Irrational Atheist Vs Traditional Catholic Logic

In all intellectual integrity, one has to admit that it is impossible to explain the complexity of the most simple components of created reality, the atom or a simple cell.

gods_not_dead-235x340On my flight from Phoenix to Sacramento, a 20 year old young man was next to me.  He was never raised with any religion at all and admitted that for him it is impossible to intellectually conceive of a God whom he can not see.  He was very open to discussion and facts.  Presently he is an undergraduate in Cincinnati doing research on computer imaging of the pupil of the eye.

I explained to him that it is intellectually impossible for me to surrender to an idea that all the grander, energy, beauty and complexity I encounter everyday just came about from a huge explosion that came out of nothing.  That is absolute absurdity.

Throne of God_French Miniaturist_1400 2In encourage everyone to try the scientific experiment and blow up a fire cracker.  What do you have left, Life?  No, carbon and blown up cardboard.  Even the fire cracker had a designer and someone who assembled it.

Since Kolbe, the young university student, does not believe in God, there is no afterlife.  So for him, the only meaningful thing for him are human beings.  So he puts value on treating them with respect.

His parents recently divorced.  He said that just stayed together till he was older.  He is an only child.  His father was not happy about the divorce, but seems to be moving on.  I asked him if that is what he wants, and he said that he would like to be with the woman he find for life.  I explained that Catholic religion, apart from Pope Francis and many cardinals, protects the indissolubility of marriage.

I also explained how the original sin factor of selfishness caused atheistic Russia to crumble.  He agreed that Russia was a failure.  I forgot to tell him about the 125,000,000 people who were murdered in Russia, China, Cambodia, Vietnam, Cuba and other communist countries.  Atheism does not work.

I reminded him that humanist, secularist believe in religion to keep people behaving well.  But now as religion is suppressed, we have more and more crime.  Things are falling apart.  A very wise old good Catholic friend of mine told me long time ago that society was riding on the coat tails of old peoples religion from before.  That is why we need traditional Catholics to keep society from crashing and burning.

“If the movement of the universe were irrational, and the world rolled on in random fashion, one would be justified in disbelieving what we say. But if the world is founded on reason, wisdom and science, and is filled with orderly beauty, then it must owe its origin and order to none other than the Word of God”—St. Athanasius.