I went to a Family Practitioner Doctor yesterday.  He told me to try to eat ice cream.
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 Last night I ate a small amount but then came a lot of gas.  Now I can not even drink a tiny swallow of water or eat anything.  He gave me a stronger sleeping pill.  I took it last night, but it was horrible the feeling it gave me and the bad dreams.  It only allowed me to sleep a few hours.  I stayed in bed resting all night.  I was able to pray a lot last night.

IMG_5013I feel that I have tried everything, doctors, medical exams, sleeping pills, to get better and none of it is working at all.  I feel bad for all my friends who are trying to help me, but it is not working.

So keep on praying for me.  I do not want to write things that will scare people, but my blog helps me communicate with everyone, because I do not have that much energy to text, call all the people trying to keep in touch with me.

My mother, in her last year of her life always said, I forgive everyone, so that Jesus can forgive me.  I to ask forgiveness from anyone I have hurt, offended or anything I may have said or done.  Forgive me.  I also forgive everyone who may have hurt me.  St. Michael pray for us.

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  1. Dear Fr. Carota,
    While we have never met, I feel like I know you. I hope someday in the future I have the pleasure and honor of meeting you in person. You have helped me tremendously in my spiritual journey. There are times when your messages come straight from God, like he is speaking directly to me through your words. I feel as though you are the few priests that St.Catherine speaks about in the Prophecy of Two-Popes.
    That said, I continually pray for you. I know you have listened to many suggestions but I have one that combines spiritual health with the health of the body. I believe that diet is the key to good health. A few years back I found out I had a gluten intolerance. Who would ever think whole grains would be considered a poison to many? The bible even speaks of the wheat and the rates. Unfortunately, the wheat at the time of Jesus is not the same wheat we eat today. I never realized why I was so sick my whole life until I gave up gluten. I even went so far as to order the gluten free host from the Benedictine Sisters. Gluten can cause a whole host of issues not just stomach. It can cause insomnia, skin issues, joint pain, and a whole host of ailments. Gluten can also cause secondary issues with dairy. I seriously suggest you research gluten. My only regret is that I did not find out early asbo believe it was the cause of my many miscarriages. Please do not shrug this off as I, too would have never believed wheat could wreak such havoc on a body. Not only that but it causes depression, panic attacks, and major anxiety. If I can at least get this message out to one person then I will feel like I have done a good job. Please consider ordering th gluten free hosts from the Benedictine Sisters( not 100 percent gluten free but greatly reduced). Then give up gluten and dairy for the next few weeks and eat only fruits, vegetables, and meat. Thank you for listening and may St. Michael protect you on his beautiful feast day!

    1. Please excuse my poor grammar and spelling but I was using my Smartphone and obviously it isn’t so smart!

    2. I had a similar history to Kelly Ruiz but gave up sugar as well as flour (gluten). After three months I experienced great good health and feel I have a new lease of life.
      God bless you Fr. Carota. Your blog is important to us at this difficult time.

  2. Fr., it’s obvious Jesus has allowed you to share most abundantly in His Passion. So much good is coming and will continue to come from this. I only found out about you a few weeks ago ( a friend of mine put up one of your posts on her Facebook page) and I wanted to let you know how much you have helped me….especially the series on Traditional Catholic Motherhood and now humility…I needed these so much. May God continue to bless you and I will keep praying for you. Ad majoram Dei gloriam!

  3. Father, It is good to hear from you. I do not know you and have not been following the blog for a long time, but I agree that you seem to be a good priest and a very sincere and likable human being.
    When I suffered a severe depression many years ago, I found that the medications made me feel worse. I started to spend hours in front of the Blessed Sacrament daily, At first I did not even attempt to pray, I just sat there basking in the Divine Presence of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. The daily adoration had a noticeable and rather prompt effect which I continued for several years .

  4. Fr. Carota,
    This cross, that God has handed you, will purify your soul.

    You have choosen a side (with God or against God) and the Lord is testing you, cleansing you, and preparing you to be a better priest and more holier soul: This can not be obtained without The Cross, suffering, and fear.
    Totally abondonment to God’s will is what He wants. Abandon yourself.

    Everything is God’s will. This cross is God’s will. Like the Martyrs…we must suffer as Christ did. He is breaking your hold on things of this world that you may not be fully aware of.
    You must only look up to Him and Trust His Will for you–in all things.
    You must not be fearful of anything that will come to you.
    Remembering always that all is God’s will.

    We all must suffer to gain holiness. The only way to God is though suffering.
    He has allowed you peace for a time in your life. He has allowed you Holy Orders.
    He has allowed you all of your past.
    Now he has allowed you to experience hell on earth: fear,lack of peace-of-mind and body, and He has taken things from you that you probably never thought possible.

    But this is all for a time. God knows the strength of your body and soul. He has measured and weighed this cross for a perfect fit to save you from your will.
    You can and will carry this cross. This will not be for eternity if you hug the feet of Our Savior and place all your worries and fears at his feet and trust in Him.
    These pains and troubles are going to make you a more holier preist.
    Trust in God’s plan for you with this suffering. Offer it up. We all know the hell that has been let loose on our Church…your suffering can and will please God.
    You are in our prayers every day. You will come out of this pain, fear, and confusion…but only when God choose it, not you.
    Abondon yourself completely to His will.

    Fr. Carota, this book is what you need: “Abanodonment to Divine Providence-with Letters of Father de Caussade on the Practice of Self-Abandonment” (this edition only) see below where to find it (the Amazon version does not have the Letters which are necessary for you in this cross you have):

    Also get encouragment from the Saints who have suffered (as you are) in this very important book on spiritual warfare (a must read for all Catholics):
    “Onward Catholic Soldier” by John LaBriola (on Amazon):
    God Bless. PLEASE GET THESE BOOKS, they are the medicine you need!

    God Bless you.

  5. Blessings to you Fr. Carota. This cross you are carrying will have abundant fruit and graces. I can only imagine how many souls will accept the truth because of your suffering that is fused with the infinite merits of our Lord Jesus’ live, passion and death. We continue praying for your holy consolation.

  6. We are continuously praying for your speed recovery Father Peter, please know that you are deeply missed at St. Catherine’s. We are so blessed to have known you in person and became our spiritual guide and director. My family will always be praying for you. Take care for now and we will wait for your return.

    May St. Michael the Archangel guide you and protect you.

  7. Dearest Fr. Carota, I have had stomach problems for many years. Here are some things that seem to help. – Drinking small amounts of warm 7-up.
    Drinking plain carbonated water
    Carbonated water mixed with good, chocolate milk.
    Just walking around. ie. Outside in a nice yard,
    Through the house. Doing small tasks like sweeping the
    floor, praying. This can take your mind off your body
    which can relax you and make your system
    as it needs to.
    Father, you are in my prayers. I have followed
    your blog for 3 years and you mean a lot to me.
    Your advice, guidance, and understanding of the
    Catholic faith has been an inspiration. God
    Bless and keep you

  8. indeed maureen avila in the comments today is very very correct. ‘WASTE TIME’ before the Blessed Sacrament. I have heard priests say from the pulpit that they often allow their business to neglect this necessary principle!!!!! It is a spiritual battle…one cannot reduce the spiritual life to chemicals and genes. Pray for ALL those deceived in such a way. Father is having a taste of this. AND indeed this will save many souls. Many saints suffered this way, and IF alive today would of been PILLED! IT modernism. I have researched this subject for 27 years. Call on the HOLY GHOST, tomorrow 30 sept is day st therese died, ask her intercession, and thursday is our guardian angel day. Read from the opus angelorum religious order. Indeed then comes st francis of assisi, we know that drs today would of insisted on many pills for st francis of assisi.! We are entering the octave of the FEAST of the HOLY ROSARY. Tell yourself that each bead is your pill, psyche your mind if u will!

  9. tomorrow anniversary of death of st therese of little flower, ask her intercession. I made deeper comments of help but they did not go thru, so this ONLY will I say, I know plenty …..

  10. My Dearest Fr. Peter, I did not know about your “attack” from Satan!!! You are still the image of my “Jesus” and He will give you the strength to perservere! I have very little free time so months go by before I take time to read emails. When I opened my “mailbox” there were 2030 emails this morning and God prompted me to open only your email as I was deleting all else. The picture of you and I having tea at your house in Ripon has been on my Prayer wall for years. Everyone there is remembered in prayer every morning and evening. I am proud of you, Peter and am eternally grateful that God brought you into our lives. Angels on your shoulders and all around you to protect you and comfort you. And may rainbows fill your dreams and comfort you. I will have cataract surgery Fri. morning Oct.2, please remember me in your prayers. Love, Hugs and Prayers, Momma Donna

  11. Dearest Father, I am praying for you. I believe you need a good rest, although I know that is probably impossible. I will say a Holy Rosary for you and continue to pray for better health. God bless you and thank you for all you do.

  12. Dear Fr. Peter,
    I can relate to the frustration of not feeling better because I have been there before, many times. I don’t pretend to know what event or thing will set the change in motion. Everyone has a different path. On this feast day, I am a messenger too. God wants me to tell you ” you are only responsible for effort not outcome.” You are so good and mean well. You cannot take on the worries of the world nor of bad Catholics. You can preach and live by example, that is all. You are precious. We miss you.

  13. It sounds like you have a lactose intolerance. I lost 50lbs and was very sickly with constant pain until I found out I was *both* lactose and gluten (wheat) intolerant / allergies.

    1. Maybe something you least suspect is making you sick. It is possible for intolerances and such to get worse or develop. Try the most bland diet possible (e.g. rice, chicken, no spices / preservatives / anything else in it).

  14. Dear Fr.
    Please try this it works for me and may help you too. Could be lack of vitamin and minerals . When I awake in the morning I make myself some soup,boil 2 cups of water
    add some fresh garlic and ginger simmer on low fire to bring out the flavor for maybe 10 minutes or more then add 2 small sweet potatoes or yams ,half a carrot (I shred it)a small zucchini , all chopped up so they cook fast ,slow cook on low so you don’t lose the vitamins when almost done add SPINACH lots of it because this is the main ingredient to help you feel better when you add the spinach mix it into the soup . When you slow cook ,the vegetables it adds great flavor to the soup and if the spinach is cooked right it adds a sweet flavor add sea salt if you want more taste. Have your soup with a pear,and or Ezekial bread too,with real butter .eat as much as you need too its not a diet. (do not use any other bread Ezekial is sprouted not flour)olive and apple cider vinegar lemons all fruit s and vegetables are good. If at night your body aches cut the bread because then you might be allergic to the wheat ,eat yams potatoes insted they are full with minerals . No pasta or corn! Eat fish , meat ( organic if possible but fresh no processed food everything fresh) eggs with a green salad with avacados tomatoes etc. At night I have some dried ,fresh or frozen cherries or cherry juice . Before I sleep I take a large piece of Garlic and I chop it fine or you get the already minced ones they sell in the store which only has citric acid added take a whole tsp, take with a glass of water. Taking the garlic helps me sleep Cherries do too.. Since Ive been eating this way my health has gotten better memory too. feel more energy.
    I went through a really severe depression I don’t take medication cause can’t trust these doctors these days, to me Their MD stands for More Drugs! I also take Vitamin B complex Liquid Minerals with a Raw Natural Green Drink which I take in the mornings sometimes the soup is enough . if its too much to do in the morning to put all the ingredients together . Then just do the spinach I put half or more of the bag of organic spinach with the ginger and garlic the spinach is what will help the most because of it s high magnesium,the other ingredients I add to make me full . Eat organic during the rest of the day no processed food no sugar ,wheat ,the only dairy I use is butter and some milk or cream in a good decaf coffee once in awhile because I have to stay off the caffeine it will interfere with sleep. Cherries an Garlic help you sleep . I fall into a deep sleep which I so need feel good getting Up again.I had this severe depression and lack of sleep for 2yrs accompanied with nausea ,dizziness breathing problems constipation heart palpitation body aches skin rashes ( eczema ) earaches Im 66yrs got myself well thru God’s help through prayer and the knowledge He gave me to use the foods He created an not man made GMO.
    You can give it a try if you like Father. I have something else I would like to share with you about but I think I will email it to you . God Bless! A.

  15. Fr. forgot to mention something . American Doctors never consider checking for parasites which can cause multiple problems ,the health store I shop at are always restocking . They can make you very sick and you may never imagine it could be worms . If you have been traveling to foreign countries you may have picked it up unknowingly or around animals My friend from Poland told me her parents would give her fresh sauerkraut juice. A friend of mine who had Parkinson’s disease also had tiny little worms coming out of his eyes . I told my friends brother it may not be Parkinson’s but worms and to have the doctor check it out. Was very strange that he would have that disease . He owned a dairy and like most Americans they worm their animals and never consider they could have those critters in them .Anyway just a thought! A.

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