,
    R I P fr Peter.

  30. He will be missed. I know many from St. Jude’s Parish in Ceres remember him fondly. God rest his soul.

  31. Wow it was no accident I opened up this page today for sure. I will miss you very much . I loved reading your blogs and your journey in Faith. Eternal rest grant unto you Fr. Peter Carota ., may your soul rest in peace . Amen. Pray for me please and my children and my grandchildren for they have strayed from their faith and caught in the devils web . ” God Bless You Father “

    1. You should pray the St Briget of Sweden prayers, read the promises. Every time you pray the rosary offer it for each family member by name. God bless you!

  32. Eternal Rest grant unto him, O Lord. Father Carota was a rare priest in these days of Apostasy: he gave us the true Faith as passed down in Sacred Tradition, bringing souls to God. May his soul rest in peace.

  33. May his memory be eternal, may the choirs of angels greet him and hasten his journey to the Father and his eternal reward.

    Thanks to your Fr. Nix his torch has been passed on to you, and may you be filled with fire of the Holy Spirit and carry on what Father started, and after you, hundreds more.

  34. We met Father Peter before he became a full priest. He was at the Mission of the good Shepard in french Camp. He did my Grand-daughter’s quienceneria there 21 yrs ago. We never forgot him. We started going to visit him while at the Church in Escalon. When we waited for him after mass, he would always remember us. So we tried to keep in touch with him there. We are saddened by his death. He was always so in love with the Lord and his sermons always touched my heart. To his many friends and family who knew him more. my condolences . Rest in Peace Father Peter Carota, you were a true Christian man. May God Bless you and have mercy on your soul. Your friends Don and Margaret Luevano from Lathrop, Ca.

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