St. Andrew of Corsini Feb 4

saint_andrew_corsiniAndrew of the noble family of the Corsini of Florence, was born in answer to his parents’ prayer to God and dedicated to the Mother of God, He.
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was brought up devoutly in his youth, yet was inclined to evil ways and often rebuked by his mother.

st-andrew-corsiniBut when he realized that he had been dedicated to.the.Virgin by his parents’ vow, he became fired with the love of God and joined the Carmelite Order, becoming its superior in Etruria. In the meantime the Church of Fiesole had been widowed of its shepherd and elected Andrew as its bishop. He finally agreed to undertake this office, lest he should go against the will of God, and carried it out with the greatest zeal for souls and with pastoral solicitude.
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Urban V sent him as his legate to Bologna to restore order among the seditious populace, and with the greatest prudence he managed to extinguish the mortal feuds among its citizens. st andrew corsiniWorn out with his unceasing toils and sufferings he slept in peace in the Year 1377, at the age of seventy-one, and Urban VIII enrolled him among the Saints.  1960 Roman Breviary