But for this cause I came unto this hour

“Now is my soul troubled. And what shall I say? Father, save me from this hour. But for this cause I came unto this hour.
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Father, glorify thy name.”

The noble words of our Savior are from John 12: 27-28.

The first part of this is: “Now is my soul troubled.”  Our Savior, our King, our salvation, He who created all things, in His humanity His soul was troubled.  I think, it is easy for us to overlook portions of scripture like this.  Because Jesus is both fully God and Fully man, we still tend to forget the “man” part and think everything was a piece of cake for Christ because He was, Christ.  Throughout the gospels, we have many instances of Christ Humanity coming out and this is one of them.  Many of the saints understood this, and that is why they are always talking about consoling “their beloved” for the offences against them.   Christ understands a troubled soul because He had one too at times.  I find that comforting.

Now the second part, “And what shall I say? Father, save me from this hour. But for this cause I came unto this hour.”  As a man, I find this so noble, so heroic, so loving and so resolute.  Instead of whining about it, He (even though His soul is troubled) states the truth and prepares himself for that which was ordained.  He didn’t shirk away from His duty. He didn’t cower behind excuses and try to weasel His way out of suffering.  Christ, manfully, accepted the will of His Father knowing full well what it was going to cost Him.

And the third part:  “Father, glorify thy name.”  What beautiful words that Christ used to express His ultimate will which was glorifying His Heavenly Father.   In every situation, on every occasion, He came to “do the will of My Father.”  From His birth, to His death, to His resurrection, ascension and His Sitting down at the right hand of God Almighty, He fully did the will of His Father to the glory of His Name.

As I pondered the above scripture, I was reminded of how many times I have been offered the same trial.  No, not in the big matters of faith, but the every day small matters that determine so much of our faith.
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 How often, was I offered some trial, some suffering and unlike Christ, I didn’t say “Father, Glorify Thy Name.”  Christ truly gave us an example to follow that pleases our Lord.  We must begin, again, to look at the small trials that come our way as from the very hand of our loving Father and pray for the grace to be able to echo the words of Christ.

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  1. How beautiful and how noble is our Savior! You are right Fr. Carota, most of us fail in even the small challenges. Though we cannot hope to attain His level of sanctity, He certainly has shown the way.

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