Save Souls Christmas 2015

Just to wish you all a Blessed Christmas.  I continue to not be able to eat well.  Constant gas after eating or drinking.  But what I want to say is that I am trying to still save souls even though I am not able to do it through my blog.  Jesus, Mary, Joseph, we love you, save souls.
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Oh my Jesus, forgive us our sins, save us from the fires of hell, lead all souls to heaven especially those most in need of thy mercy.

In this year of mercy may our prayers, sufferings and works save our souls and others from hell and lead us and them to the non-ending glory of heaven.

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  1. Hi I read your posts every once in a while but I dis not know you were having health problems. I am a strong believer in natural remedies after the Lord revealed to me the power of medicine through His creation and healed me of pcos among other things.
    I often study etno Botony. If you would like to email me maybe I could help.
    No charge just something I like to do for others.
    God Bless

  2. Oh Father!
    Our Loving God Almighty, His Holy Angels and Saints, are certainly with you, this Christmas.
    Your heartfelt prayers and concern for other Souls, especially now as you are so ill, are surely being heard in Heaven!
    Thank you Father, from myself and my family.
    Please know that you remain in my prayers as well.
    God Bless You Always and Merry Christmas!
    Jesus, Mary and Joseph Pray For Us!

  3. Dear Father Carota,

    May you have a blessed Christmas also and you are such an inspiration to us all! We love you and you are saving souls with your sufferings. May God bless you and keep you!

    Margy F.

  4. Wishing you a joyous Christmas season, Father Carota.

    Thankyou for your sincere love and commitment to care for the flock ( us) which Jesus has committed to your gentle care.

    You are in my prayers

  5. So happy to read your post Father. Unhappy to know you are still sick, tho improved thank God. You are in my prayers.

    A most blessed Christmas Tide to you & yours. May the Babe of Bethlehem, His Holy Mother Mary & Saint Joseph her most chaste spouse be your joy forever.
    In J+M+J+

  6. God bless you, Father. We pray for a swift and complete recovery. Perhaps God is using you as a victim soul for a world which has turned away from Our Redeemer and Lord. May God use your suffering in His way and return you to good health to continue the battle.

    May the Christ Child and His Holy Mother and St. Joseph grant you many consolations.

    1. Dear Fr. Carota,

      You are so loved by many! You have brought miracles ( through Jesus Christ) to my life. I pray that our Lord Jesus Christ will continue to allow you to save souls. I have been following your blog faithfully since the beginning and will continue to do so in the future. I will continue to pray for your healing.
      Pax Christi,

  7. Fr. Try ordering a bottle of HCL plus from Trace Elements 972 250 6410.. As we age we lose hydrochloric acid in our stomach. One capsule with b, l dinner/ really helps. My doctor said a natural remedy, and good to relieve acid problem.

  8. Oh Father Peter, How I wish you would be well. I know you are doing this to save soul’s but I pray God have Mercy and heal you. I want to attend a Mass with you being the Priest.
    May God rain abundant blessing upon you.

  9. Father Peter,

    We wish you well and we continue to offer our family rosary for your full recovery. You are truly missed at St. Catherine’s. Father, Can I please get your email address? I want to send you pictures of our baby whom you blessed many times while he was in my tummy. He is now 2 months old and we named him Raphael Alonzo.

    Best regards,
    Roger, Reina, Rhenea, Rielle and Raphael Moraza

  10. God bless you Fr. Carota. We wish you a merry Christmas and a happy, holy new year!!

    Joe and Elizabeth P
    Sal, Bobby, Tony, Rosie, Mary and Michael

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