St. Peter Chrysologus Dec. 4

Saint Peter Chrysologus

“St. Peter named ‘Chrysologus’, because of his golden quality of his eloquence, was born of good parents at Imola in Aemelia.
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Turning to religion from his earliest youth, he put himself under Cornelius of Rome, at that time bishop of Imola, who recognized his worth and ordained him deacon. In spite of his protests, Sixtus III proclaimed him archbishop of Ravenna, where he was received by the people with the greatest reverence. He was outstanding for his pastoral work and, in a sermon designed to put a stop to the customary games and masques, he made the famous statement:“The man who wants to play with the devil will not be able to rejoice with Christ.” Divinely forewarned that the end of his life was approaching, he went back to his native town and, going into the church of St. Cassian, offered gifts and humbly begged God and his holy patron mercifully to receive his soul.
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He departed this life on December 2, 450, in the eighteenth year of his episcopate, His holy body was buried with great honor next to that of St, Cassian.
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”  1960 Roman Breviary

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