Traditional Catholics Give God What Pleases Him

When asked most Catholics why they do not like the Latin Mass, most say it is boring and they do not get anything out of it.   The ‘new’ Catholic only thinks about what he wants and hardly ever stops to reflect and ask what God wants.

erfurt2peaceThe New Mass Where Everyone Has Fun But God

So I ask them, can you not give God just one hour the way He likes it.  Can you not make the sacrifice to pray one hour at a Mass that pleases God, rather than at the “Mass” that ‘you’ like.

Messa-in-latino 2All day long we receive so much from God.

  • Our life.
  • Our soul.
  • His Beloved Son Jesus as our Brother and Savior.
  • Jesus gave up His life for us on the Cross and continues to give us His Body and Blood at every sacrifice of the Holy Mass.
  • The opportunity for our soul to be saved from eternal death and the flames of hell, if we obey God’s instructions and warning not to sin.
  • God’s Divine Book of instructions, the Holy Bible
  • The Holy Sacraments that dispense God’s life giving graces to our souls.
  • The security of knowing that God is all powerful,
  • God’s protection and miracles when we truly believe in Him and pray to Him with faith.
  • Our Mother Mary who protects us from the devil and cares about our lives and souls.
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  • The example and prayers of our brothers and sisters the saints.
  • The protection of the Angels, especially our Guardian Angel.
  • Faith, Hope and Love.
  • The air we breathe when our lungs automatically breath without us doing anything.
  • The heart pumping blood all over our body to renew it ever few seconds.
  • The ability to laugh and enjoy life.
  • Family, especially children.
  • Human love.
  • Friends.
  • The sky, the sun, the stars, the planets.
  • The Earth we live on, placed just at the right distance from the sun so that we neither fry nor freeze.
  • Birds and their eggs to eat.
  • Whales, dauphins, fish and all that lives in the sea.
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  • Dogs and cats.
  • All animals we eat to keep healthy.
  • Plants.
  • Flowers.
  • Snow, rain, and wind.
  • Pure water to drink.
  • The basic elements like petroleum, minerals, metal ores, chemicals and fibers from which we make cars, tires, clothing, plastic, glass, and metals.
  • Honey.
  • Milk.
  • Insects.
  • Heaven is for free and eternal.  It is the greatest gift from God that we could ever receive.  It is beyond understanding what we will experience there.  It will be extreme and intense love and pleasure there with God, Mary, the Angels and saints for all eternity.

IMG_8323Wow.  How could we not want to spend one hour in the Holy Latin Mass to please and thank God for all His gifts He continually pours out on us every second.   We are so blessed to be traditional Catholics and to know this.

Just on a light side, maybe we are not thankful for mosquitos, flies, poison oak, rattlesnakes, scorpions and the people who persecute us.