St. Hilary Jan 14

St.-Hilary-of-ArlesSt. Hilary, born of a noble family in Aquitaine, had few equals in teaching and eloquence. Made bishop of Poitiers, he exercised his ministry in such a way as to gain the highest praise from the faithful. His vigorous campaign for the Catholic faith led to a four year exile in Phrygia. There he raised a dead man to life and performed other miracles. He wrote twelve books on the Trinity against the Arians, and induced all Gaul to condemn the Arian blasphemy He wrote many books showing wonderful learning; St. Jerome writing to Laeta, testifies in these words that they can be read with out the least fear of error: one can run through Hilary’s works without stumbling. He went to heaven on the 13th of January in the year 369.
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Pius IX, at the request of the synod of Bordeaux, declared and confirmed him to be a Doctor of the universal Church.   1960 Roman Breviary