Traditional Catholics Say NO To Halloween

All the children at school are talking about getting into costumes and going trick or treating.  Children remember all the candy they received and the fun they had going from house to house all dressed up in their superhero costume.  People are spending a lot of money and time on decorating their houses with orange lights, tombstones, witches, devils, ghosts, zombies and spiderwebs.  It is very very attractive.

HalloweenBlogMost people who do prepare to go trick or treating and give out candy on halloween are good people.  But, just for a moment, sit back and observe what is happening.  We are all attracted to the dark side.  It comes from our fallen nature.  We all want candy, sweets.  We all want to escape who we really are and get dressed up as someone fun or exciting.

From this attraction to dressing up, getting a lot of free candy and getting scared does open the door to evil.  It plants a seed of satanism and witchcraft in the tiny children who go to these homes that have devils, zombies, blood, witches, scary noises and black widows webs.  Evil things becomes alright and fun.

AP_satan_illustration_kab_140107_4x3_992The satanist are asking the City of Oklahoma to put up the above statue of the devil.  Who do they have looking up to devil; children.  A young man told me about him watching with his friends dark movies.  I asked him if any of these friends had sold their soul to the devil and the illuminati.  He said yes and that most of them were African American.  Friends affect friends.  Relatives affect Relatives.  For good or bad.

What allows normal children to change and enjoy horror movies and the “Twilight” series?  Could have it started with halloween?

I say give all the candy the children want that day, maybe by hitting a piñata.  But do not help them go to the dark side by going trick or treating.

But prove all things; hold fast that which is good.  From all appearance of evil refrain yourselves.  And may the God of peace himself sanctify you in all things; that your whole spirit, and soul, and body, may be preserved blameless in the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.  1 Thessalonians 5:21-23


Therefore, whether you eat or drink, or whatsoever else you do, do all to the glory of God.  1 Corinthians 10:31

I spent halloween in Mexico 5 years ago.  I watched all the mothers walk their children to school in devil costumes.  It is no wonder that they act like “little devils” that these same parents complain about.  That night people from Mexico City came and rented cabins across the creek from my families property.  All night long satanist, men and women, screamed satanic cantations all night long.  They finally stopped as the light of dawn began to appear and the church bells tolled at 6 am.   That was the worst night in my life to have to hear this screaming all night long.

Flemish-Painter-Dieric-Bouts-the-Elder-Hell-Renaissance-Oil-PaintingAlso I personally heard a wiccan witch tell a group of people, “halloween is the night when fire burns everything away and all begins new”.

Last halloween, a teacher here at St. Catherine School had to let a complete stranger, a woman, into their house because someone was actually trying to murder her.

No, we traditional Catholics and all christians should steer far from anything evil.  So what, no candy, and no cavities, no teeth drilling and no dentist bills.  It is so good to be a traditional Catholic.

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  1. Every man is entitled to his own opinion, but not to his own facts, and the fact is that, despite certain pagan associations with the date in question, “All Hallows Eve” has distinct Catholic origins, which would be more obvious in some parts of the world than in North America. There are many sources for learning more (which is usually recommended before writing about it). This is only one of them:

    1. Your tone was a bit condescending to the good Father. I am quite sure he knows its roots.

      One will find many a learned trad priest condemning the celebrating of Halloween, regardless of what the hot-bed-of-Modernism EWTN has to say about it, FSSP to name some.
      The good Father is right; Halloween glamorizes and opens a little portal to evil…and a little portal is all a little demon needs.

    1. Well I guess I’m a “Protestant” or just a person who has a personal relationship with Jesus, and I HATE Halloween. Not because of its Catholic roots, but because it most certainly IS a holiday where satan thrives. It’s quite sad how many Christians and Catholics are blind to it. I mean it’s so obvious! We are mirroring evil, we are participating in the devils’s games, we are purposefully instilling fear into our own hearts and allowing our children to do the same. And you all know what Jesus said concerning those who would cause His little ones to fall, right?
      “But if you cause one of these little ones who trusts in me to fall into sin, it would be better for you to be thrown into the sea with a large millstone hung around your neck.” Mark 9:42

      It’s just sad. So many people have bought into a lie that it’s perfectly fine; it’s all just fun and games.
      But I guess that’s the thing about deception; you don’t know that you are deceived.

  2. I put rosaries and rosary booklets in my safe Halloween candy and toys that are pumpkins, happy, not scary or evil. My husband takes off and puts the pretty orange lights and pumpkins up and down our steps so the kids can see better and feel happy and loved. Are we still wrong? I give the kids Jesus and Mary with their candy…Please reply. Thanks.

  3. The fact of the matter is, Halloween as it is currently celebrated in our country and others is NOT Catholic. It is demonic, and at the very least it mocks the sanctity of life and death. How can we celebrate such filth when the true horror stories are playing out on the streets and in abortion mills every day?

    God bless you, Father, for taking a stand on this.

  4. The Pope’s along with the Vatican exorcists, have also come out to say Catholics should not participate in Halloween. The Vatican exorcists say, they are in overdrive after Halloween. It is considered by many in the occult to be Satan’s birthday and the beginning of darkness for the second half of the year. Also, it is the one day of the year with the highest occult activity. During this time people desecrate graves, conduct animal sacrifice, and participate in other deviant and criminal acts.

    That said, I have two children who get a little upset every year because they cannot go out with their friends trick or treating. However, I stand firm in my convictions. Unfortunately, I only have one more year until my oldest turns 18 so I am trying to give her a little more freedom when it comes to making decisions. Sometimes, if we do not allow our older Catholic children a little “free will”, they tend to rebel. We have to turn it over to God and allow his plan to unravel in their lives. Also, we have to pray that we have done our job well along the way.

    So instead of allowing my children to go out and trick or treat, I promise them candy the next day (50% off) to celebrate All Saints Day and All Souls Day. In addition, I told them we could carve a pumpkin with a cross on the front. For the person who commented on the happy face pumpkins, you should read Fr. Carota’s story on the Jack O Lantern and on how Jack tricked the devil. I think people get the impression that if we make Halloween less scary we are protecting are families. Unfortunately, this line of thinking sets up a very slippery slope. Besides even if you have a happy Jack O Lantern it does not mean you are not going to get ghosts and ghouls at your door and eventually in your home.

    I recently had a neighbor invite us over to carve pumpkins. When I told her I did not celebrate Halloween, she said that they did not have to do scary carvings. Once again, it does not matter if it is scary or not what matters is that you are participating in an occult activity. Rather than explain all this to my neighbor, I plan on taking my family out to dinner that evening. It is not that I am trying to get out of explaining my beliefs, its because I know the lady will paint me as “crazy religious fanatic”. Believe me, if I thought I could educate this “Christian” woman I would. However, I find that sometimes it is better to pray for them and hope they eventually find my way.

    I am by no means a perfect Catholic. But, I do not want to purposely open any doors to the occult. Clearly, we have enough evil in the world with abortion, crucifixion of Christians, poverty, hate, etc. without opening our doors and welcoming it in.
    May God bless us all.

  5. The following is the only part I really applaud in the article:
    “Today many families, and even parishes, hold group celebrations, often with costumes of the saints, the poor souls or famous Catholics (such as the Pope, Mother Teresa or the like) and other elements which re-enforce the Christian side of Halloween’s origins.”
    This relates more to the celebration of All Souls and All Saints Day.

  6. While it’s true that the secular celebration of All Hallows Eve is offensive, the same can be said about the secular celebration of:

    Christmas (Dec. 25)
    The Feast of the Circumcision (Jan. 1)
    St. Valentine’s Day (Feb. 14)
    St. Patrick’s Day (March 17)
    Easter (recall the origins of that name, “Easter”)

    If, on Christmas Eve, a bunch of drunken hooligans invaded your church during Holy Mass, would you evacuate the church, and let the rowdies keep it?

    Of course you would not.

    So, why is Father Carota recommending we do the equivalent thing with a Christian holy day: Hallowe’en?

    The facts, as mentioned above, are indisputable: Hallowe’en = All Hallows Eve = Vigil of All Saints (All Hallows = All Saints). It’s a Christian, and specifically Catholic, occasion.

    The custom of begging for food, along with the costumes, come from All Souls (Nov. 2): in the Christian ages, the poor would beg for food and promise to pray for those who gave food. And the costumes originated in plays associated with praying for the dead. The phrase “trick or treat” derives from anti-Catholic persecution in Ireland.

    While Father is absolutely right to warn against any association with dark and demonic imagery and activities, it is factually wrong to say that this is the origin and meaning of Hallowe’en, and I believe it’s ill advised to cede ground to evil. Our Lord and the saints cast out evil, they did not give ground to it.

  7. October is a month dedicated to Mother of God of rosary,pray the rosary that day-Fatima
    God bless

  8. Thank you Fr. Martin Fox for some sense on this issue. Even though I usually agree with Fr. Carota’s posts, I cannot agree with this one. Halloween as has been said, is All Hallows Eve which has unofficially been a day to remember the reality of hell. A parish I attend on Sunday (which celebrates the Old Rite) has a beautiful celebration on Halloween where there are games and where kids dress up as saints, nuns, and priests. You cannot allow evil to win especially on days that have a Catholic origin.

    1. To thank one Father for some sense is to imply Father Carota is not using sense. Is that what you mean to do?

      People here are missing the point.
      Halloween TODAY is the problem, not its roots.
      We are indeed dabbling in the dark when we put up the macabre…skeletons, tombstones, devils on on our porches, when WE dress as devils!

      Again, we open a tiny portal when we play with dark things, but how big a portal does a tiny demon need?

  9. I think many commentators are wrongfully attributing something to Father’s post that are off the point. It appears that the main point of the post is to warn people of the occultic practices common on Halloween. Father gives multiple examples of current evil occult practices to avoid. As it is a mortal sin to purposefully place oneself in a near occasion of mortal sin, ( IE The Occult!) I believe Father is giving very fatherly advice to people who might possibly, and in Father’s experience and my own, probably, place theirs souls in peril if they participate in a dangerous pastime.

    It is an unfair logical fallacy to build a straw man and accuse Father of something he never wrote and then attack that straw man. Father never questioned or even mentioned the origins of activities of Halloween or the word Halloween. So those arguments are moot! Father also did not accuse any child of evil who dressed like a saint for a church festival. Dirty tricks in argumentation make you look dirty. Father gave examples of evil and said to avoid near occasions of sin.

    Shame on you who would attack him on false premises. For crying out loud. He is sick. Patience prayer and honor for your Father (number 4 on the list) would have been more Christian than a preachy off base diatribe about subjects not discussed in the post.

    Most people these days are not prayer warriors. We are wounded and being dragged into hell. Father is very brave to grab our little rotten hands as we slip nearly out of reach. We are all one mortal sin from our own perpetual Halloween celebration. Some nasty little commentators might best mind themselves and leave this Holy Priest to do his work unmolested by their great and powerful wisdom.

  10. During the 1940’s when I was a young girl my family and the other families on my block never celebrated Halloween. Instead, on Thanksgiving day, we dressed up in our Mother’s clothes and went door to door asking “Anything for Thanksgiving?”. We received fruit and nuts and sometimes candy. There were no macabre costumes or trick or treating. My family (Catholic) knew it was more important to pray to the saints than to emulate the devil.

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