Fr. Carota Update 11/13/2015

There hasn’t been any improvement for Fr. Carota at this time.  He still is losing weight because of his inability to eat/drink.  His aches and pains are considerable and they continue.  He is offering up his pains and sufferings and ask that his readers would continue in loving the Lord and each other.  He is being shown much love from his friends and readers and he is very thankful for the care that has been shown and the prayers that have been said in his behalf.


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  1. Dear Fr Carota,

    My husband and I met you and Jorge when you visited Kentucky a few years ago… we are so very blessed to have wonderful, Holy & Humble Priests in our lives. You have made such a difference in helping save souls. May God’s will be done but I pray He allows you to continue your work which is for His Glory. May God reward you!!!

  2. Dear Fr. Carota,

    I think about and pray for you everyday. Please through our Lord Jesus Christ get better because we really need you. You have always been such an inspiration to me and my family. My heart breaks to hear of your suffering. Please keep fighting for everything that is good.
    Pax Christi,

  3. Thank you for the update.
    Although I am interested in knowing, I guess there is no need to know the exact ailment that Fr. Carota is suffering. I will pray for him, also.

  4. Ask the intercession of Mother Duchesene. She died nov 18, 1852 Her intercession is very powerful, along with her leader Mother sophie Barat. My little HALEY was baptized on anniversary of her death, may 25, 1865, and Padre Pio was born on the 22nd anniversary of the death of Mother Barat. Sr josefa menendez belonged to the Religious Order founded by mother barat, died july 29, 1923. Ask all these holy ones intercession please. I will to. And next week also feast of st Gertrude. Amen

  5. God bless you Father! You are in my daily thoughts and prayers. I pray for an improvement in your condition soon.

  6. May the peace of Christ be with you Father Carota. God is with you. Keep the faith. We pray for you as one in the love of our one Lord, knowing that Gods Love never fails those who trust in Him. God bless.

  7. Jonathan, please send me Father Carota’s address so that my family can send him a little greeting. We are so grateful for his holy priesthood and sorry for his sufferings.
    Thank you and God bless you.

  8. Our prayers and love for you Fr. Carota continue. We need your guidence and fidelity to light the way to Our Lord’s will. May the peace of Jesus Christ fill your soul and may Mother Mary be your consolation.

  9. Is he on I V fluids?
    Is he being seen by specialists?

    Really this is terribly terribly concerning.
    What is being done to help him. From this report , it looks like he is surrounds by loving people who are doing nothing practical to help him.

    If you leave him like this he is going to die.

    Or is he in palliative care.? Please

    Please tell me /us more about the care father is receiving because it is actually cruel to just give the this incomplete information to those of us who treasure and cherish our gentle and holy priest.

    Thanks you for your understanding

    1. I agree. This is torture for those of us that love Father Peter so much. Why is he not in the hospital? Please give us more information.

  10. Happy birthday Fr. Peter. I miss you. I don’t think I ever took you for granted. Its very painful to know what you go through. I miss seeing you run across the street, saying the holy sacrifice of the mass and being the priest for all of the little baby burials. Fr. David Sanfillipo is praying for you, Bishop Olhmstead and your Latin mass family at St. Catherine of Siena too.

  11. Just wanted to tell those taking care of Father, that if they put him on good fruits and veggies, even juicing them would help. If it is cancer, there is Vitamin B-17 or apricot seed to take that is healing. Another good healer for cancer is essiac tea or Cassie’s Tea.
    Termuric spice is a cure for all cancer. Grapes and their seeds are good , also. God gave us spices, herbs and teas for this. Some people say just by using organic asparagus , heals. I will be praying. For pain in his bones, have him drink organic green tea, and aloe vera juice. Olive Leaf capsules help , also. God’s blessings. Dena

  12. This is ridiculous. God wants us to pray for a cure but God also helps those who help themselves. Get the poor man into a hospital. Get him on a drip. Get real Practical Help as well as prayers. Get him a doctor and do it quick. God will decide if He wants him in this world or the next. We must do all we can on this side of heaven to preserve his life here on earth.Pray yes but act too.

    1. Fr. has been seeing many doctors, taking a battery of test and it all has been inconclusive. He is following his doctors orders and trying to get better.

  13. Parasites . My parents almost died from them & western med doctors missed it! They lost tons of weight, muscle, strength, etc. My mom was crawling up the stairs because she was too weak to walk. Finally homeopathic dr figured it out. They were put on strict organic low carb diet and had to take lots of vitamins, herbs, etc. They had visited Venezuela the summer before they were stricken. Fr Carota spent time in Mexico recently that is known for parasitic water and food. Please advise his caretakers.

    1. I have done so already. That was my first thought as well. I have given him a lot of material on the subject and how to get rid of them.

  14. Please give Father Peter our love and tell him we are praying daily for him to get better, always in our hearts and thoughts

  15. “I have for many years now suffered from constant stomach pains; at every hour and even every minute I am exhausted because my appetite is gone; because of a fever, low indeed but constant, I breathe with difficulty. Among all these pains, in my distress I meditate on these words of Scripture: ‘God whips every son he receives.’ (Heb 12:6) The more depressed I am by present suffering, the more consoled I am by the certain promises of eternal life.”
    – Pope St. Gregory the Great. Letter to Leander.

    God bless you Father.

  16. Dear Fr.
    What’s happening to you happen to my husband in 1984 . The symptoms you are experiencing are similar. I have no idea how he got so sick . He couldn’t eat or drink too . His whole body was in pain . He would also feel a stabbing pain in his heart and many stabbing pains in his head he went crazy everyday banging the walls and begging me to kill him. Every evening his body fluids soaked the sheets, which amazed me cause he could hardly hold down liquids he threw it up . He was so thin the doctors said it was a virus and sent him home ,no medication . He was dying a slow death. But thanks to a friend who took me to this lady to help me , she did a novena to the Infant Jesus and had masses offered for him. She had us offer mass for his deceased grandparents whom she sense was in need and she said they would help.Then she told us to pray the rosary everyday and she told my husband you eat ,you drink you are well she also gave him some kinda of red dirt for him to drink to cleanse his body which helped his fever. this sickness ,he had for almost a month and took a long time recovering, till today we have no idea what it was and I never ever heard of anyone else getting sick like this except you it wasn’t parasites either., the doctors did not help, they had no clue of what was wrong with him and did nothing for him. He did not take vitamins nor health foods as everyone does today for their health “God healed him”. I feel for you because I know what you are suffering I place you in Our Lady’s care everyday and ask God to grant you the graces you need to bear these sufferings He is asking of you. I pray God heals you ,you are so needed here. God Bless You , Jesus, Mary, Joseph,St Michael and Gods
    Holy Angels your patron Saint ,your Guardian Angel
    And all the Saints in Heaven comfort and care for you.
    and protect you from all evil.

  17. Alll the Walker family in South Phoenix continue to pray for you everyday. You have touched so many people, and I pray God will allow you to continue your mission soon. Jonathan Byrd, thank you so much for your updates. This must be extremely difficult for you, we include you in our prayers. Please send an address where we may send cards for Father Corota. Perhaps a post office box would be helpful and not too intrusive for you.

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