Another Girl God Saved Through Me I Visited With Tonight.

Tonight, with difficulty, I visited with many of my friends.  (I am suffering from a lot of gas when I try to drink protein drinks.)  One of them was this girl.  IMG_5056

The story goes like this.  Maybe 6 years ago a parishioner of St.
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Patrick’s Church called me and told me that the doctors had told his wife that if she did not abort her child, she, (the mother) would die.  I had to tell him that she could not kill her child just to save her own life.  That was a horrible thing I had to tell him to tell his suffering wife.

But she did not allow the murdering of her child and the mother survived and gave birth to this girl named Milagrosa or Miracle in English.  She is the one that is older.
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 The other girl is my God daughter, (Brianna), and she has another younger sister too.

Thanks for everyones prayers for my health, physical and spiritual.  God reward you all.

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  1. For gas you can either chew a teaspoon of cumin seeds, or you could boil a glassful of water with a teaspoon of cumin seeds. You could try half a teaspoon of Asafoetida boiled in a glassful of water – that is, if you can tolerate the taste.
    Please also check the net for natural ways to treat gas. It is very uncomfortable and can be very painful. I suffer terribly if I have fizzy drinks.

  2. I have great admiration for natural remedies but little knowledge of them and I do not enjoy concocting things in the kitchen any more than necessary. Here are 2 over the counter products that I think work well:
    1 -For gas in the stomach ( upper gastrointestinal tract):
    CVS Acid Controller Tablets ( famotidine tablets usp 20 mg)
    take one tab. with 1/2 glass tepid water before eating foods that are known to cause problems.
    2- For gas, pressure and bloating discomfort lower than the stomach in the intestinal tract.
    Gas-X chewable tablets ( simethicone 125 mgs.
    chew 1-2 tabs after meals or at bedtime as not exceed 4 tabs in 24 hrs.

    I have one other recommendation re eating and that is not to mix sweets and fruit or fruit juices and starches ( eg. potatoes and bread) with meals. Eat sweets and starches and fruits 1/2 hr. before meal (i.e., meat & vegetable) or three hours after. This may seem ridiculous but I tried it in desperation at the suggestion of a vegan nun and the results were amazing.

  3. Fr. Peter, we continue to pray for God’s healing on your body. Thank you for sharing your friend’s story. This is such a beautiful testament to God’s love. God’s plan is bigger than anyone else’s.

  4. Fr. Peter Gregorio and I miss you dearly and keep you in our prayers every day with hopes that you will make a full recovery soon

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