St. Andrew Avelino Nov. 10

1389St. Andrew Avellino, previously called Lancelot, was born at Castro Nuovo, a village in Lucania. He learned jurisprudence at Naples, was ordained priest, and began to practice law, through only in ecclesiastical courts.
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But once, when he was presenting a case, he let slip a small lie, and then happened upon the words of Scripture: “A lying mouth slays the soul”.

He was seized with remorse and sorrow, abandoned the practice of law, and begged to be admitted among the Clerks Regular. Successful in this petition, he also obtained by prayer, on account of the great love of Cross, with which he burned, the favor of being given the name Andrew. He was outstanding for his abstinence, patience, humility and contempt of self.

He caused the Order of Clerks to spread in wonderful way. He honored the Virgin mother of God, with a singular love and reverence.
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After giving heroic examples of virtue, worn with old age and broken by his labors, as he was beginning the celebration of Mass, after the third repetition of the words, “I will go into the altar of God”, he suffered a stroke and apoplexy and died peacefully soon afterwards fortified by the sacraments.