Traditional Catholic Christ the King # 2

“Pilate therefore said to him: Art thou a king then?  Jesus answered: Thou sayest that I am a king.  For this was I born and for this came I into the world.” John 18:37

Cardinal Pie who was born in France in 1815 wrote a great deal on the Social Kingship of Christ the King over this world’s governments.  He had been trained by a priest who had suffered greatly from the French revolution.  His motto was “Restore All Things in Christ”.  Pope Pius X greatly admired him and studied him intensely and for this reason also took on this motto for his pontificate.

ChristusRex4Freedom2He saw that “Naturalism” was the root of all the revolutions in the different countries of the world.  It believes that human nature and human reason, unaided by divine revelation, ought to guide societies and governments.  Heresies twist dogmas, but naturalism denies any need for dogmas.  By denying that God is the revealer of truth, they eliminate God from the world and from creation.

Pie affirmed that Jesus Christ is king of heaven and earth and therefore is to exercise a true and supreme kingship over all human society.  Therefore all nations need to give tribute to public religion and national faith.

He says that when Jesus says to Pilate that His kingdom is not of this world, what He meant was that His kingdom originates from above and not here below.
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He is not denying, but expanding the understanding to the understanding that He not only has dominion over  mundane worldly reality, but also over the supernatural reality.

Cristero being executed for Christ the King in MexicoFusilamiento de ToralEven the pagan Greeks and Romans knew that with out religion no republic could last.  “It is easier to build a city in the air than to have a society apart from the worship of the gods.”  But still the secularist have built a society where the theocracy of the Church has been replaced by the theocracy of their absolute or a pagan theocracy.  The high priest are the people and the God is the state.  This is socialism.

In the Bible, politics with out God is called “the prince of this world” (the devil) and “the power of the beast”.  Today it is called revolution, communism, socialism and our form of democracy where people decide what is moral by voting.

God Almighty from the Ghent Altarpiece_EYCK, Jan vanWithout God’s divine revelation to guide mankind, there will be only more and more chaos everywhere in the world.  Most people can see the fruits of naturalism.  But they deny the truth that only by having Jesus Christ as king over the nations will there be safe societies and peace again.

Cardinal Pie had some encouraging words for us who are living in these evil times.  If God can not reign through the Church and Catholic governments, He will rule by calamities that are the result of His absence.  He also told the rebellious Napoleon III, “If the time has not yet come for Christ to reign, ah well!  Then the time has not yet come for governments to last.”

NH-Yard-Sign-Web 2Great political leaders die some day.  Governments come and go.  But God in His infinite time and wisdom will always have it His way.  Behind all the persecution, murders, robberies and corruption, by evil governments under the devil, holy Catholics are being made into saints and filling Heaven up.  God has the last say and is always bring good out of evil governments and greedy financiers.  Vive Christus Rex!