St. King Elesbaan Of Ethiopia Oct. 27

iow-saint-elesbaan-18th-century-3-1mb-crop-rtstoryvar-large-18th-century-3-1mbSt. Elesbaan was a black king (known as King Kaleb) from (Abissina) Ethiopia in the 6th Century.  Ethiopia was part of the Eastern Roman Empire under Emperor Justinian.  King Dunaan of the southern Arabian peninsula, had apostatized from the Catholic Church and had become a Jew.  He killed or kicked out the bishops and priests, destroyed or took over all the churches and made them into synagogues.
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 Many Catholics were killed by him without trial.

Emperor Justinian asked King Kaleb to go to Arabia and stop King Dunaan.  With great danger, he crossed the Red Sea and was able to eventually overthrow King Dunaan, restored the Churches to the Catholics.  He is known as a saint for protection while at sea.

3077King Kaleb then returned to Ethiopia and trained his son to be a good Catholic king.  Once that was done, he entered a monastery where he humbly prayed, obeyed and worked.  That is where his name changed to be St.
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Elesbaan when he entered the religious life.