St. Anthony Of The Desert Jan 17

Anthony_Abbot_ZURBAR_N_Francisco_deWhen St. Anthony of Egypt entered a church and heard the words of the Gospel, “If you will be perfect, go, sell all that you have and give to the poor,” he took them as if said to him personally, thinking that this is how Christ should be obeyed. And so, having sold his family possessions and distributed the money to the poor, he withdrew to the vast solitudes of Egypt. He was so fired with zeal for all virtues that, whenever he saw anyone praiseworthy for excelling in any virtue, he strove to imitate him.
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None was more disciplined than he, none more watchful.
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He was so great a terror to the demons that many persons throughout Egypt who were troubled by them were set free merely by invoking Anthony’s name.
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And so, famous for his holiness and his miracles, when he had drawn innumerable other men and women to follow his example, he departed this life in the hundred and fifth Year of his age, on January 17.  1960 Roman Breviary