Update on Fr. Carota

Fr. Carota is very thankful for all of the prayers he has received from his readers. His condition has deteriorated enough that he is no longer able to continue posting to the website at this time.  Fr. Carota’s mission for this blog is to help save souls which, as we all are aware, is what is truly important to Father.  In light of that, I will be helping to insure the blogs continuance by posting the truth of our Faith in the same candid manner in which Father is known for until such time Father is capable to do so himself.

As to his health, he is hardly able to eat or drink.
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This has now gone on for some time and this is beginning to take its toil on his body.  He continues to lose weight and at this point he has resigned himself to the will of God.

I ask all of the readers of this blog to say a Rosary for Father for the intention that God would restore his health back to Him.  Fr. Carota has a great love of our Lady and especially for the victory that was procured at the Battle of Lepanto because of Her intervention.  Since the Feast of Our Lady Of The Rosary is so near, I think it is very fitting that we call upon Our Blessed Mother’s aid and ask that Father would be restored to health.

P.S. If you would like to send Father a card please request his address via comment and I will make sure you receive his info.

Jonathan Byrd

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  1. Please send us Father Peter’s address so that we may send him a card. We are truly blessed for the ten years that he served at St. Patrick’s, in Ripon. We will continue to keep him in our daily prayers.
    Attilio, Rhonda & Nicola Mussi

  2. Hola les envie un mensaje al correo para el Padre Pedro, les pido de favor que se lo lean, soy de Malinalco Mexico le dara mucho gusto saber de nosotros y saber que estamos orando por el.

  3. We would like to send him a card! We met him only this past June at San Juan Bautista at Fr. O’Brien’s, FSSP first Mass. He was very gracious!

  4. I would like to send Fr. Peter a card. Will you please give me his address. I will keep him in my prayers. Thank you.

  5. Yes, I would love to send him a card.
    I just learned that he is ill.
    What is wrong?
    What a gift he is for all of us!!

  6. Please send me his address. Words cannot express my gratitude for his work, but I wish to tell him Thank You.

  7. May God’s peace and healing be with Fr. Peter. Father Peter is a truly wonderful and holy priest. I have know him for many years, he presided over my marriage(could have had any priest, but wanted a holy one). He baptized all three of my sons. I miss his plain and truthful sermons and messages. I will pray for his healing, he is needed in this time of great spiritual darkness.

    Please send my his mailing address. God Bless.

  8. If you could please send me any possible way of sending correspondence to Father Peter it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much. Have a blessed day.

  9. I met Fr Peter during the Sacra Liturgia conference in Rome and would be happy to send him a card. Thank you and God bless.

  10. I would love to send Fr. a card. Please let me know his address. Can he drink smoothies or juices? He us in my prayers and will say a rosary especially for him today!

  11. Lots of prayers being sent Father Pete’s way. Strength and peace, Father Peter!
    “All things are possible with the Lord God who strengthens me.”

    Please Father Peter’s address.


  12. May you guardian angel protect you,Mary Mother of Had wrap you in her living embrace and May Jesus heal you. Prayers to you Father – Lisa Steves

  13. I know we cannot speak to him but please let Father Peter know that the Arturo Romero family from Ceres is praying for him and hopefully we can see him walk in our front doors very soon and make him a nice dinner again and listen to his beautiful stories.

    Ramona Romero

  14. Please send me Father Peter ‘s address. We would love to send him a card. We will continue to pray for his health. God bless him. Thank you.

  15. Jonathan: Could you please ask Fr. Carota to say a prayer for a new mother in our parish – St. Joan of Arc – who had emergency surgery and is critically ill. Thank you and thank dear Father Carota for me

  16. 2 Corinthians 12:9 – And he said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me.

    Mark 11:24 – Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive [them], and ye shall have [them].

  17. We would like his address. He married us almost 17 yrs. ago and baptized both of our boys. Our prayers are with him.

  18. Can you please send me father Peters address do that i can send him a card.

    Thank You!

  19. We are Continuing to pray for Father Peter. God bless him. Please send me his address so we can send a card. Thank you in advance.

  20. Please send us Fathers address so we can send him a prayerful Spiritual Bouquet for his healing. Thank you.

  21. We’ve known Father Peter for years and we wish and pray for his full recovery. Please send me his address so we can send him a card.

  22. I would like Father Peter’s address. I am a Parishioner at St. Patrick’s Church in RIPON California.

    Thank you. He’s in my prayers every day and has been for over 10 years ever since I met him.

    It was through him he showed me the value and the blessings of saying the rosary daily.

  23. Please send me Father Peter’s
    My family and I esteem Father Peter.
    It has been so long since the last time we seen him.
    father Peter has been a big influence in our lives.
    Cant thank him enough. I want for him to know
    that I will be praying for him to get better so we could see him again walking thru our front doors with a big smile, looking for each one of our family members to ask us how we are doing and lecturing us, about going to church every Sunday.
    Father Peter” We Love Ypu”. Mendoza Family

  24. Please send fathers address he is receiving mailings at . We would love to send him a well wish !
    Thank you !

  25. Please please send me the address. Father Peter has been such a blessing to our family. I want him to know how he was there for my Father when no one else in our own Parish would be. He went out of his way to make sure my Father was prayed for. My Father eventually passed away and I’ll never forget Father Peters words. He said “What a beautiful time during the Birth of Christ for the Lord to return your Father back home”. Please God heal this blessed and unselfish man. I love him so much!

  26. Please, send me Fr. Carota’s mailing address. He is in our prayers. We thank God for his courage. He is an inspiration to us for his determination in restoring the rights of God.

  27. Please send me Father’s address. I would love to send him a card. Thank you for being there for him at this time.

  28. Please send me Father Peters address. I would like to send him a card to let him know how much he means to me and my family and we will continue to pray for him. Thank you

  29. We would like to have father Peter address so that we can send him a card . We are old fried of him and we love him very much. Please let him know that the Mahusay family from Saint Josephs church in Modesto and their grandson Misael, will pray for his health and May God Be with him. Please let him know we all love him .

  30. Yes, please send me Fr. Carota’s address. I would love to send him a card or a note. Thank you.

  31. I would love to get an address for Fr. Peter. He confirmed me as a catholic and he’s very special to me and my family.

  32. My wife, Sherry and I have not seen Fr. Peter for many years. We will certainly begin praying for his health, and would like his address to send him a card. With thanksand blessings john & sherry grassadonia

  33. Lots of prayer for Fr. Peter, God bless, we are all in God’s hands.
    Please send address, thank you.
    Love in Christ,
    Lovie & Judy Casiano

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