Love, Prayers

Just a personal note as to what I am going through.  I was eating a little better yesterday, but back to the same today, (only able to eat and drink a small amount).  I am trying to offer it up with Jesus’ suffering, but it is hard.  My bottom hurts to sit or lie down on because I have lost so much weight.  I have done everything that the Doctors have said and my brother Dr. Carota.  But not working.

IMG_5045One good news is that yesterday I got together with a girl, (Antanaysia) whom I saved from an abortion.  I had lost touch with her since I moved from my parish.  Her grandmother called me yesterday and we got together.  She is 7 years old.  If all the other things I have done in my life have been in vain, it is all worth while saving children from abortion.

She said she wants to be a nun.  Thank you all of you for your love and prayers.  Keep them up.  I barely say the Latin Mass in silence every morning.

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  1. I pray for you every day, Father Peter. You have literally changed my life. May God bless you and heal you.


  2. Father Peter you are in our prayers.
    Thank you for all you have done. Especially Isabel and helping her with things when she was down especially with her being a little person, you are one person that has shown her about what Faith is.
    Love Aimee Coelho and family

  3. Fr. Carota, I’ve never met you, but you and your blog have changed me over the years. You been a great influence in my Catholic re-formation. I thank you immensely. I pray for you and will pray for you always. You are in my heart.
    Please, don’t give up.
    Yours in Christ,

  4. Fr. Peter my family & I continue to pray for you! Hope God heals you soon. You hold a special place in our hearts & in our marriage!

  5. Thank you Fr. Carota for sharing your pain and joy with us. Praise be Jesus for the victory in Antanaya’s life. You are loved and we pray for your holy consolation, again I say I can imagine how many souls are being saved with the offering of your suffering fused with that of Our Lord’s incarnation, life, passion and death. We remain united in prayer.

  6. Dear Father Carota:

    You are in my prayers and I understand how suffering is not an easy burden to carry. Have you tried Kefir or any other pro-biotics. I do not know the manner of your sickness, but pro-biotics can sometimes help in many circumstances.

    Take care and God bless you Father.

  7. Father Peter, my prayers are with you, it really sadden me to hear, that you are ill and suffering. I wil dedicate tonights rosary to you and your health. I miss you at St. Patrick’s church, it’s not the same without you. .. I thank you for all you’ve done for me and my family, especially for bringing my husband back to church and to our lord Jesus Christ and also for being there for me and my family, during my mother’s and father’s passing. I love you and will keep you in my prayers. ( I would love to visit you )

  8. may GOD bless you Father. also if your body is in pain you could try acupreassure, if you google it and find the certain points it is easy fast and work fairly well, may our Lady watch over you

  9. Hi father Peter ,
    We lost touch since you left the parish in escalon , and I always wondered where you went now that I see this posting I am reaching out , to let you know I miss our conversations. You were one of the persons I admired dearly and that I could turn to .i would like to get in touch with you , hope you get well soon and I hear from you .
    God bless you
    Gabriel Juarez

  10. Father Peter, We are praying for a complete healing for you. You are a great inspiration for our family, we wouldn’t be where we are at if its not for your guidance and direction. We offered our family rosary for you last night and my daughter misses you a lot. Our baby is almost due and we hope that you can still celebrate the baby’s baptism in Latin rite. We will wait for your return at St. Catherine’s. The masses are not the same without you. May God and our Blessed mother keep you always.

    Roger, Reina, Rhenea and Rielle Moraza (from Laveen)

  11. Father Peter, we just heard what you are going thru. We miss you since you left St. Patrick’s. You were there when my mother was dying,to give her last rites and I’ll never forget that. Your in our prayers.

  12. We are praying for you Father Peter only god knows what you mean to my family and my daughters family The Guzmans in Escalon you helped us so much you helped my autistic son Pablo with his confirmation you will be in our prayers sending all our love

  13. Father peter .. you are such an amazing person. I thank you for all that you do. I will pray for your . It saddens me that you are in pain .. may the lord heal you soon.

  14. Padre Pedro , pedimos por su pronta recuperacion , lo extrañamos mucho en San Patricio , estuvo con nosotros en momentos muy dificiles y por siempre se lo agradeceremos , pediremos a la Virgen de San Juan de los Lagos para que interceda por usted y recupere su salud . Esperamos verlo pronto .

  15. Hello, Father Peter. We are praying for you to get better. God Bless you . Hugs and kisses from your Godson Dalton too.

    Frank and Darlene Castro and Family

  16. You will be in my prayers that God brings you peace in your suffering. In 3 short days my husband and I will be celebrating 4 years of marriage. We were beyond blessed to have you as our priest! You were the rock in my faith while growing up in my small parish and I miss you to this day.

    We pray to sweet Virgin Mary to comfort us in our time of suffering.
    Get well Father Peter.

  17. Father we miss you in AZ!!! We will continue to pray for your health and soon return??!

  18. Prayer for you Father:
    Prayer for Priests and Bishops who are Sick

    O Sweet Jesus, Eternal High Priest,
    look favorably upon Thy priest Father Fr. Peter Carota
    whom sickness has cast upon a bed of pain.

    Draw near to him, lay Thy hand upon him, and heal him by Thy Almighty power.

    Restore him to health and vigor so that praising Thee he may be able to continue to labor in promoting Thy greater honor and glory and the salvation of souls.

    Most Rev. Vincent S. Waters, D.D.
    Raleigh, N.C. March 25, 1956

  19. Fr. Peter ….

    We are all praying for you. May God always be by your side during this time. Wishing you get well soon and continue all your awesome work in our faith… sending you our strength and prayers. …

    THE Everett Bryand sr. Family

  20. A holy priest is a gift from Heaven. We entrust you to Our Lady, Mother of the Clergy. Keeping you in our prayers for a total and swift healing.
    We need our holy priests! God bless you, Father!

  21. Hola padre Pedro mi familia y yo oramos por su salud padre aunque desconocemos de que se encuentra enfermo confiamos en dios su pronta recuperación … Dios lo bendiga y llene de salud.. Desde Ripon ca…

  22. be strong in the lord peace be with your spirit… Our lady of sorrow pray for us and fr carota Amen

  23. Dear Fr. Carota,

    I will remember you in a special way in my prayers, especially when I offer the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and when I pray the Divine Office and the Holy Rosary. You are a Priest who have inspired me greatly by your fidelity and your love for God and zeal for souls. Please know that you are not alone in bearing this cross, and that my prayers (and I am sure the prayers of many of your readers) accompany you during these trying times.

    The Church too is in agony at this moment in her history, but all things come through the grace of the Cross, as I am sure you know well, and perhaps Our Lord is giving you a greater share in this great mystery of redemptive suffering so as to give you a larger share of His Glory: ”

    …per Passionem ejus et Crucem ad Resurrectionis gloriam perducamur.”

    God bless you and keep you always.

  24. We just heard that you were ill, Father. We will pray for you. Hang in there with God’s help. May He be your constant strength.

  25. Hello Fr. Peter I continue to pray for you daily, hoping to hear your feeling much better very soon, spoke with Gaye about your visit that she so enjoyed. I living in Caddo Oklahoma near my son and his family I’m attending Mass at St. Matthews Parish in Durant Oklahoma. God be with you Fr.
    Your Sister in Christ, Janet Fisher

  26. Father, I will pray for you, but I understand that my prayers are of no value. I have not been to Mass in months due to my intense dislike of Pope Francis and my inability to find a decent Mass within reasonable distance in our diocese.

    Please offer up some of your suffering for me. I don’t want to lose my soul, but I don’t know what else to do.

    God bless you, and I do promise my prayers. I will ask Our Lady to take special care of you.

  27. Father,
    I see that you mentioned symptoms but no diagnosis in your blog. Some suggested lactose and gluten intolerance, parasites or a serious allergy. Another possibilty that have the symptoms you described is the gall bladder. Sometimes tests do not show that there is anything wrong until the gall bladder is close to rupturing.
    Remembering you in my prayers.

  28. Dear Father Peter…
    I want you to know I’m praying for you… I pray that God ends you’re suffering… you’re such a good man… I hope you remember me…my name is Darlynn and you were able to baptize my kids father Rhys Panero before he passed away in Modesto… I know that you’re not well but I have a little 3 year old grandson who has not been baptized yet..that would be Rhys’s little boy
    Carter… we would be so blessed if at some point you could baptize him as the whole family loves you… God bless you Father Peter… sending my love and prayers

  29. Please know you are in my prayers Father:+) God bless you for the truthful, kind and courageous words you print on your blog. They have been spiritual food for my soul during my own brutal illness these past 7 years. Please feel free to let us know what your diagnosis has been…sadly mainstream medicine is inept and destructive which is no surprise seeing as everything else in society is infected. Find yourself a Natrupath (ND) or if you have cancer, check out the Truth About Cancer website. The answer to health issues isn’t prescription drugs i.e. neurotoxic chemicals but supporting the immune system/gut so that the body can heal itself.

    Praying for you Father…you are a light in this dark world…please stay with us.

    In Christ thru Mary~

  30. Dear Father Carota,
    I’m writing on behalf of Don Pietro Leone, who told me to tell you he is praying for you.
    I too dear Father wll be praying for your too. You are a wonderful priest and a joy to read.

    In the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and the Immaculate Heart of Our Lady,

  31. My prayers for you, Fr. Carota.
    Please offer to Our Lord some of your sufferings and pain for my sister in the Philippines who is in the same boat. She’s on the late stages of pancreatic cancer and has lost a lot of weight; she’s practically just skin and bones. And like you, she complains of her bottom and spine hurting. You and she need gel foam bed toppers. I pray you get some.
    Thank you, Fr. Carota for your blog and your defense of the Church. God bless you.

  32. I am from Tuolumne County, and would pass by to visit once in a while when you were in St. Pat’s in Ripon, CA on my way to see family. I am sadden by news of your health, be assured of my prayers. I ask for yours as well as I prepare for ordination to transitional deaconate this coming May.

  33. Dear Fr. Peter
    You are a faithful servant of God.
    We pray for you and all suffering for our Lord.
    Thank you for your witness of faith.
    With love, the Ott family—-Modesto, CA

  34. Fr. Carota, I am praying and offering up all I have, for you today. Which by the way, is a whole lot. I do wish I could have hugged my favorite priest before he journied back to Ca. If, I am ever there again, I will be looking you up. Thank you Fr for all your kind words. Thank you for loving us the way Jesus loves us. Thank you for your yes, I may not have been able to show it very well but you changed my life considerably, in thought and in deed. The McGirr family will always be grateful for you and forever keep you in our prayers. Now get well, and get back over here to Phoenix!

  35. Fr. Peter,

    You are in our prayers daily. You touched so many hearts and are so special to so many. Our daughter Libby 3yrs prays nightly with me that you get better soon.

    So much love and blessings,
    Carmen & Hanibal Shamoeil.

  36. Fr Peter, you have me so much comfort when I lost my parents yet so much joy when you wed me and Joe. I pray for your health to improve and I would love to pay with you. Your faithful parishioner,

  37. Hello Father Peter –

    It’s been a long time and I was so sorry to hear of your illness. I will pray for you…God bless and keep you.

  38. Father, be assured of prayers from the Stenders family. We have fond memories of you in AZ.

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