Traditional Catholics Will Not Adore Man

In the French Revolution, there was a rejection of God.  When you reject God, you have to substitute Him with something else and that substitution was glorifying Man.  Man became the center of society.  In Communism, Stalin, Lennon, Mao became gods who could do no wrong.  Everywhere there were statues of them.  The peasant became the center of their revolution.


The Latin Mass and the Byzantine Divine Liturgy were created by God and changed in small increments over the 2000 years varying from the different parts of the world.  But it was always clear that God was at the center of the Mass with Adoration, Mystery and the Sacrifice.


When the New Mass was created by man, (Bugnini and the Concilium), and introduced in 1969, it introduced a man made liturgy that is very much made to please man.  Although it has much to do with God, it still was man made and it includes many things to please and evolve man, which many times dwarfs God.

This revolution continues to spread all over the world.  Now Countries, judges, and our Supreme Court have placed man, and his laws, as the foundation of ‘justice’.  Take for example the ‘right’ the Supreme Court just gave to homosexuals to be ‘married”.

tridentine mass 3


This is just a short essay to let us keep in mind, man wants to take the place of God because we are self-centered.  So as traditional Catholics, we need to put God first and point out to all the Novus Ordo Catholics how much the orientation has changed in favor of man and to the down play of God’s place in the Church.

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  1. Just imagine – impure,unconsecrated hands passing the Sacred Host to one`s mouth and risking dropping our Blessed Lord on the
    ground – what an unwarranted sacrilege!
    As for myself – I do not feel easy and worthy receiving communion standing up; I wish there were more Catholics who think about this
    as I do.

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