Update on Fr. Carota

Fr. Carota is very thankful for all of the prayers he has received from his readers. His condition has deteriorated enough that he is no longer able to continue posting to the website at this time.  Fr. Carota’s mission for this blog is to help save souls which, as we all are aware, is what is truly important to Father.  In light of that, I will be helping to insure the blogs continuance by posting the truth of our Faith in the same candid manner in which Father is known for until such time Father is capable to do so himself.

As to his health, he is hardly able to eat or drink.
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This has now gone on for some time and this is beginning to take its toil on his body.  He continues to lose weight and at this point he has resigned himself to the will of God.

I ask all of the readers of this blog to say a Rosary for Father for the intention that God would restore his health back to Him.  Fr. Carota has a great love of our Lady and especially for the victory that was procured at the Battle of Lepanto because of Her intervention.  Since the Feast of Our Lady Of The Rosary is so near, I think it is very fitting that we call upon Our Blessed Mother’s aid and ask that Father would be restored to health.

P.S. If you would like to send Father a card please request his address via comment and I will make sure you receive his info.

Jonathan Byrd

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      1. If anyone would like to send Father a card, or something of that nature, just request it via a comment and I can email it to you.

        1. Yes, please if a mailing address is possible, I would like to receive it.
          Our next rosary will be for his intentions and welfare,

  1. God bless you Father Carota, I did not know you were sick. Yes, I will pray with the rest of your supporters. Hail Mary, Full of Grace, the Lord is with you. Blessed are thou among women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus, Holy Mary Mother of God pray for us sinners now and at the hour of death, Amen.

  2. I will pray a daily Rosary for Fr. Carota’s return to health.

    God Bless you Fr. Carota.

  3. Dear Mr. Bryd,
    I was deeply saddened to get the news about Fr. Carota. Clearly, I understand his deep devotion to our Lord Jesus Christ and his need to put everything in God’s hands. Is it possible to let him know that he really made a huge impact on my faith? While I never met or spoke with Fr. Carota personally, I feel like he is and will always be part of my family. I started reading his blog a few years back when I was going through a very difficult transition in my life. During this trying time, I looked forward to reading his blog before I went to bed. There were many times that I felt God was speaking directly to me through the daily posts.
    As a result, I hoped that one day I would move to Arizona and have the pleasure of attending Fr. Carota’s Latin Masses. Is it possible to get his address so that I may send him well wishes and to personally let him know how much he has meant to my family and me? Thank you so much.
    Your friend in Christ,

  4. I am praying for Fr. Carota whom I have not met, but impressed me as a good priest and a kind and likable human being. I would like to send him a carda Mass enrollment. Please let me know where to send this.
    Thank You,
    Mrs. Maureen Avila

  5. Please send me Father’s current address. We have spoken on the phone and have been, albeit sporadically, in email contact.

    God bless you.

  6. I would like to send him a card. Do give me an address. I am concerned for him and all those in same boat with pills like this. I have a friend here beside me who says she was on similar pills and she simply spit them out. She relied solely on prayers, in union with Jesus in HIS suffering, meditate on the CROSS. Doctors do not take the hypocratic oath anymore, please read Dr Peter Breggin who explains the harm of these pills…..

    1. Hello, my name is Andrea Cerón, I’m from Malinalco, I’m blessed to know Father Peter in person, please, let Fr. Peter know that we’re praying for him. God bless you.
      (Can you please let me know how’s his health going? and what happened?) Thank you!

  7. Please tell Father that Jacqueline Hawkins–the lady who wrote about modesty in dress on his blog a year or two ago will pray a Rosary for him tonight. He is in my prayers!

  8. Hi Mr. Byrd,

    My family are parishioners of St. Catherine and we truly miss his presence at our church and catechism classes. He was a great inspiration for us to become traditional Catholics. We would like to know his address so that we can send him a card and letters. Thank you in advance.

    We will continue to pray for him and offer our daily rosary for his recovery. God bless you Fr. Peter, may our Blessed mother keep you in her loving care.

  9. It saddens me greatly to hear that Father is in poor health. His postings on this site have been very encouraging to me in growing towards a stronger faith. I’ll keep him in my prayers

  10. Hi Mr. Byrd,
    I would like to send him a card. Can you email me too? Thank you.
    Praying for Father Carota!

  11. Please send Father’s address. I will pray to Jacinta Marto for Father. Her little body is incorrupt, and after seeing the vision of hell, she did all she could to offer her sufferings for the conversion of sinners. She is a model for the suffering. May God bless Father with a return to health and the great service he offers to all of us.

  12. I have been a reader here for a very short time but have become more devoted with each day’s posts. I am blessed to live in an archdiocese with a prayer group. I will ask our pray-ers (all 135 of us) to pray for Father Carota on Wed. October 7. They will pray throughout the day. God bless Father Carota. Deus adiuva nos.

  13. I just returned from Lourdes and would like to send him a bottle of Our Lady’s water [pls let me know how to do this!]. I have been reading his blog for ~2 years and wish with all my heart Our LORD would grace us with thousands of priests like him. I dream of traditional Catholic schools dotting the landscape, with headmasters like him overseeing each one, wearing a cassock and sanctifying souls.
    I commend him to Santa Teresa de Avila, feast day 15 Oct, who ASKED “His Majesty” to send her a like illness, to purge her of all punishment due to sin in this life… found in her autobiography, “Life.”
    “Let us strive to do penance in this life; how happy will be the death of those who die having done penance for their sins and need not go to purgatory!” – St Teresa of Avila

  14. A good priest and a very honest man. The apostolate of bringing the traditional faith to very poor communities inspires me a lot. I pray that you may return to your flock as soon as possible in good health and that your blog inspires us to a life combatting sin with the deepest humility.

  15. I did not know Fr Peter was sick. I will be praying for him. Would appreciate upfates. What is the address for his blog?

  16. I would like to send Fr. Carota a card as well. I have very much enjoyed his blog and and am very sad to hear this news. A rosary for Fr. today.

  17. If you could please send me father Carota’s address I am going to have all the children in my son’s class make cards for him. Please tell father Laura Beltran said that I remembered his birthday last month. Also my mother offered a mass for him last Sunday at 9:00am. My family loves him very much please let him know we will be saying the rosary for priests and offering every little sacrifice for him. We could never repay all the generosity and love he’s given us. We are grateful for all the times he came over for dinner, it was an honor for him to take his valuable time to come!!!Thank you for keeping us updated

  18. I’m shocked and saddened to hear of Father being so ill. I’ve been so happy & inspired reading of a true Traditional Priest of Holy Mother Church. Please add me to the list of receiving Father’s address. Thanks

    O’ Mary, conceived without sin pray for Father Peter.

  19. I’m so sorry to hear that things have gotten this bad for Fr. Carota. Please let him know that his writings have helped me and taught me. May God bless him.

  20. Have forwarded this news to friends who will pray for Father, and I will say a rosary for his intentions.

    1. He is experiencing more and more discomfort and weakness as he is unable to drink or eat much of anything.

  21. i am a Nigerian not a traditional catholic, am sad and scared to know that fr. Carota health is getting worse every day by day . I beseech the good lord by his infinite love and kindness through the pure and immaculate heart of mary to grant him healing in mind and body for the glory of his name through christ our lord Amen. i will pray decades of the rosary for your quick recovery. be strong in the lord, peace be with your spirit Amen

  22. We are friends of Fr Peter Carota from St Patrick Parish, Ripon/Escalon CA. We have sent cards to St Catherine Parish, Phoenix AZ. Please send us Fr’s latest address. We thank Fr Peter Carota for his holy life. We will say a Rosary for Fr’s intentions. He is always in our prayers. Russ & Ann

  23. My prayers/rosary I`m offering for his intention: all the pains I have in my body on a daily basis I will also offer to the most Sacred Heart of Jesus as a small sacrifice for the return to the good works Father has been performing all these years.

    Laudetur Jesus Christus et Maria Immaculata!

  24. Dear Mr. Byrd, please email a card to me.

    I am praying many Holy Rosaries for Father Carota’s full recovery.

    He is in my daily prayers as well.

  25. May God bless Fr. Carota.

    Please count me among those that are indebted to Fr. Carota for all the good that he has done through his efforts on this site.

    He is always in my prayers, but I will make extra effort now. I only wish I had known sooner, but I haven’t been doing as much reading anywhere lately. I will endeavor to make up for my tardiness with extra prayers.

  26. Fr. Peter Carota is very sick [may even be on hospice care at this time] but his article first posted in February has been reposted recently on his blog:

    “Pope Francis Is Not Saving Souls, But Losing Them
    “Pope Francis’ concept of the Catholic Church is a welcoming home for all the Lesbians, Gays, Transgenders, Bisexual, divorced and remarried, Evangelicals and atheists. He feels that these people have been oppressed by the Church by Her condemnation of these ‘sins’ and he wants to welcome them into the ‘hospital church’ to be accepted and healed.
    “I think he puts them in the same category as the poor, the unemployed youth and anyone else who may have been oppressed. Although his compassion is to be commended, it is misplaced. These people are living in sin and will go to hell if they are not corrected before they die.
    “The pope has a pattern.
    “1.He receives a letter from someone feeling alienated from the church because he is gay or had a “sex change”, (which is impossible genetically, a boy is always a boy no matter what operations he may use to change his exterior body. Boys have an X and a Y chromosome. Girls have two X chromsomes), or is divorced and remarried, or is a single mother separated from a violent boyfriend, who could have killed her baby by abortion but did not.
    “2.Then there comes the phone call from the pope to make them feel accepted by the ‘church’.
    “3.In some cases, they are invited to have a private audience with him.
    “4.Then somehow the media hears about it.
    “5.The liberals acclaim the pope as a hero.
    “6.Almost every Catholic and non Catholic gets confused.
    “7.People begin to believe that the Catholic Church can, and has changed Her teachings on sexual morality.
    “8.Most Catholics who have already accepted the ‘world’s new morality’ feel affirmed in their deviant life styles.
    “9.Their conscience is appeased because they have heard from the pope that their deviant life style is not immoral after all.
    “10.In fact it is something to celebrate and be proud of.
    “11.More people copy these sinful ‘Catholics’ immoral life styles.

    “These same people continue to die at every age imaginable, every minute, all over the world and here are the consequences:
    “1.These people are judged by God’s rules, not Pope Francis’ rules.
    “2.These people may be damned to hell for all eternity.
    “3.Their souls are lost, not saved.”

    Continue reading here, and please pray for the brave Fr. Carota:

    1. I’ve always had a problem accessing this blog. The past few months, it wouldn’t load for me at all. I wish I had seen this blog entry, and that I had been made aware of Father’s urgent medical condition before today. I stumbled upon the news by accident which led me here.

      I am a casualty of Francis’ pontificate who has stopped attending Mass because I no longer recognize the Church as the one I once knew.

  27. My name is Jill and I am from Bethel Park Pennsylvania.
    So sorry to hear about Fr. Carota. I am a newcomer to his blogs and I find them very good. We need more priests like him. I especially liked his blog about his involvement in the Charismatic Renewal. I too was involved in it for over 28 years before I saw the true light and got out. I will certainly remember Fr. Carota in all my prayers and good works, especially the Most Holy Rosary and this Thursday’s Latin Mass.
    Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us. Our Lady of the Rosary, pray for us.

  28. Father peter carota, I hope and pray for you that God heals you and helps you to be strong ,gives you the strength love you father peter your in my prayers!

  29. My name is Martha and I met Fr Peter at St Patrick’s church in Escalon, Ca. May I also have his current address? Thank you in advance.

  30. please send me Fathers address so my children can make him cards. We are praying for him. I have always appreciated Father and his approach to Traditionalism that does not desire to engage in the circular firing squad common among traditionalists. Just Traditional Catholic for the Glory of God and the salvation of souls!

  31. If you have requested Father’s info and haven’t received it let me know. I think I sent it to everyone, but I am not positive.

  32. I am praying for Fr Carota. He and his blog have been such an inspiration and comfort to me during this time of darkness in the Church. Has he been examined for parasites? I know he was in Mexico this summer. My mother and father almost died from them 6 months after returning from Venezuela. The doctors did not diagnosis but finally a homeopathic doctor figured it out. They were detoxed and put on strict organic diet until their bodies could heal. They were both unable to walk and had no strength during the illness. Praying for a cure for Fr. and I am sure he is offering up his suffering for Holy Mother Church.

  33. Remembering Father in our Holy Rosaries and Masses. Thankyou Father for your zeal for God’s greater glory. Wonderful to read your articles. Thinking of you in your suffering and praying for God’s will to be accomplished. With prayers, from Australia, Sheryl and John

  34. Hi Jonathan,
    This is the first I heard of Father Peter’s health and I am so deeply saddened yet hopefully in Our Lord. I am a former parishioner of St George’s in Stockton. Can I please get his address to send him my love and prayers?

    Thank you,

  35. We are requesting Father’s address so that we can send him a card. We have known Father for many years, he has been very much loved and respected by his Family here at St. Jude’s in Ceres. Thank You Kindly.

  36. Hello ny name is alejandra ive been a member of the catholic church all my life. father who married my mom and dad and i will love to send him a card. this truly breaks my heart to hear that father peter is in this condition i respect this man and i appreciate him as the Priest whom gave me my first communion the priest i could talk to and who would by all means go out of his way to help others and who helped a close friend get out of drugs and into the right path please i will love to send him a card

  37. I too am a former parishioner from St. Patrick’s in Ripon/Escalon and am deeply saddened to hear of Father’s illness. I am praying and thinking about him daily. I have sent cards to St. Catherine’s on numerous occasions. Please send me his most current address so that I can keep in touch during this time. Victoria Rios

  38. Yes, I’ve been meaning to get in touch with him. I know him from his hometown. Thank you in advance for his address.

  39. Requesting an address where I can send Fr. a
    card, and I am sure more of his former families from St. Jude ‘s, Ceres, St. Joseph’s,
    Modesto, though he was not our pastor he
    offered many beautiful masses. He is in my
    daily prayers since he left his last parish in
    Ripon. Please tell him we love him and have
    not forgotten him. Jessie (St. Joseph’s Modesto).

  40. Please send me Father Peter’s address so that I can send him a card. Father Peter is directly responsible for my praying all 15 decades of the rosary daily, and now he is at the top of the list in my intentions. I simply can’t thank him enough for his paternal guidance and care for our souls.

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