A Quote From Bishop Athanasius Schneider

“God is using in this time the little one in the Church, the pure faith mostly of the lay faithful to keep the faith intact and to hand it over to the next generations. It is an honour that we can be witnesses and defenders of our dear Catholic faith not only against the enemies outside but also in the face of the traitors inside the Church, even when these traitors are bishops or cardinals.

– Found online at 1P5 blog


What a encouraging exhortation from Bishop Schneider.  It seems, he is living up to his illustrious patron.  May God send us more Bishops like him.

One Reply to “A Quote From Bishop Athanasius Schneider”

  1. We knew that these dark days would come upon the church. We were warned. It’s tempting to become despondent now that it has actually begun. No one like to lose the comfort of a happy home, or feel like an outcast for following the house rules that have always been. No one like to be called evil for following the father’s commands.

    After a while of adjustment, we acclimated. Some by rejecting the old ways and following the new. Some by rejecting the new ways and following the old. The first class will be thought by the world as prophets, the second class as hateful.

    When it seemed most dark and stormy, pinpricks of light appeared– Schneider, Burke and more. We follow the light as we follow Christ who is the light. Laypeople must take up the fight now because so many of the generals has fled the cause. Mary told us it would be this way.

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