I have still not been sleeping well or eating well at all.  I am back on a new sleeping pill.  So I decided to come to California; where I have my brother who is a family practitioner doctor and many many beloved friends.  It is good to be back with old friends.  A very kind family is hosting me near Tracy and allows anyone who wants to come visit anytime.  They are so encouraging.


I only can say a private Latin Mass in silence, because I have difficulty reading a lot out loud.  I have made a general confession and tonight a great priest friend of mine is going to pray a prayer of liberation for me.

I am being stripped of everything, public priesthood, health and pride.  This is all good.  I put all in God and Mary’s hands.

Thank you for your prayers.


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  1. Yes, Father. This is a purification…a GRACE…proof of God’s love for you and for your sanctification.

    By *coincidence* just before seeing this post, I just read a few minutes ago in Grou’s “Manual For Interior Souls” this very striking passage:

    “Natural generosity scarcely consists in anything more than giving to others a part of what we have; instead of which supernatural generosity makes us give to God not only all that we have, but all that we are.

    “It carries us on to sacrifice to Him our mind, our will, our liberty, our health, our life, our reputation to consent, in fact, to the total destruction of our own individuality and of all that belongs to us, and in which our dearest interests are concerned.

    “Now it is easy, says Saint Gregory, to give up what we have, but it is exceedingly difficult to give up what we are and to renounce ourselves; and without the most special grace from God, and without the greatest efforts of generosity on our part, we shall never do it.

    “We think we have done everything when, in certain moments of fervor and sensible devotion, we have given ourselves to God with all our heart, and have protested to Him that we are ready to pass through any trial, to suffer everything, to sacrifice everything, for the love of Him.

    “But this is only a sacrifice in intention and preparation; the real sacrifice is quite another thing.”

  2. Dear Father, chin up. In times such as these and i gave them rather often , i remember what St Therese said and it gives me peace

    “That all things pass and that only God remains ”
    That’s paraphrasing , but that is it’s essence.

    Your brother will tell u but i think u also have some burn out from your exhausting schedule. please get checked thoroughly. .esp your heart, thyroid,red blood count etc to rule out possibilities .

    Also the devil, loses no opportunity to oppress and harass, especially when we r doing good. And through God’s grace you not only help ur parishioners but people all over the world. My friends and I are in Canada and we look forward to your posts. You take your Shepherding duties very seriously and we learn so much from you.

    Even in your suffering you teach.
    When u cannot pray , try not to fret, ask ur guardian angel to pray your prayers for you. He loves you so much and is always happy to help you, his dear charge. And let ur suffering be ur prayer. Just remember to unite it to the sacrifice of the holy mass and to offer it to the Father, through the Immaculate Heart o our mother, Mary.

    Always in our prayers.


  3. And I thought I was having a hard time. God be with you. Give your all to Him. Then you have given everything. Your blogs do so much good around the world. There are many people who don’t hear authentic Catholic teaching. You provide this. We don’t hear the latin Mass anymore. Here in England Catholics are very much compromised by modernism. You help to keep us on track. Thank you.
    Your brother doctor will get you back to health. Watch your diet and eat small .
    God bless. Paul Hellyer Leeds UK

  4. September 27 is the day to remember in 1939 the horrors Poland suffered. This the day POLAND surrendered to the enemy and countless died. My friend, msgr Leo Telesz was ordained in Poland in hiding 17 days previous, and the first months of his priesthood was just anointing the dying and dead on the streets. He died two years ago abandoned in his parents old house in Cleveland because he did not want to say anything but the Latin Mass. I think he a saint , ask his intercession He literally cried when someone said they had no interest anymore in the ROSARY I will pray for you today at nearby icon of Czestochowa today. This icon was on last boat leaving Poland before the Nazis closed the ports in Poland.

  5. I will keep you in my prayers, and hope you receive healing and hope. Thank you for all you have done for love of God and His people. Rest now in His love.

  6. Bishop Sheen says in our pleasure God whispers to us, in our pain, He uses a megaphone. Our Blessed Lord is calling you deeper into His mystical Heart with this trial. I pray for perseverance in union with God’s will, more than anything. These are scary times. O my Jesus mercy!

  7. Dear Father Peter

    My heart goes out to you, and your honesty and humility shames me, as when I was as stricken as you are now I tried to hide.

    This morning, I walked out of the Latin mass I love during the homily, as I could bear no longer the inane witterings of a proud priest, assuring us that the traditionalists will ‘win’. Not once was Christ mentioned, nor Our Lady’s call to repentance and prayer.

    Salvation, evidently, depends on the setting up of a chant schola within our tiny remnant in this big city where I was born, where once the Catholic chapels were filled with the happy children of the working class.

    Yet our priests seem oblivious to the damage which has been done, with suicide among our young men commonplace and abandoned women with children all around us, amidst a mad pursuit of distraction by the poor, and a mad pursuit of power by our leaders, secular and religious.

    Your faith and honesty is a great service for God and encouragement for us who are struggling on, ineffectual, dismayed, aware of our weakness and failings.

    I will offer my Rosary today for your spiritual consolation, for the restoration of your health, and for final perserverance for both you and me in our last hours.

    God Bless

    God Bless You

  8. Father,
    If you can’t sleep, are anxious, can’t eat, having panic attacks and probably depressed, without reason-see a psychiatrist. Sounds like brain chemistry is out of whack. We will keep praying for you.

  9. We love you, Father Carota. I’m so happy to see so many comments of support here. Be assured that you have many, many people praying for you.

  10. Dear Father,
    From Europe, I used to pray I would be able to meet with you and ask you some spiritual questions. My husband almost got a job in Arizona..I pray you persevere until maybe I could meet you.

  11. Hi Fr., On a positive healing note, I would like you to read from these two sites on healing your body. My husband had Malignant Melanoma and Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma in 2001. He healed through the vegan diet and he remains on that to this day. He will be 84 in October. And still works as a security guard and never gets ill. Hi immune system is very well. We thank God daily for his healing and his health but he realized that he had to withdraw from the world’s food and go for neutron to feed his live cells in his body. We drink FRESH green vegetable juice daily, 8oz. of juice every few hours that we make ourselves. All organic vegetables, Carrot, kale, spinach, spinach, beet, ginger root, tumeric. and God bless you!

    1. Thank you for this post, it is helpful to others as well. May God continue to keep and bless you


  12. Dear Fr. Carota, we continue to pray for your complete healing of body, mind and spirit. May all the hands that touch you be guided by the Angels of mercy and healing. We need you and love you.

  13. Fr. Peter my family & I are continuing to pray for you. We often think of you & always remember you as our beloved priest from Escalon. Prayers for quick healing! God Bless You Father.

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