Update on Fr. Carota

Fr. Carota is very thankful for all of the prayers he has received from his readers. His condition has deteriorated enough that he is no longer able to continue posting to the website at this time.  Fr. Carota’s mission for this blog is to help save souls which, as we all are aware, is what is truly important to Father.  In light of that, I will be helping to insure the blogs continuance by posting the truth of our Faith in the same candid manner in which Father is known for until such time Father is capable to do so himself.

As to his health, he is hardly able to eat or drink.
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This has now gone on for some time and this is beginning to take its toil on his body.  He continues to lose weight and at this point he has resigned himself to the will of God.

I ask all of the readers of this blog to say a Rosary for Father for the intention that God would restore his health back to Him.  Fr. Carota has a great love of our Lady and especially for the victory that was procured at the Battle of Lepanto because of Her intervention.  Since the Feast of Our Lady Of The Rosary is so near, I think it is very fitting that we call upon Our Blessed Mother’s aid and ask that Father would be restored to health.

P.S. If you would like to send Father a card please request his address via comment and I will make sure you receive his info.

Jonathan Byrd

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  1. I pray for him I hope he will get better. My children and I first experience our first camping with the youth group and Fr. Peter leading the group. I will never forget that.

  2. May God Bless you and heal you quickly Fr. Peter. Our family is busy praying for miraculous healing for you!! Please send us an address we can send a card to. Little Kalia (you baptized her on Divine Mercy Sunday in 2009) wants to draw a picture of a “healing angel” and send it to you.) 🙂 Our family wants you to know how special you are to us. Hang in there Fr. Peter!! Your suffering is hopefully temporary and it is redemptive and saving souls. Knowing you definitely helped our family draw so much closer to God.

    Love and prayers,
    the Vaillancourt Family (John, Nita and Kalia)

  3. I’m a member of St. Jude’s Parish of Ceres. There are people who would love to send Fr. Peter a card or letter, would you mind sending me his address.

  4. Please send us Fr. Peter’s address. He married us, and he played a large part in healing John’s relationship with the Church. We miss him very much.

  5. Dear Fr Peter
    We keep you lifted up in daily prayers. May the mantel of Mary’s maternal love wrap you in a warm blanket of her everlasting tenderness. May Jesus with all the Angels and Saints comfort and guide and minister to you. Blessings, John & Malissa Souza

  6. I pray for the health of Fr Peter who said mass for my mother, father, gave my son and husband their first communion and married us. Please forward an address so that I might send him my words of thanks and let him know that we are praying for him.

    1. We live close by and we’ll be happy if we can stop by to see Fr Peter, he’s been our closest Priest & friend since our daughter Samantha was just a baby. I remember sing him carrying her basket walking around St Jude here in Ceres while my mother in law Tess Asis together with my brothers in law was inside the church doing some work for Sunday Masses. Please message me if possible to visit him even for a short tine. My children together with Mommy Tess and other friends whom life was touch by Fr Peter are continously praying for his fast recovery.

  7. we here in san diego will continue to pray for The Will of God in the healing of Fr Carota….please know that the Rosary will be faithfully offered for you Father and your continued Mission of saving SOULS!

  8. My mom and dad were with Fr. Peter when he began the first soup kitchen on wheels in Santa Cruz.I will let them know he is ill so we too can pray the rosary…if we may have his address we would love to send him a card too. God bless him! ♡♡

  9. My mother, Marilyn, and I are so sorry to hear of Peter’s deteriorating health. If you could send us his mailing address, that would be great. Thank you!


  10. My brother, Nathaniel Cardona, is Fr. Carota’s friend and would like to pay him a visit. I would also like to send Father a card. Thank you.

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