You thought it would turn out well?

Rorate has the english version of the document that is going to allow even more sacrilege.
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 Read it here if you can stomach it.

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  1. “[T]he Holy Spirit pours gifts and charisms in them [i.e., in the ‘baptized who are divorced and civilly remarried,’ i.e., adulterers]”!!!

    Adulterers live in mortal sin; thus, they are not in a state of (sanctifying) grace! How could “the Holy Spirit pour… gifts and charisms in them”‽

  2. The Sycophants of Satan have taken over the Church and trying to complete it’s destruction they started at Vatican II. The devils, apostates and heretics are no longer in the shadows. They are in the sun light and in-your-face daring us to resist them and call them out. We can begin by getting their attention real fast. Since they want to live and die in the temporal world, we should the “Merciful” thing and accommodate their wishes. Step 1. Close our wallets, Period. Not reason not to. Don’t feed or support them in any way. They have decided to officially become the equivalent of NGO’s rather bearers of Truth, Sacraments and Sacrifice. God will not be endlessly mocked. Neither will the Mother of His Son.

      1. Exactly. It was already dangerously problematical in the mid-nineteenth century. Pope St Pius X recognized the danger and that is why he created the Oath against Modernism a century ago which, sadly, did not stop the rot. The evildoers just went underground for a time.

        They made gains under Benedict XV, Pius XI and, yes, Pius XII. After the last Pius all hell broke loose.

  3. I can’t stomach it, frankly. Watching my country and my Church get simultaneously destroyed by their respective leaders is very hard to endure.

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