Transgender In The Catholic Church

2 Replies to “Transgender In The Catholic Church”

  1. Thank you Father
    In “Hostage to the Devil”, Malachi Martin explains 5 exorcisms and one of them is a transgender male. God does not make mistakes. Pax

  2. I sincerely believe the demonic influence in Vatican II was so great that it clearly pierced the very souls of those who promoted the “reforms” which are, in fact, transformations of the true Catholic faith.

    The diabolic New Order “mass” is so soul-destroying that God’s wrath cannot be denied at some point. The poor lost souls who believe it to be Catholic and pleasing to God are in my daily prayers, that their eyes and ears are opened soon.

    It is through this counterfeit “mass” that is in alliance with Satan that the destruction of the family and the notion that men and women are interchangeable helped take root. Thus, there is no doubt that the apostates in the Synod, and beyond, have absolutely no faith in Jesus Christ and want to complete their transformation of the Church into their own, diabolical image.

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