Update On Father Carota

Father is still very ill.  He continues to lose weight and is unable to eat much of anything and is losing much strength due to this.
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 Please continue to keep him in your daily rosary intentions.

14 Replies to “Update On Father Carota”

  1. If Father is not already hospitalized, he ought to be. There, he would receive IV fluids of water and a balance of sugar and salt, which the body needs. Also, he can be fed intravenously so that he will not die of starvation. From past postings he has made, he gives the impression that he prefers natural remedies, but God gave us doctors and medicines as His gift to mankind to assist us in healing. If father does not have insurance, there is care available for those who cannot pay. We will certainly keep him in our rosaries! Our Lady bless and keep all of you who are assisting him.

  2. Tell Father Carota I have one of the rarest relics of Our Lady’s Veil. Have him e-mail me where-in I will give him a phone number to call me ( I must ascertain it is really Father Carota so this extremely rare relic does not fall into the wrong hands )..
    I am confident that should he keep it about him- it WILL cure him and give him renewed strength, both physically and Spiritually. It came to me recently…. now I understand why…

  3. My sincerest prayers for his recovery. Please tell Fr. Carota thank you for the inspiration that he has given me this past year. Unfortunately our present medical system is not very trustworthy. My daughter is an RN who was administering Vitamin C shots to patients at the clinic of Dr. Wolfson in the Phoenix area, and this has been very effective in helping people who were victimized by “Western Medicine”. Please contact Dr. Wolfson as soon as possible to give this treatment a try. Dr. Wolfson is a licensed doctor who is a strong proponent of natural medicine and luckily he is in the same city as Fr. Carota. My daughter has witnessed the good effects of this treatment. May God bless you for letting us know about him.

  4. Please ask Fr. Peter to contact me or send me a way to contact him. My address
    “snail mail” is 5370 Kawaihau Road, Kapaa, Kauai, Hawaii 96746
    Mahalo nui loa. Angels all around you Peter!!!! My petition for you is in the top “in box” on God’s “desk”

  5. I love his posts, his hope and encouragement to the faithful. Through our prayers I hope that he is encouraged.

  6. Fr. Peter,please know that You are in our prayers and as I am since my youth a proponent of prayer and sacrifice for the poor souls in Purgatory I will ask them to please intercede for You – as they can help us faithful but not themselves; if only the faithful would realize
    what they are missing by not making small sacrifices for our beloved poor souls – believe me they do help!!!!

    Laudamus Domino!

    Frederick Philip Matthes

  7. Dear Father Carota,

    I am so sorry for your sufferings, but with them, you are very close and pleasing to God! You are such a help and consolation in these dark days. You are such a holy and faithful priest….we love you!! Pray for us, too!!!

    In Christ and his blessings be upon you!!


  8. I find it incredible that in an advanced modern country a priest is not hospitalised and given tratment. His bishop should look after him. It is scandalous that this poor man is left without proper treatment. Here in the UK we have free health care. He or his bishop should have taken our health insurance for him. What’s wrong with you? Get the poor man real practical care NOW. Yes God wants us to pray but He expects us to use our common sense too. He won’t work a miracle unless WE do something.

  9. Will continue to remember Fr. Carota in all my daily prayers and good works. God bless you both! ♥

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