Update on the contact form

The Contact Form page was not sending any emails out to Father and were stuck in an email account.  For anyone who emailed him, Father wasn’t ignoring your emails.
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As of right now, Father is not able to respond to any emails due to his health condition.
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 Please use the contact form for blog suggestions or other comments that you might want to make.


2 Replies to “Update on the contact form”

  1. Hello Jonathan,

    I would so appreciate if you could kindly inform Fr Carota that I offered Traditional Latin mass for him last Sunday all the way in Singapore and that my family are praying for him. He has helped my husband and me discover many lost Catholic teachings especially on marriage and family and for this we are truly grateful to him. I don’t know what illness Father has, but just to share based on my own experience, I’m wondering if he could be suffering from a severe case of food intolerance or allergy because that can wreck havoc on the body and its digestive system. Plus it could compound whatever problem he already has. Anyhow, I would be grateful if you could convey this brief message to Fr Carota. May Almighty God bless and strengthen him.

    Juanita B.

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