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Pope Francis Is Not Saving Souls, But Losing Them

This was written in February, but it is still appropriate.  We need to pray for Pope Francis and pray for The Church.


Pope Francis’ concept of the Catholic Church is a welcoming home for all the Lesbians, Gays, Transgenders, Bisexual, divorced and remarried, Evangelicals and atheists.  He feels that these people have been oppressed by the Church by Her condemnation of these “sins” and he wants to welcome them into the “hospital church” to be accepted and healed.

pope-francis-interview-1980284w300I think he puts them in the same category as the poor, the unemployed youth and anyone else who may have been oppressed.  Although his compassion is to be commended, it is misplaced.   These people are living in sin and will go to hell if they are not corrected before they die.

pope-francis (1)The pope has a pattern.

  1. He receives a letter from someone feeling alienated from the church because he is gay or had a “sex change”, (which is impossible genetically, a boy is always a boy no matter what operations he may use to change his exterior body. Boys have an X and a Y chromosome. Girls have two X chromsomes), or is divorced and remarried, or is a single mother separated from a violent boyfriend, who could have killed her baby by abortion but did not.
  2. Then there comes the phone call from the pope to make them feel accepted by the “church”.
  3. In some cases, they are invited to have a private audience with him.
  4. Then somehow the media hears about it.
  5. The liberals acclaim the pope as a hero.
  6. Almost every Catholic and non Catholic gets confused.
  7. People begin to believe that the Catholic Church can, and has changed Her teachings on sexual morality.
  8. Most Catholics who have already accepted the “world’s new morality” feel affirmed in their deviant life styles.
  9. Their conscience is appeased because they have heard from the pope that their deviant life style is not immoral after all.
  10. In fact it is something to celebrate and be proud of.
  11. More people copy these sinful “Catholics” immoral life styles.

These same people continue to die at every age imaginable, every minute, all over the world and here are the consequences:

  1. These people are judged by God’s rules, not Pope Francis’ rules.
  2. These people may be damned to hell for all eternity.
  3. Their souls are lost, not saved.

Now let us look at what then happens to someone who might disagree with the pope and instead, uphold what Jesus teaches in the Holy Bible and His 2000 year old Catholic Church.

  1. Progressive blogs, media, clerics and people strongly condemn them as extremist.
  2. They are immediately labeled as unloving and extremely judgmental.
  3. If they happen to speak the truth at a parish or Catholic school, an angry group of opposition is organized against them.
  4. They justify their anger, hate and persecution of that person by quoting “their loving pope” who says “Who am I to Judge” and “Do not talk about Abortion or Birth control”.
  5. The cardinals, (like Cardinal Burke), religious, (like Franciscan Friars),
  6. Franciscanos Inmaculadapriests or persons who spoke the Catholic truth, are then demoted, removed, silenced or punished.
  7. All over the world, traditional Catholics are being persecuted and suppressed by the pope, bishops, religious and other priests.
  8. Being a believing and traditional Catholic is the only “unforgivable sin”.

The very first Spiritual Work of Mercy is to Admonish the sinner.  Yes, we Bible believing and Catholic Church believing people also love and care about the sinners.  We love those struggling with same sex attraction or gender identity confusion or any sinful temptation and confusion.  But we help them to realize;

  • Sin is still sin.
  • God loves us and put His commandments to protect us.
  • God is just.
  • Any unconfessed mortal sin at time of death will condemn us to hell for all eternity.
  • Heaven is our true home and where true pleasure is to be found.

c2Let us keep on speaking the Biblical and Catholic truth no matter how much we are persecuted, judged, condemned, hated, silenced, called extremist and black listed.  We are in great company with Jesus, St. John the Baptist and all the saints throughout history. Be a prophet of truth, you will be ridiculed, ostracized, called names, exiled and maybe soon, imprisoned or killed.  Jesus said: “Do not be afraid”.

 “Blessed are ye when they shall revile you, and persecute you, and speak all that is evil against you, untruly, for my sake: Be glad and rejoice, for your reward is very great in heaven. For so they persecuted the prophets that were before you.”  Matthew 5:11-12.


  1. Michael Dowd says:

    Thank you. Timely and appropriate article. Pope Francis missed his calling as a politician or a PR man. As the Catholic Pope he is a disaster. God only knows how many folks are being misled by him.

  2. Sunny says:

    “These people are judged by God’s rules, not by Pope Francis’ rules.”

    This is it, exactly. I am not a traditional catholic but this article expresses what bothers me so much about Pope Francis. As someone who had a very profound experience of purgation, I can attest that it is the severest suffering (and given to me, I believe, to show where I had erred). I cannot be silent while he talks of mercy without simultaneously stating the serious consequences of unrepented sin.

  3. George says:

    Excellent article that summarizes how I feel about Pope Francis. A priest who refuses communion to a homosexual couple openly living together will be diciplined by his bishop. He will likely be re-assigned, fired or stripped of all public duties. Yet nothing will happen to a priest who preaches heresy such as saying that hell does not exist.

  4. Maria says:

    Really the pope is so compassionate un a sense that all sinners are guve a chance to repent by accepting them as he said, the hospital Church. WE are all sinner though some are really have sins that are not acceptable as to the God’s rule, but God loves us and he said of how many time we make mistAkes they will be forgiven for God so love the world and his children. Pope is already percecuted because of violating some rules but being merciful and giving the sinners another chance is very essential to us who forgot to know what is right from wrong at times. Glory to God in the highest.

    • Jacobum says:

      “Mercy” without conversion, repentance, and resolve to change and sin no more is not “Mercy” but license. It confirms bad behavior i/n/o false “compassion”

  5. Jacobum says:

    A nail it to the wall article. And the faithful said…”AMEN!”
    The Spiritual Works of Mercy? Seems to me that the SWOM would drive the CWOM if properly understood and practiced. That might require real faith instead of endless “dialogue”. It might also explain why the SWOM disappeared right along with “Sin” in the “New Faith” of the Church of Nice.

  6. StatVeritas says:

    Great article Father!

    I wish you could send it to Francis. He seems to answer to everyone who is feeling alienated from the church and then he seems to answer them with a phone call or as you said they are even invited to a private audience.

    Traditional Catholics should be able to get some attention from Francis and I am not even afraid to use the word demand an answer directly from him on his liberal views particularly on the examples you mention.

    Like: “All over the world, traditional Catholics are being persecuted and suppressed by the pope, bishops, religious and other priests.”

    God bless you !

  7. Disey says:

    We catholics can see why non-catholics are justified in some of their persecutions against “catholocism”. As catholics, we belong to the true church, however, we the true church has floundered big time. Why are the church leaders so quiet? Because they are filled with fear. Come Lord Jesus, renew the face of this earth soon!

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