Pope Francis – “all the divorced who ask will be admitted.”

Yes, he said it over the phone to his favorite journalist, Italian editor Eugenio Scalfari of La Repubblica (the Pope’s daily and favorite newspaper), in a conversation on October 28, revealed by the latter in an editorial published this Sunday.

There is no reason to doubt its accuracy. We are way past the time of doubting the accuracy of the Scalfari quotes. Not now, that the papal interviews to Scalfari have been published on the Vatican website, that they have been occasionally published by the Vatican publishing house (LEV) itself – for instance, as part of the book to the right.


It was a direct quote by Scalfari, as the Pope explained to his dear Atheist friend what the Synod had decided (in fact as an answer to another editorial on the Synod Scalfari had published in Repubblica).
The quote is the following:


In the same phone conversation of the past Wednesday, he declared himself very interested in the article I had dedicated to him two Sundays beforehand. He asked me what I thought of the conclusions of the Synod on the family. I responded — as I had already written — that the compromise that the Synod had reached did not seem to take into account the changes had had taken place in the family in the past fifty years, [and] therefore pointing towards the recovery of the traditional family was an objective that was completely unthinkable. I added that the open Church willed by him finds herself before a family that is open both in its goodness and in its wickedness, and that it is this that the Church finds before her.
“It is true — Pope Francis answered — it is a truth and for that matter the family that is the basis of any society changes continuously, as all things change around us. We must not think that the family does not exist any longer, it will always exist, because ours is a social species, and the family is the support beam of sociability, but it cannot be avoided that the current family, open as you say, contains some positive aspects, and some negative ones. … The diverse opinion of the bishops is part of this modernity of the Church and of the diverse societies in which she operated, but the goal is the same, and for that which regards the admission of the divorced to the Sacraments, [it] confirms that this principle has been accepted by the Synod. This is bottom line result, the de facto appraisals are entrusted to the confessors, but at the end of faster or slower paths, all the divorced who ask will be admitted.” [Rorate translation, emphasis added]


Honestly, friends, is there any doubt that is how Francis, who has championed this notion from the first moment, sees this? Is there any doubt this is what will be (with some variation, some Pharisaic language) in the post-Synodal exhortation? Now what?…

(Editorial, La Repubblica, Nov. 1, 1015, p. 27 – PDF – 2nd page here)
(Source: La Repubblica – tip, image, pdf provider: Secretum meum mihi blog)

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  1. Why has God allowed His Church to be infiltrated with His enemies? Those who, for the last 50 years, have worked to destroy the Catholic faith and lead everyone to eternal damnation?

    Could it be it wants to re-light the fires of our hearts and of our souls if that light of faith, love, and obedience to Christ has diminished? Is He separating the goats from the sheep, the lambs from the wolves, the wheat from the chaff?

    For me personally, the last 50 years has given me the opportunity to relight my heart and soul as its fire had turned rather complacent and my life had been more and more reflective of the “sins of the world” and was becoming too apathetic towards maintaining a prayer life and seeking to know God’s will in my life. So, in a way, the heretics and apostates who began their quest to destroy my faith and the faith of all others this past half century have forced me to go back and go over again and again the True Faith, the True teachings of Christ and of His Church, and get down on my knees and thank God that He will protect me from error if I remain in His Truth, and pray, pray, and pray for the lost souls within to reconvert, and do what I must to avoid sin, to repent of my sins, and do penance and some kind of reparation for those sins and the sins of the whole world.

    Holy Mary, Mother of God.
    Pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death.

    1. In answer to your question..”Why has God allowed etc..” I believe the following quote answers your question in full.

      “The clearest sign of God’s anger and the most horrible punishment He can inflict upon this world is manifested when He permits His people to fall into the hands of clergy who are clergyman more in name than in deed.”
      St. John Eudes,

  2. Drip, drip, drip. Every time Pope Francis speaks about Church affairs, he somehow whittles away at the Holy tradition which has made Catholicism truly the vine of Christ. From his “Global Warming” edicts to his embracing of the progressive political scene, he reveals himself as perhaps the fulfillment of the prophesies of the likes of Brigett of Sweden, Malachy, Akita and even Fatima: The false leader who will promote false doctrine. Time to worry folks . . . Worry and pray!

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